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I am working on a Snape story which may turn into a 2 story project, and I'm looking for a beta reader. As of now the story is untitled but is a Snape-centric fic that starts with his death in the shrieking shack. At this point, the story is more of a character examination and deals with Snape in the afterlife, and is dialogue driven. My one warning is that there are religious (non-denominational) overtones, However as my background is Judeo-Christian it has that frame of reference. But I feel there is nothing overt about it or any in-your-face religiosity. Snape has a guide that at first seems like an OC who helps him to work through residual issues from his life on earth. I examine events from Snape's past with what I hope are some slightly original insights and interpretations. Where I can, I stick as much as possible to accepted canon from the books Where I depart, I try to give a plausible scenario for the departure. There are re-interpretations of many events from Snape's past that could be construed as AU since they are not verbatim from canon. My Snape is a flawed character but works his way towards redemption, just like the rest of us.

There are no parings in this story other than canon and no romance of any kind. If this progresses to a sequel there will likely be canon pairings, there will be little to no fluff. But in any possible sequel, there will also be AU and time travel. But that is nebulous at this point because if I can't work out the logistics I won't even try it. I'm sorry I don't have an actual summary yet other than a couple of lines, "The end was only the beginning for Severus Snape. After that, there is a clarity to be found and one can see things as they really are, not how one imagined them to be." If anyone is interested and would like to take a look at the first chapter to see if it interests you at all I'd be happy to send it along. Just send me a PM or reply to the thread.

Thanks in advance

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