The Last Avengers On Earth
All the adult heroes have disappeared. Now the only people left to defend the planet are children new to their powers. What will happen the the world when the inexperienced young heroes are forced to use their powers to save the planet? Make an OC or claim a cannon, all are welcome!
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Irene Rocerau pulled on her elbow-length gloves while staring at a family picture. She missed her grandparents, her grandmother being dead and her grandfather having disappeared. Finishing getting dressed, she bounded downstairs for breakfast.

7/17/2012 #1
The stale donut might not have been the best choice for a good start to her day, but Jalen Spencer was too wrapped up in her project to care. She only had one chance to get this right, one chance. Holding her breath, Jalen connected the last wire. Success! The T.V was on! And Michele didn't think she could get the old dinosaur running. A smile crossed Jalen's face, it was practically HD now that she got her hands on it. She wiped her hands on her hands on her black cargo pants and was about to walk away when the news reporter caught her eyes. Some ugly villain was apparently wrecking the city, even though she didn't quite fix the volume part yet. And from what she could tell, the cops weren't going to be able to stop him. But she knew someone who could stop that scumbag. Revenge.
7/17/2012 #2

Irene was greeted by the sweet smells of melting chocolate. She ate her delicious pancakes, then went outside to play. Her friends met her at a park, but on the way there she noticed a villain fighting the cops.

7/18/2012 #3

Tanner Grant awoke groggily out of the ditch, stretching his sore limbs. It was time to move on. He trudged along, his gloved hands stuck deep in his pockets. As he neared a park, he saw a person clad in tight blue clothes fighting cops with freezing breath. He should stay out of it, he knew he should, but, but, he couldn't. Tanner threw his gloves to the ground and ran towards the villain. The blue man laughed a low, deep laugh.

"My, my, a little boy, run along little boy." he said through his laughter. Tanner stared into the white eyes of the villain and smiled,


"If you want to stay, then be my guest." The villain said evenly, his hand raising to Tanner's chest. The ice seeped through his veins. he could feel his limbs lose all sense of feeling and quickly harden. For a second he was still, just a gleaming statue, then his hand twitched. Then his arm. Then his leg. Soon, the boy of ice was moving towards the villain with a look of smugness on his face.

7/18/2012 #4

She noticed someone fighting the villain. He was doing fine until he got hit. Irene started sneaking towards the villain. Quietly she pulled her gloves off and stuffed them in her pockets. It's show time, she thought.

7/18/2012 #5

Jalen landed next to the crazy scene. A boy made of ice, seemingly, was lying on the ground with a missing arm while a girl was fighting a man in blue. Everything she touched exploded. Jalen laughed inside her silver helmet. "Guess I'm late to the party."

7/18/2012 #6
Irene thought she was alone. Whenever she could she touched part of the man's skin, but she kept getting distracted. Not that her focus was the best in the world to begin with. What little of her training came from her grandfather. If it was TNT fighting this person, he'd be down for the count by now. But Irene only had about a year's worth of training. Not nearly enough to take down this guy with ease. She looked away at a newcomer for just a second, but in that second she was slammed against a tree.
7/19/2012 #7

Jalen watched as the girl was thrown up against a tree. Well, she thought, my turn. Even though Jalen's suit was a part of her, actually using it felt like being lost in another dimension. She aimed a repulser beam at the man and fired. The blast only grazed his side. She mumbled under her breath and was charging up another blast when the villain threw her to the side. She landed on sidewalk, grimacing at the sound of her armor scraping along. She got up quickly, but the other boy was up and fighting.

Tanner was glad his arm came back. He wasn't so sure if it would, but it did, and it was nice to have lefty again. He threw punches at the villain left and right, but they were messy and aimed at the wrong areas. He didn't know how to throw his weight into every blow, and he didn't know when to throw in some kicks. The villain soon had him by his neck and sent him flying into the armored man whose hand was glowing. They toppled down to the ground, Tanner hoping he didn't lose anymore limbs.

7/19/2012 #8
Even with more than one hero fighting, the villain still wouldn't back down or get defeated. "Why won't you die?" Irene asked, frustratation and a hint of desperation in her voice. If there were only some adult heroes left...
7/19/2012 #9

Tanner didn't know what to say to the girl's question. He was just as frazzled as all of them. Even with three people, three....heroes, they couldn't stop the ice-man. They all fought their hardest, but it wasn't working. The ice-man just took them out one by one, over and over. Maybe, it was like what his father always told him and his brother when they fought. One stick breaks easily, but a group of sticks together is much harder. Maybe they just needed to actually work together. He looked around, the metal of the armored person, it was strong, very strong. He needed to turn into that.

"Hey, Metal Man!" Tanner yelled over the sickening sound of cracking ice. He lost his legs, again. "The name's Revenge." the distorted voice replied.

"Revenge. I need to absorb your armor." Tanner replied, watching as the other two heroes fought frantically. Revenge paused but then shrugged and ran over. Tanner touched the hot metal and felt it seep into him. He stood up, his heavy feet sinking into the ground. "Now, can you distract the guy?" Again Revenge shrugged, but began to blast the ice-man. Once the villain was fully engaged in Revenge, Tanner ran up to the villain, planted his feet, and held on tight. The ice-man was strong, but the metal was stronger.

"Explosion girl!" Tanner yelled, hoping she would not be offended, "Hit him now!"

7/19/2012 #10
Irene looked up at explosion. The boy was talking to her. She ran up to the giant and touched the first body part within reach. It was his knee. She did so, then retreated while rubbing her back.
7/19/2012 #11

Jalen watched the silver boy held on until the villain began to tremble then ran away quickly. The explosion was huge, and rather gruesome, but she had a feeling that the ice-man wasn't going to be getting back up.

7/19/2012 . Edited 7/19/2012 #12
"Did it work?" Irene asked in a small voice. The strange man had started to frighten her.
7/19/2012 #13

Tanner raised his arm to rub his hair, but realized he was still metal. "I-uh, I think it did." Revenge walked over to the fallen figure and nuged it with a boot. "Yup," Revenge said, "It worked."

7/19/2012 #14
"Good." Irene slowly walked towards the body, curious despite the danger.
7/19/2012 #15

Jalen watch as the girl walked up to the body. "Guess what they say is true. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. And," She said, looking back at the two, "I never would have guessed that two other superheroes still existed."

7/19/2012 #16
"I thought I was one of the oldest," Irene commented. "My friends who have powers are younger than me. Ever since the grown-ups disappeared its been up to people like me."
7/19/2012 #17

Tanner stood there still. "I've met a few people with powers, but they all disappeared. I was afraid I was the only one left." He shifted his weight, "Glad I'm not though. It's to nice to meet you Revenge, and...I'm sorry, what's your name?"

7/19/2012 #18
"Dynamite," she chirped. "Nice to meet you."
7/19/2012 #19
Tanner smiled, "Nice to meet you Dynamite, I'm Masquerade."
7/19/2012 #20
She smiled the kind of smile that only a little girl can pull off. "How've you been handling all the adults being gone?"
7/19/2012 #21

He shrugged. "Until now, good I guess. Mainly I just feel, alone. As if, no one else like me exists." Revenge snorted, "I just need them to learn how the heck to make landing softer in this thing."

7/19/2012 #22
"I know the feeling. And," she added, directing it to Revenge, "Don't you know how to use that thing?"
7/20/2012 #23
Jalen smiled under her helmet, "Of course I know how to use it, just making upgrades on it is a little difficult."
7/20/2012 #24
Irene nodded. She was in the process of making her own costume at the moment.
7/20/2012 #25

Tanner knew what Revenge meant too. "So, where do you guys think the adults went?"

7/20/2012 #26
"I don't know. My Grandpa was with them," Dynamite said in a whisper.
7/20/2012 #27
Revenge watched through the screen of her visor as Masquerade's face drooped. "I'm sorry, maybe we can get them back."
7/20/2012 #28

"I hope so," Dynamite said in a determined voice. "But how are a couple people with powers gonna bring back all the grown-ups?"

7/21/2012 #29

Masquerade thought for a moment, "Maybe if we train and work together, we can find them." He heard Revenge cough. "Yeah, right. We need more people if we want to a. find them and b. bring them back. Wait, are all adult heroes gone, or just the ones with powers?"

7/21/2012 #30
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