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Once again I'm looking for a fic that I read a while ago. In this one it starts out with Sev going to is grandparents home in Italy (Villa Principessa?) before flooing to Ms. Figgs house where he is staying while attending a week long(?) potions conference. During the week little Harry is left with Ms. Figg when the Dursley's go out of town to visit Marge(?). I can't remember where they were going exactly, but it just happens to be the days around Harry's birthday. While Harry is at Ms. Figgs house he bonds with Sev & Ms. Figg gets together with Minerva and Albus and they concoct a scheme so that Sev can adopt Harry because 1) he's always wanted a child (I think) and 2) they need to get Harry away from the Dursley's. Sev adopts Harry and his name changes, but I can't remember what it changes to I want to say Alex but I'm not sure. In this story Sev is close friends with Lucius and he has a huge extended family, said family helps to expedite the adoption papers/process.

I want to say that Lily & James are still alive in this one, and that Harry has a twin brother. && It's his twin brother that is thought to be 'The Chosen One' so Lily & James want nothing to do with Harry they give up all parental rights and give him to the Dursleys and later when they find out that Harry has been adopted by Sev they try to get custody back/sue him or something (I think).

Last time I read it, it was still a work in progress I believe and I want to say that it is posted on potionsandsnitches but I'm not 100% sure about that. Help?

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R. L. Ravenclaw

I know I read that one, but I can't remember the title. It might be in my favorites, but I'm not for sure. Dangit, I knew it at one point. I'll check in my alerts.

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Sye Bunny


i think this person was looking for the same story. Hope this helps!

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