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Macy Eden Stell





Dauntless Born or Transfer:


If transfer, what faction are transferring from?:



Slight and slim, Macy can't be considered skinny or wiry. With a height of 5"4', she isn't the average height for sixteen year-olds. Long, straight, midnight-black hair that falls to the middle of her back frames her narrow face, high cheekbones. Macy despises wearing her hair up, but would rather have it a dark curtain cascading down her shoulders, hiding her face from the rest of the world. She leans towards twisting her bangs up in a bobby pin, out of her eyes. Skin paler than moonlight covers her from head to toe; Macy could be a ghost. But the most prominent feature, though, is her eyes. A deep, mysterious grey; a raging, writhing storm. Most people who see her would describe her as dark and ominous, not the typical Abnegation.


Timid, never willing to opened up to anyone, but her family. But she even had troubles with that at times. Macy has never opened up to anyone, afraid that if she does, they will reject her. She is quiet, and brooding, keeping to herself. She would rather sit in her bedroom and read one of the books she took from school then socialize with kids on the street. She is not physically strong, but rather emotionally and mentally. If someone throws an insult at her, she simply brushes it off and continues with the task at hand. She tends to worry, overly so, but she is also stubborn. Once Macy sets her mind to something, she won't admit defeat easily. She is ambitious and responsible, too.


Macy and her twin brother, Ryan Thomas Stell, were born to Lila Stell. Macy inherited her looks from her mother, her dark hair and grey, stormy eyes. What she got from her father, she didn't know. She never met him. He had gotten Lila pregnant only a few weeks before the day of their Choosing Ceremony. Lila had come from Dauntless, so had her father. But, Lila chose Abnegation; her father stayed in Dauntless. Her mother was heartbroken. She had never told Macy's father that she was pregnant with her and Ryan. He had never known. Over the years, Lila managed, but only with the help of her kids. They both learned how to cook and clean at an early age. Lila worked at the Abnegation Headquarters, and had long hours. She was never home to see the children, so it was needed that they learn how to look after themselves. Neither Macy or Ryan ever had a proper childhood.


Aptitude Test Results:


How confident are they with choosing Dauntless:

Unsure. Macy doesn't want to abandon her mother and brother. They had been the only family she had ever known. Macy didn't wish to leave them on a bad whim. But, on the other hand, Macy was in need of a desperate escape from Abnegation. For the past several months, all of the order and selflessness was driving her to the edge. She wanted out. So, in choosing Dauntless, she would be gone from Abnegation. But she was still hesitant to leave. Macy could have her one moment of selfishness, right?


Five fears:

1. Walking in the rain-feels like acid rain.

2. Spiders.

3. Opening up to someone-scared that they will reject her.

4. Elevators-got stuck in one when she was younger.

5. Afraid of Death.

Anything else:

If you want to know what my character, Macy, looks like, think of Taylor Swift, except with long, straight black hair and bangs that are clipped up with a bobby pin. But if want a closer look, go to:

7/17/2012 #1

I had to reply... Macy didn't have any yet!

7/20/2012 #2

What kind of stuff have you started working on for her? :3

7/22/2012 #3

I was kind of thinking that since her dad was still in Dauntless, she could find her dad or something along that line.

7/22/2012 #4

That's a cool idea! :D

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