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Imer Macdevin
I remember alot of details about the story, but not the name. I'm pretty sure it started with Snape taking a young Harry to a safe house and hiding him there because he discovered that he's abused. Dumbledore holds emergency meetings to find him, which is when Remus gets involved because he can smell Harry's sent on Snape. The two of them raise Harry, who uses his magic in odd, sometimes incomprehensible ways. Jump to the book with Umbridge: Umbridge hates Harry, who doesn't react the way she's expecting. Snape wants to help him, but can only do it subtly, as he is trying to hide the fact he cares about Harry from Dumbledore. Somehow, alot of the students of Hogwarts, including slytherins, get their hands on muggle political books, and end up causing a riot and insurrection against Umbridge. I remember this scene was framed with '7 days until the end of Umbridge,' counting down until the day. Some key parts of this book was that Harry could just conjure food, even though that is supposed to be impossible, because he doesn't care how magic is supposed to work. Also, I believe there was a romance between Harry and a student, and also maybe a romance between Snape and Remus?
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