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Hello, I read this story a few years ago, but I didn't save it to my favorites (I don't think I knew how yet). If anyone recognizes it, please let me know. Okay, so it's a classic Potters live and Harry's twin is the BWL. Harry is abused by James (and Lily I think). Eventually, I think they just give him to Dumbledore thinking that he'll get rid of Harry for them...or something??? Dumbledore is actually a nice guy or at least is trying to sort of repent of his manipulations. Anyways, he calls his daughter and her husband, Snape and they adopt Harry. Background on Snape and his wife! They live in America and have two twin boys who are maybe 3 years older than Harry (who is maybe 3ish). Snape was only a death eater cuz Dumbles recruited him to be a spy, but after the war he moved to America and married Dumbles daughter...the daughter still resents Dumbles a little for making him spy. Harry goes to America with his new family and has a happy childhood while still remembering the potters and everything. When Harry is older, they go back so Harry can go to Hogwarts. There they see the Potters again and Harry worries that James will recognize him. James might be the new flying instructor. One more thing I remember is soon after Harry goes to America, the snape family is at the park, and Harry wanders off following a butterfly and the twins get in trouble for not watching him better. Thanks!
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