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Name: Lacey 'Ace' Eaves Gender: Female Age: 16 Dauntless Born or Transfer: Dauntless born If transfer, what faction are they transferring from? N/A Appearance: Lacey is very pale; skin almost an unimaginable paper white and contains freckles that dot her pointed nose and cheekbones. Her jet black, straight as a board hair falls down her back and reaches just above her waist line when out. She usual fixes it into a French braid, leaving a few strands out and tosses it over her shoulder as a finishing touch. Her ears are a normal size that of which consist of two piercings each. Her eyes are large does of an intensifying dark green complete with specks of amber and gold. (Some argue they are just hazel). Her thin blood red lips shape into a line or an occasional smile. Complimenting her slender face, are her arched eyebrows. Making her face seem as she is in a constant scowl. Her always rosy cheeks contradict that however. She also has a tattoo of the crescent moon and the sun on the back of her neck. She also has a lengthy scar extending from the side of her collar bone to her waist line. Her height is a 5'6. She has a slender, hourglass figure. Unlike the previous women in her generations of family, she has not inherited the enlarged chest area. But her breasts are a size fit for a teen. She considers herself acceptable in the essence of beauty, but other around her view her as gorgeous Personality: Lacey is a warrior. From a very young age she has needed to grow up and prove herself to the world that she could succeed. She is very courageous and fights for what she believes is right and fair. She absolutely despises being touched. A hug or a kiss on the cheek does not suffice with her. And being polite is a must. She appears hostile but she is far from that and can be kind when she decides to. Backstory: Lacey has been on her own ever since she was born. Her mother, a transfer from amity, committed suicide when Lacey turned four for unknown reasons. (She is somewhat known for her mother's shocking death'). Ever since then, her and her grief stricken father have been on their own in the dauntless community. Though as she grew and matured, the grief soon turned to anger and starting from the age of ten, her heartless, drunken father began to harass and harm her verbally, physically and sensually. She'd endure the hurt and pain for days because no one could know. But every slash made her stronger; into the person she is today. When she turned 14, she almost ended her life until during the horrible process, a male came to her rescue. He soon became her best friend. Axelrod 'Axel'. He looks nothing like Ace though, what with his tall and dark (tan) brooding figure. His muscles and handsome looks. He has shaggy dark blond hair that falls in waves around his head. And his bright blue eyes, make girls swoon. His kind nature and dazzling smile shocks and pleases. And though he wins the hearts of dauntless girls everywhere, his heart belongs to his best friend. He's also the one who gave her the nickname, 'Ace'. Ace and Axel. Got a ring to it, don't you think? :) axel is 18 years of age. Well, in the end, Lacey's father was put on trial by the erudite council and found guilty and faction less. He's never been seen since. And it scares Lacey. Aptitude Test Results: Dauntless How confident are they with choosing Dauntless: Very confident Fears: 1. Being touched 2. Being encased in darkness 3. Small spaces or tight spaces 4. Love 5. Lies 6. Men (similar in character to her father) 7. Her father 8. Losing Axel 9. Alcohol 10. Nightmares 11. Tears (they weaken you) Anything else: Sometimes, when the fears she obtains, continues to withhold her in their grasps, she closes her eyes and sings. A song that she believes she remembers her mother sing to her when she was a young child: The meadow is green and the rivers withhold the secrets awaiting through stones below are you the one brave to see what lies ahead for you and for me Grass may grow, and you will know, my darling lives forever.
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Requesting a photo of what you think Lacey looks like.

7/17/2012 #2

Hey!:) I finally found a picture of Lacey 'Ace' Eaves (or the closest) i tried for like forever so sorry for getting this in so late! Imagine her without the makeup and straighter longer hair please! Thanx so much! :D

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