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1. Respect others. You will gain more respect by respecting other people around you and on the forum by simply acting kindly towards them. Do unto others as you wish to be done to you.

2. Give good feedback. Don't go on and on about how much you hate it, give constructive criticism and try to help them become better writers. Always say something positive.

3. No Inappropriateness on your submissions. The rating will be T, so keep it appropriate to that level. If you don't, it will no longer be included in the story submissions.

4. Make sure you have a character sheet filled out for your characters. That will make it easier to tell who is where and what's going on with them.

5. If your submission is not in on time, it can't be submitted, so make sure it's on time, or you let someone know if it's going to be late!

6. There is no magic, paranormal activity, coming back from the dead, etc. that goes on. If it wouldn't have happened in the book, it shouldn't happen here.

7. Spamming is not appreciated. If you spam us, we will block you without further notice, and you will need to private message a mod if you wish to be unblocked.

8. Once you have a character, make a topic for their discussion and other information about them, even some roleplaying to get a feel for them.


If we see you breaking the rules, one of the moderators will let you know. If you fix it and then start again, we will let you know again. If you continue to break the rules, knowing full well what they are, we may ban you for a period of time. Just don't break them, and we won't have an issue.

If you have actually read these rules, and you don't have any questions, go ahead and post 'I agree'. Do not post this if you feel that you cannot follow them properly, and if you have any questions, private message a mod and they'll be happy to answer!

7/11/2012 . Edited 7/11/2012 #1




Rules look good, girl!

And, ummm...



Guessing you copy and pasted that from your other forum, mmkay. ;)

7/11/2012 #2
XxAccount InactivexX

Well duh, I agree.

Rules look great, Doll.


7/11/2012 . Edited 7/11/2012 #3


Tank you :3

7/11/2012 #4
shekh ma shieraki anni

i agree! :D *heart*

7/11/2012 #5
Graywing the Wise

I agree. :D

7/11/2012 #6
I agree! Thank you so much! :)
7/11/2012 #7

Your rules are all very agreeable :) I agree, and will start creating a character NOW!

7/11/2012 #8

I agree with all the rules :3

7/11/2012 #9
Demolation Flame

I agree!

7/11/2012 #10
I agree! Although I should let everybody know that I'm on vacation for a week from Saturday and probably couldn't submit chapter 1 until the Sunday after. But thanks so much for thinking of me! :)
7/11/2012 #11

I agree my loves -

7/11/2012 #12
Rainbow Zebras

I agree :D

7/11/2012 #13
XxAccount InactivexX

Abby, I said all people have to have at least 1 story posted before they can join...

But I love you too much to ruin your chances;so if you post a one-shot before the end of this month; you're in.

That sound okay? :S

7/11/2012 #14
Rainbow Zebras

(*Facedesk* FAIL! Okay, let me go type something. I'm just luckily with a floating idea in my head :D

LURV YOU! *Glomps*)

7/11/2012 #15

Fleur, I said it was okay because she's been on the forum and such for so long, and I know she can write well based on that...

7/11/2012 #16
Rainbow Zebras

(I'll still write a one-shot! I want it to be fair, y'know)

7/11/2012 #17
XxAccount InactivexX

Hmm, never mind it.

You don't have to post a one-shot; you can still join. :D

Cover it with me first though, Michela.

I want to inspect the people,too...


But I trust in Abby, she'll do great.

7/11/2012 #18
Rainbow Zebras

(I'll write it, really! I already started :3


7/11/2012 #19

Sowwy!! :3

*gets on knees*

Punish me if you must, Fleury

7/11/2012 #20

(ABBY! "Lily's Bloomer"!! :D)

7/11/2012 #21
XxAccount InactivexX


Punishment is done ;3

7/11/2012 #22
Rainbow Zebras

(LOL Maddie. Nah, I'm writing a one-shot of Prim sending a letter to Katniss from Heaven. Random idea that had been floating in my mind for a while :3)

7/11/2012 #23

*screams* I'm sorry!!

7/11/2012 #24


7/13/2012 #25

I agree.

7/13/2012 #26
The King in the N0rth

Heyo! Chase is here, and he accepts!:)

7/13/2012 #27
XxAccount InactivexX

CHASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG I'VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Glomps*

7/13/2012 #28

I agree to the rules, too.

7/14/2012 #29

Alrighty. Doesn't sound too hard.

7/19/2012 #30
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