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(( this role-play just between me and Hound ))
8/7/2012 #1
Hound of Tindalos

Shall we continue here?

8/7/2012 #2
Hound of Tindalos


Smirking she rolled her eyes at him. "You're coming to. You can't get out of this." Laughing Kallie leaned up and kissed him, it was a sweet kiss and when she put her head back down on his thighs she felt a familiar bulge. "Seems there is something under your loin cloth, Segt'in."

8/7/2012 #3
Hound of Tindalos

Kallie moved into his lap, straddling his lap and she could feel it, right under her crotch with only the cloth between them. "I am here now, handsome. What is you desire?"

8/7/2012 #4
Hound of Tindalos

"Mmhmm...today I want to try something different." Putting his arms at his sides she then removed her clothing, straddling his lap again, Kallie smiled. "You cannot touch me until your control breaks. Because of the close proximity, I don't think you'll last long." Sitting back on his thighs she let him see her pink wet opening, two fingers disappearing into it as she stared at him, moaning softly.

8/7/2012 #5
Hound of Tindalos

She was so close too, her breasts brushing his chest and her fluids beginning to drip onto his loin cloth, the perfume of her arousal and want for him was hitting him point blank range. Kallie riding her fingers, she whimpered as she slid a third into herself, her voice cracking.

8/7/2012 #6
Hound of Tindalos

She was panting, her fingers wet with her fluids and each thrust of her fingers made delightful squish sounds that made her moan. Kallie could feel his cock beneath her, some of her juices soaking through the fabric and coating his cock.

8/7/2012 #7
Hound of Tindalos

Her eyes were half lidded with pleasure, her voice trembling. "Segt'in...I'm gonna cum..." That pale body shivering she was dripping on him, switching hands every so often to rub her fluid covered hand up her stomach and over her breasts. Marking her entire body with that intoxicating scent. She was making it clear that, for the first time, someone besides him was making her cum.

8/7/2012 #8
Hound of Tindalos

Gasping in surprise then smirking as she pushed her onto her back once he was inside her she moaned, loving how his cock filled her pussy. While he began to thrust Kallie undid his loin cloth, getting the annoying fabric out of the way so she could feel his dry, delicious skin against hers.

8/7/2012 #9
Hound of Tindalos

Whimpering his name she lifted her hips higher, crying out loudly as he was halfway inside her womb, her pants begging for more. His cock was driving her mad with pleasure, her pussy stretching and pulling him in deeper with every thrust.

8/7/2012 #10
Hound of Tindalos

Kallie felt his back and hips flex, they always did that every time he filled her with his cum and she loved to touch his hips and ass while he did. He bit her shoulder to muffle it, she bit his to muffle her scream as she came hard, feeling boneless under him as she panted his name.

8/7/2012 #11
Hound of Tindalos

Still lying her back she shivered, her eyes half closed and Kallie smiled the smile of a woman in bliss. "My sex god....that's what I shall address you as now..." Teasing him she felt content to just lay on her back, feeling his hot seed trickle out of her.

8/7/2012 #12
Hound of Tindalos

"I want to be sacrificed to you more often..." Once he was in bed she snuggled close to him, lost in his muscular arms and Kallie was soon fast asleep.

(Time skip to morning?)

8/7/2012 #13
Hound of Tindalos

(Yay) Kallie woke up when she felt Yeyin patting her face, he was hungry and she chuckled, snuggling the little guy to her. "Hang on, honey, let mommy up first..." Stretching she slipped into her cloths, her tank top thankfully slid over one shoulder easily so he could be breast fed. Holding him she gave Segt'in a smile, standing on her toes to kiss him as she rocked their son. "Hey, love. Ready to go play with the neighbors?"

8/7/2012 #14
Hound of Tindalos

"Hello." Kallie watched Yeyin squirm at the sight of another child his age, when she set him down he bold walked up to her, chest puffed out. Smiling, she was right to name him 'brave' and leaning against Segt'in she smirked. "He looks just like you when you're trying to impress me."

8/7/2012 #15
Hound of Tindalos

Kallie smiled. "Just like his father." Yeyin turned the block over and over in his hands, staring at it before looking at her and he sat down next to the other block, trying to continue Alease's pyramid. He then offer Alease one of the small bitter candies that Kallie kept on her at all times, her son seemed to like his playmate.

8/7/2012 #16
Hound of Tindalos

Kallie couldn't help but chuckle at the sight, smirking at Segt'in. "Oh, I would have paid good money to see you as a kid, love."

8/8/2012 #17
Hound of Tindalos

"Scoundrel," Smirking Kallie felt content to watch their son and the other pup play, like most children they became fast friends and were very amusing to watch. Yeyin had found a bug and decided to pursue a bug eating contest, much to her amusement.

8/8/2012 #18
Hound of Tindalos

"Really? I'll have to ask your parents and siblings." Kallie smiled innocently and chuckled as her son ate the worm, trying some of the grass before spitting it out, clearly not the vegan type.

8/8/2012 #19
Hound of Tindalos

"Spoken like a true son." Kallie chuckled, following him but instead of a chair she chose his lap to sit on. Cuddled up against him she watched Yeyin try to pit a centipede against a spider, already a little tactician.

8/8/2012 #20
Hound of Tindalos

"True...but he'll learn his lesson." Kallie rested her chin on her knees, flicking her eyes to Tharn-de then back to Yeyin who was trying to catch ants but they evaded him, being to small to catch. "A year now. Time flies..."

8/8/2012 #21
Hound of Tindalos

"And I know who would teach him that behavior," Nudging him with her elbow Kallie teased him, shifting her weight slightly but also unintentionally grinding on him. Her eyes were on Yeyin who was sure he could gnaw a chunk off a block despite having no teeth yet. "He is going to be handful when he starts teething."

8/8/2012 #22
Hound of Tindalos

Kallie squeaked, her arms going over her breasts automatically and she frowned. "Now....when they start teething, anything in particular they shouldn't chew on? Or vice versa?"

8/8/2012 #23
Hound of Tindalos

"Ah, so a block or something sturdy?" She nodded, Kallie looked up at Segt'in and smacked his arm, scowling at him but she was laughing. "Thank Paya! I love the little guy to death but he drains me, physically and emotionally," When Anne nodded in agreement she smiled wider, sharing a moment of motherly endearment.

8/8/2012 #24
Hound of Tindalos

"Well, um...he can say one word but he knows not to say it in public." Glaring at Segt'in, Kallie knew how Yeyin heard it because she knew first hand that Segt'in liked to swear and talk dirty to her during sex. She loved it but now here was her darling son spouting the f-word amongst gurgles and clicks. "He's a inquisitive fellow, he can say 'mum' and 'da' but that's pretty much it for now."

8/8/2012 #25
Hound of Tindalos

"Then we have an understanding." Sticking her tongue out at Segt'in she crossed her arms, turning her back to him in a mock pout.

8/8/2012 #26
Hound of Tindalos

"I know," Kallie smiled, she couldn't stay angry at him and she gently freed herself from his embrace, whispering something for his ears alone. "You can show me once we put Yeyin to bed." Smiling at Anne and her mate she scooped up her drowsy son, holding him close. "Thank you for letting them play together, we should do this again sometime." Turning towards their home she started walking back, Yeyin already fast asleep in her arms.

8/8/2012 #27
Hound of Tindalos

(Nice. That sounds kinda cool)

Walking ahead of him she began to strip, Kallie could feel his eyes on her body and she was naked, perched on his bed for his pleasure. "So, great hunter...are you going to teach our son more swear words?" Smirking up at him she lay back, her legs parted slightly so he could see a bit of her pink, wet opening. "Or are you going to make me swear this time?

8/8/2012 #28
Hound of Tindalos

He was going to make her beg and scream, she knew that growl and she spread her legs wide for him, her nails scratching over his shoulders. "I like that idea..." Kallie groaned, his cock was teasing her and squirmed. "...Segt'in..."

8/8/2012 #29
Hound of Tindalos

Her moans got louder as he began to speed up, her hands gripping the covers tightly as she whimpered into his shoulder. "Harder, Segt'in...fuck me harder...." Mumbling the last part, it was cut off by a gasp as he started hitting her womb.

8/8/2012 #30
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