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I'm looking for a fic that I think is on fanfiction.net. I can't remember much but here's what I do remember:

It was summer time, Severus adopted? Draco, Sirius is Harry's guardian, and Remus is like guardian-esque. Severus freaks out when he realizes how easy Harry is with him, and tells him that there is no space for him at his house (bc he was visiting Draco) and then something happens, and Sirius and Severus both get mad at Draco and Harry and Remus has to remind them that they have abused? godsons. And then Severus is dating a woman (Laura or Lydia?) who has a daughter named Anne? and the last chapter has the woman giving birth and Draco and Severus wake Harry up to take him to the hospital with them and Severus tells the nurse that Harry's family bc Harry is his godson so that he can come too....and something about how Harry finally calls Severus Sev without Severus having to remind him...that's all I remember :( Anyone know what fic I'm talking about? Please please someone help! I'm going insane :(

4/23/2011 . Edited by Jan-AQ, 1/25/2015 #1

First of all. I apologize fo my English. I am Spanish and my english is not very good. the fic you are looking for is called Flawed Perfection is the sequel another fic called Renac Transfaerso its autor is Celebony .

Both fic and third part called Full circule I love the fact I have in my favorites.

Hope This could help and undertand me.

7/9/2012 #2
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