Dramatic Couple Changes?
Have any of your opinions of couples changed DRAMATICALLY? I know mine have!
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I used to think how could they be together. I used to like RetasuxKeichiro but now I like RetasuxRyou.
7/13/2006 #1
I admit they are cute together, but I still prefer Retasu x Pai
12/6/2006 #2
Drifting One
Yes! RETASU/PAI IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!! But if Pai wasn;t in the manga, God forbid, Then Keiichiro would definately be the one. Retasu deserves someone who will love her! ALL WOMEN DESERVE A LOYAL MAN LIKE PAI OR A GENTLEMAN LIKE KEIICHIRO! ALL OF US!!!!!!!!!! I'm slightly sugar high off of sweet bread... hey, my sister made it, and heaven knows how much sugar she put within... WHEEEEE! But yes, though Keiichiro and Retasu are cute together, Pai and Retasu are a match made in heaven. *Gives fan-girl squeal and runs off the Forum before people throw things at me*
1/22/2007 #3
Hee hee. I'm starting to like Pai/Lettuce. Though I still love Keiichiro/Lettuce too.
2/24/2007 #4
Saba's Reflection

I used to be all Ichigo and Kisshu, must read more, more and more of it! UNTIL... -drum roll- My mind got interested in two food/vegetables. PAI AND LETTUCE! So I looked it up on fanfiction and it hit me hard. THEY SO ROCK THE WORLD TOGETHER!!!!! I prefer Ichigo and Masaya now, even Ryou's better.

4/5/2008 #5

About Ryou and Lettuce...I used to love them really much, since Pai did leave his planet, but these days...I see Ryou as big j*** that is blind for love. Okay, I have to admire he was pretty long time blind for everything, because of Ichigo, but when he stop ''chasing'' her he could be with Lettuce. Or maybe he just didn't like Lettuce that how? I don't seriously know. Only things what I have seen between them has been friendly way with Ryou and with Lettuce's side little bit more. I just can't see them anymore couple. Ryou is too cold heart for Lettuce and seems he just ignore all marks. And somehow, I have that kind feeling he never actually did give up for Ichigo. And about Lettuce and Pai, I think they would be cute couple, if Lettuce could melt that ice with Pai's heart. ^^ I mean, Pai gave some signals he was interested for Lettuce on the anime. But never with manga. (Manga was actually mostly about Ichigo and her life; even others got their tiny moments.) That why I prefer them more. I couldn't pair up Lettuce with anyone other. But only little thing is...It seemed like Lettuce was in love with Ryou, but in Pai's case she was just lightly interested for him. If Pai had stayed, gosh what would happen!

5/18/2008 #6
Saba's Reflection

In the anime, I swear Kisshu said something that kind of made it sound like he said 'I never want to go visit Ichigo again!'. It's just something he said in the last episode when they were on their ship. I doubt they ever visited. Hey, Tokyo Mew Mew was first seen in 2004/2005, they're probably living their own lives now. I just wish they made a special episode so we knew what became of them. If Retasu does crush on Ryou, it makes two crushes in the anime. There was that boy who loved books and had it in for the librarian! Poor Retasu. Good thing she's strong about it. I think it might be best if we didn't know what became of them. Perhaps this is something our imagination can tell us.

5/18/2008 #7

I prefer Pai/Lettuce. They look cute together..... Well maybe not. Pai isn't cute, and never will be no matter who you put him with. I sorta like Pai/Zakuro too. Heck, they're both purple! No one can be with Ryou. HE'S MINE! XDDDD

8/6/2008 #8

Yep. I prefer PaixLettuce to anything else. Ryou is a j*** and if he belongs with anyone, it's Keiichiro. Yes, it's yoai. But he went through all the stuff with Ryou before anyone else. Not Ichigo, not Lettuce, no one else.

9/26/2008 #9

Yep. I prefer PaixLettuce to anything else. Ryou is a j*** and if he belongs with anyone, it's Keiichiro. Yes, it's yoai. But he went through all the stuff with Ryou before anyone else. Not Ichigo, not Lettuce, no one else.

9/26/2008 #10

Um... Sorry for the double post.

9/26/2008 #11

Hehe, I like Ryou with Keiichiro too! My favorite pairings are: Pai/Retasu, Kisshu/Ichigo, Purin/Taruto, Minto/Zakuro and Ryou/Keiichiro

11/20/2008 #12
Saba's Reflection

Technically by law, Ryou would be in an orphanage if Keiichiro didn't take care of him and who wants to be with someone who's a parent, a guardian than a boyfriend? That is the weirdest pairing ever... though Ryou and Masaya has happened too... ugh, too many bad memories...

3/6/2009 #13

*shifty eyes* Maybe... Kei-Kei should have left Ryou....

3/6/2009 #14
Saba's Reflection

Besides, Keiichiro can do better! Plus, he's had too many heartbreaks in a lifetime... remember Rei from the anime?? :3

3/7/2009 #15
Ally Marton

I used to strongly believe in the RetasuxRyou, simply because it really was the most logical one! Pai never REALLY displayed romantic affections for her in the anime, and the mange the thought that there was a connection between them wasn't even conceaved. But now... after reading so many good works on this sight... I don't know how I ever saw Zakuro and Pai together :shudders:. Really, I don't think Ryou is a j*** (I mean, he is, but not the way some fans can make him out to be ;D), but if he IS ultimately paired with Lettuce, it kinda feels like a tragedy (you know, Pai never get's the girl he wanted, Ryou marries the green mew, but I doubt Pai would interfere unless he thought it was better for Lettuce! thus making this, a tragedy).

Also! What the heck was with the anime making Pudding engaged to an old guy? If we're talking about dramatic couple changes, I can't think of a bigger one than that. Bleh! :P

8/22/2010 #16
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