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1. FLEUR - Tristen.The.Candor - Maelle Saunders, DB

2. MICHELA - Michela.The.Divergent - Niko Beaux, DB

3. MADDIE - Maddie.The.Amity - Clark Malborey, T-E

4. JULIA - Julia.The.Erudite - Candice Lawson, T-C

5. SIDNEY - prt sc - Sadie Clemens, T-AM

6. MockingjaysFlying - Lacey 'Ace' Eaves, DB

7. dauntless13 - Kathryn Sin Clare, T-E

8. MEGAN - TheEightPotter - Lena Auburn, T-AB

9. Demolation Flame - Nikoda Daniels, DB

10. DauntlessTobias - Blake Ryder, DB

11. KATIE - Katie.The.Erudite - Krista "Kris" Strichter, DB

12. OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13. VreeIsMe - Reeve Jerrick Garron, DB

14. CHASE - Thirty Seconds 2 Mars - Logan James Ragnarok, T-E

15. Pamela Turpin - Lynelle Everhart, DB

16. CAT - Queen Of Derp - Jem Castel, DB

17. Raissa Reyes - Macy Eden Stell, T-AB

18. DauntlessFire - James Summers, T-AM

19. Clove's Knife


7/11/2012 . Edited 7/29/2012 #1

Dauntless-Born = 10

Jem Castel

Maelle Saunders

Niko Beaux

Nikoda Daniels

Blake Ryder

Krista "Kris" Strichter

Lynelle Everhart

Lacey 'Ace' Eaves

Reeve Garron

Transfers = 8

Clark Malborey, Erudite

Candice Lawson, Candor

Sadie Clemens, Amity

Kathryn Sin Clare, Erudite

Lena Auburn, Abnegation

Logan James Ragnarok, Erudite

Macy Eden Stell, Abnegation

James Summers, Amity

( 1 Candor,

2 Amity,

3 Erudite,

2 Abnegation )

7/15/2012 . Edited 7/29/2012 #2


James Summers

Lynelle Everhart

Lacey 'Ace' Eaves

7/16/2012 . Edited 7/24/2012 #3

Just a picture of what they look like?

7/16/2012 #4


7/16/2012 #5
The King in the N0rth

I put a pic for Logan!

7/16/2012 #6

There's a pic for Macy in the discussion page.

7/17/2012 #7

Tristen/Fleur just signed me on as 20, I'm working on my character right now

7/19/2012 #8
Demolation Flame

Put up a couple pics for Nekoda, sorry 'bout takin' so long :3

7/20/2012 #9


And no worries!

7/20/2012 #10

Summers, James DauntlessFire

Strichter, Krista Katie.The.Erudite

Stell, Macy Raissa Reyes

Sin Clare, Kathryn dauntless13

Saunders, Maelle Only Half My Heart is There

Ryder, Blake DauntlessTobias

Ragnarok, Logan Thirty Seconds 2 Mars

Malborey, Clark White Lips-Pale Face

Lawson, Candice Julia.The.Erudite

Garron, Reeve VreeIsMe

Everhart, Lynelle Pamela Turpin

Eaves, Lacey MockingjaysFlying

Daniels, Nikoda Demolation Flame

Clemens, Sadie prt sc

Castel, Jem Cat-The-Dauntless Candor

Auburn, Lena TheEightPotter

Abernathy, Niko Come Nagini

7/24/2012 . Edited 7/29/2012 #11

Eh, have I missed this? Dayum.

7/29/2012 #12

No, but you really need to get your chapter in and a picture to me ASAP!

7/29/2012 #13

Picture wise:

Andi chapter wise, what do I need to cover? And how long should it be? And when do I need it in by?

7/30/2012 #14

First Chapter: Test/Post-Test to getting on the train to the dauntless compound

It's due absolutely as soon as you finish

7/30/2012 #15
Kay! I can probably have it in by Wednesday evening, with at least 1500 words. That okay?
7/30/2012 #16

For Lynelle:

...or are we supposed to post this somewhere else?

7/31/2012 #17

@Both: Perfect!

7/31/2012 #18
Can I email the pic to you? Cause I have no idea what the link is and the pic is on my fone.
7/31/2012 #19
Can I email the pic to you? Cause I have no idea what the link is and the pic is on my fone.
7/31/2012 #20

I try not to give my email out, sorry :3

7/31/2012 #21
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