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So I’m looking for a story that starts the summer before gof when harry get taken from the Dursley by snape back to hogwarts where dumbledore tells snape he has to keep him or take him back. So snape keeps him and asks lupin to take harry one day a week (Saturday I think) anyway it goes through the summer and at the end harry has to get a guardian and snape gives him a list of all the possible people who can take him and harry gets upset cause snape isn’t on it. Well snape ends up taking guardianship and it goes into 4th year and dumbledore is able to get harry out of competing in the triwizard tournament at the last minute by using an old spell and after the first task harry gets attacked by Draco who is under the imperious curse and has to stay in snapes quarters which makes harry jealous. The last part I remember is harry and snape spending Christmas in a new house snape buys. Please help

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That is called "So Close" by halfbloodprincess21. However, their account has been deleted on fanfiction. It is still found on Potions and Snitches. http:// www. potionsandsnitches. org /fanfiction /viewstory. php?sid=3040

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