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Scarlet 8D

Name: Shannnon Myers

Gender: female

Age: 13/16

Appearance: She has long, slightly bleached straight blonde hair that reaches just above her middle back. The part is about a half-inch right so hair would cover a good part of her face. Her eyes color depends on her surroundings since her eyes have shades of gray, blue and green. The reflection from the sun brings out the colors in her eyes. (For instance if she is by the ocean her eyes will appear to be more blue than gray or green) One thing that doesn't change is the darker rim around it. Her eyelashes are long and thick; she often gets them in her eyes which have gotten on her nerves over the years. Her eyebrows are a medium brown, which is significantly darker than her hair, and medium sized. Her eyes are usually dilated since she prefers to work late, but even in light her pupils still remain larger than normal. Since she has great control over her body, she can easily evade distinction of emotion through body language. Her cheeks aren't bony but aren't chubby, more so just giving her face a slight angle towards her chin. Her ears are just a bit off her head, sometimes poking out behind her hair. Her lips are medium sized. She has a scar on her chin, though it is barely visible because she got it when she was very young. Shannon is what you would call skinny; she weighs just below 110 pounds. However, she is about 5'7" so not overly tall. Her stomach is flat, obviously, and you can just see the faint outline of abs under her belly's skin from countless workouts to get to this position. Even if she does constantly work out, muscle never seems to build much so she relies on her natural strength. She wears a size six and a half shoe and her feet are very thin and ideal for running swiftly. Shannon also is quite busty and she has appealing, smooth legs.

Personality: Shannon's personality varies in situations but has very impressive control of her emotions. If she wants you to think she's horror struck, you'll defiantly believe something horrifying has happened. If you're around her enough you might be able to decipher her real feelings. However, she hardly ever listens to authorities and does her own thing mostly because she hates being told what to do and she believes she's always right. Don't even bother arguing with her; once she's made her mind you won't be changing it. However, if she is pretending to stand corrected, you will so find she's doing things her own way a minute later. She's very logical, patient and very persausive. This blonde can also think on the spot, and is very good at speeches even when the topic is something she knows nothing about. However, she is not very sympathetic and absolutely hates whiners. Unless your her close friend, or she needs you for whatever reason, she would also leave you on the side of the road bleeding.

Likes: She loves to minupulate people and lie. It gives her pride that she can evade detection. She also doesn't love or like something unless given a good reason.

Dislikes: Well, she doesn't really hate too much; just goody two-shoes and whiners. She doesn't hate or dislike unless given a good reason.

Relationship/crush etc: none

History: Born to the parents of con artist, she grew up learning how to lie. Her parents used her a lot in cons, so she sees them as being okay and not that bad. When she entered school, she made a lot of friends for she can mold her personality to that person. She likes/d to cause trouble with people she doesn't like, especially grown ups. If she couldn't lie so well, she would probably be in some containment.

Family: Mark Myers (Con artist/personal trainer), Casey Myers (Con artist/nurse)

Other: Mark Myers, a conman with the job of a personal trainer as a cover-up, is found shot in an alleyway with multiple wounds. His wife, a conwoman with the job of a nurse as a cover, Casey Myers, is missing and later found dead with similar wounds. Their daughter, a high school student as well as a con, knows exactly who killed them, but she can't say or they'll figure out that she is a con. She isn't about to go to jail over frod, and possible loose all the money that would be given to her with her parents dead. However, the killer also after her, but maybe since she's a child she'll live a little longer, or maybe he won't kill her.

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Scarlet 8D

You want to start the rp?

7/15/2012 #4

Sure.. though I'm not entirely sure where to start.

7/15/2012 #5
Scarlet 8D

Neither am I. :'D

7/15/2012 #6

How about we start in the bullpen?

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Scarlet 8D


7/15/2012 #8

Name: Kala Wa-ya (Kala is cherokee for art and Wa-ya means wolf in cherokee)

Age: 30


CSI Postion: is an expert in greek and cherokee mythology, is also an expert on animal behaviour particularly wolves and dogs because wolves are the ancestors of dogs and is an expert in forensic anthropology. (CSI Level 3)

Description:5 foot 11 and 3/4's of an inch tall, long mid-back jet black hair, bright green eyes, very tan skinned, athletic and fit,

Personality:kind, caring, loyal, is not naturally a violent and physical person but will fight if she feels those she cares about are in danger.

Strength(s):is very good with animals and children(is really good with people in general) knows a lot of different languages (cherokee being one of them, the others being japanese, irish, spanish and french.

Weakness(es):Kala is afraid of heights, small enclosed spaces and the sight of her own blood.

History: Doesn't know much about her history like who her parents were, or where they were from because they were murdered by a serial killer. her father managed to hold the man off long enough for her mother to hide her where the man wouldn't find her. was found by a young FBI agent when they aressted the man as he was leaving the house, the FBI agent found her because the family cat led him to the closet where she was hidden and he and his fiance adopted her. a wolf pup followed her back with the research team she calls him little brother or u-sti-da-nv-tli (which is cherokee for little brother.) (see extra info for more info) She decided being a profiler wasn't for her so she put in for a transffer to NCIS. Was a commander in the US Navy for a short while. Extra Info: was part of a research team that studied grey wolves and ended up befriending a pack of grey wolves when she saved the alpha female from a bear trap. is a full blooded cherrokee and loves the outdoors and visiting her wolf friends.

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Scarlet 8D

I suggest only having OCs made for plots and such. It works a lot better with this kind of RP, in my experience. Why? Because it wouldn't make any sense for Gibbs team to have a new member. They don't need one, which makes working an OC (in a plausible way) into Gibbs team much harder and complicated.

7/15/2012 . Edited 7/15/2012 #11

I'm afraid that due to new rules that should be up soon, I have to unaccept this character.

7/15/2012 #12
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