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A place where I make a rps that don't fit in any one show
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code R.R

1. Be respectful to other forum members.

2. Swearing is fine, just don't use it all the time

3. An OC must be approved by me before they can be used

4. No god modding, wither it be making your guy invincible, controlling another characters, or things like that, it's not cool. Nobody likes it.(There may be an exception to this if the plot needs it but you MUST ask me beforehand about it.)

5. Keep in mind that for battles though there is a difference between an incredibly mismatched battle and an invincible person though. Some people are just flat out stronger. Not all battles need to be even.

6. If you are gone for 3 weeks or more and have not given any reason for being gone so long. You will be considered gone and any OC's you have created will be gone as well.

7. Please try to stay in character. This isn't so much of a rule as a request though.

8. Before jumping into a topic, please check in the chat topic when is a good place to come in. Like for example if there's a massive battle going on and you just joined the forum, it'd probably be a bad idea for you to come out of nowhere within the topic

9. If their is fighting going on in the forum I will give a day ban to all involved. If it continues I will ask you to leave the forum."

10. You don't have to join a role play if you don't want to. But if you don't know what the rp is about please at least ask or look it up before you decide.

More rules may be added as time goes on.

Now, I have several degrees of severity depending on the rule broken and the amount of times it has. Please note for some offenses I may ignore certain strikes.

First strike: Warning. Most rules with some exceptions do give one warning to start.

Second Strike: 3 day ban. Break a rule a second time and you'll receive this. Depends on the severity though. Minor infractions though, may just receive a second warning.

Third strike: Week long ban. This is if you break a rule a third time or something severe. Also depending on the infraction, other penalties may be added.

Final Strike: Permeate Ban. Speaks for itself. A note, I will NEVER reverse this ban.

7/11/2012 . Edited 10/20/2014 #1
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