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The Potions and Snitches website has been down since the beginning of January 2015.

I am still waiting to hear from animealam, our website account maintainer. She pays for the hosting and for the domain name. I believe the domain name just expired. Once I hear from her I will see about transferring ownership to myself so we won't have this happen again. I am hoping she is okay. Worst case scenario we buy a new domain/host and load the last saved database and stories we have and make up what we lost from there. Hopefully we won't have to. I will work on getting the current database and files from the servers as soon as I can figure out how to log into the admin without needing to go through the www.potionsandsnitches.net domain. In any case, Potions and Snitches will not die so do not worry about that. :)

In the meantime we still have the fanfiction.net P&S community group for Potions and Snitches-like fics. You can visit it here: Potions-and-Snitches/182/

Another group: Potions-and-Snitches-New-Stories/231/

Feel free to advertise Snape and Harry Gen fics (no slash!) on this forum, the yahoo group, and the LiveJournal group.

Our Yahoo group:

Our LiveJournal Group:

chocolate frogs,


1/16/2015 . Edited 1/28/2015 #1

Thanks for updating me. I keep checking to find out if it is back up. I'm so glad that you mentioned that the stories are saved. Some of my favorites are on the site. While searching for information, I found the other sites you mentioned and have been enjoying those stories. Again, thanks for all your work in support of the site.

1/17/2015 #2

Just went to see if the .net was available to buy and it looks like name is still 'taken'. So, thats good news. I can keep an eye on it if you want.

Also just out of curiosity I looked up the price for the .com... They wanted at least $1000.00! Holy cow!

If the worst case scenario does come and you need help though let me know. I buy and sell domains all day for my job. :)

1/20/2015 #3

I still haven't heard from animealam so I decided to go ahead and start over. I figured out how to get on around the old domain name and downloaded the old site and database last night. I then purchased a new domain and hosting package. I am currently trying to upload the old site and get it running. It should be within the week or so that it will be up. This is the first time I am trying to learn and work with DNS/ domain names and things like that so it will likely take more time. After it's up I have to fix all the links and see how it runs before opening it to the public. All the reviews and stories will be exactly as they were when the site went down - no data will be lost. Please stop worrying about that. When it is up I will post a link with the new url. In the next couple of months I will probably set up a fundraising page so that the site will be community funded from now on. chocolate frogs, Jan

1/25/2015 #4

Potions and Snitches is back up at www.potionsandsnitches.org. Go ahead and post and read and do whatever you want!

Also, animealam managed to contact me last night! Hooray! We will update you when we decide what to do with the old domain and if any future changes will be made. For now the old archive is set in maintenance mode and the homepage links to the new url.

chocolate frogs,


1/30/2015 #5
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