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12/17/2005 #1
Hi! I've been lurking about for a long time, so I thought I might drop a line or two at the forum here. Needless to say that the C2 community is awesome! It must have taken quite a bit of work to put so many stories together! Well, I suppose that's it for now. I would love to meet other guys that have taken interest in the subect as well, so I'll be checking out very now and then... Bye for now! QuantumReality
2/14/2006 #2
Lady Cascade
Hello! just dropped by to say that the C2 community is great! I am currently writing a fic involving Harry and Snape. It is in dutch but when its finished I will translate it to english and then I hope that it will be good enough to deserve a place in the C2. You've found an amazing set of stories! ciao D.A.S
3/10/2006 #3
Thanks! Hope to see it soon. :)
3/25/2006 #4
Alim Siemanym
*waves* Hi Jan! - Mila PS: check out this great story to post on the P&S C2: [s:2951187:Savior by Lesyeuxverts]
5/29/2006 #5
Thanks! :) I added it.
5/29/2006 #6
I am a big fan of this group of fics. I am reading one fic now that is really good. Others who enjoy Guardian/Snape would enjoy it also. It's "Eight" by Lily Elizabeth Snape here on FanFiction.Net. Thanks
8/23/2006 #7
Insert My Name
You have a great selection of stories, Padawan Jan-AQ! I read a story that involves Snape taking Harry in when the Dursley's win a trip to Mexico. I think it's pretty good, and there is also a sequel to it. The story is called 'Bond' by Crystal Cove, and you can find it on FanFiction.net Again, great selection of stories! Sincerely, Nev
8/24/2006 #8
Hihi! ^-^ I don't know if you read them or not yet, but I've got two stories you could check out [s:2529243:Unlocking Harry Potter by Sarini:] and its sequals. and [s:2784839: It Starts as a Summer by breannatala:] both are good Severitus but UHP is a Slash (HPCW) if thats alright... -Cloudy
10/18/2006 #9
Yes, I've seen both. :) I stopped reading the HP/CW one though.
10/18/2006 #10
Heart Of The Wizard
I know this is probably the wrong place to post, but I've been searching for a story for a little under a year now and still can't find it. I'm desperate so I'm now starting to ask around. It was well over twenty chapter, Harry I believe was placed with Severus and had to have an alias. His appearance was changed, and he was placed in Slytherin. Only Albus and Severus knew about it, I believe. But I can't be sure because I can't remember it that well. Um... I know Ron kept trying to beat him up and did in one of the chapters. He beat him up somewhere in Hogsmeade behind a building or something. I believe towards the end of the story something happened to Severus and he got temporary amnesia and forgot that he no longer hated Harry. And I am pretty sure there was a sequal to this story. I know probably none of that made sense but I really want to find this story! So I hope someone can help!
11/19/2006 #11
Yeah, no one pretty much checks this board but me. The story you are looking for.. I kind of remember it from the part about Snape forgetting that he hated Harry. I remember reading a story when Snape forgot himself.. I think this is Resonance by GreenGeko. Or maybe the sequel, Revolution. I think in that series Snape forgot that he liked Harry for a chapter or two. I'm not 100 percent sure though.
11/26/2006 #12
I know the story you're talking about, since I'm translating it in greek! ^_^ It's the HDH (Happy Days in Hell) trilogy by enahma. In Part 1 (Happy Days in Hell) Snape and Harry are taken prisoners by Voldemort, and during their joint captivity and torture they discover that Harry is Snape's nephew (Severus had a brother, Quietus, who was in love and secretly married to Lily but was killed by Voldemort when still very young and before he could learn his wife was pregnant. James, as a good friend of theirs, then took Lily and Harry under his protection without Severus ever finding out). They finally manage to escape, but Harry gets mortally wounded. In the meantime, Fudge tries to convict Harry for Cedric's death to keep Voldemort's reappearance a secret. In Part 2 (Coming off the Ropes) Harry's supposedly dead from his escape attempt and everyone attends his funeral. Snape is hammered with grief for his newly discovered nephew, but Dumbledore takes him aside and reveals that Harry is in fact alive and that his death was a scam to keep him safe from both Fudge and Voldemort. The obligatory appearance and House changes come as they decide to have Harry pose as Snape's son instead of his nephew. Harry takes the name Quietus Snape (his real father's) and joins the Slytherins. Towards the end of it Snape does get an amnesia, and Dumbledore introduces Harry to him as his real son, which Harry does not appreciate. In Part 3 (Through the Walls)... well, I might as well leave something to keep your interest going, right? You can find the links in my profile or just search for the titles mentioned above. I hope it's the one you're actually looking for, since it really reminds me of it! Oh, and don't forget to leave a review or two behind for enahma, or go read her other stuff too. She's great! QuantumReality
11/26/2006 #13
Enhama's series rocks. I haven't read it in a long time. Thanks QuantumReality!
11/28/2006 #14
Aria Dragoncrest
So is this related to Potions and snitches.net? I keep going to the site and keep getting error messages. Off to see enahma's stories now. thanks for the rec.
12/8/2006 #15
Nothing's realted to potionsandsnitches net being down. The server's been having some problems since about Sunday, the site's been down. I don't know why and haven't heard back from anyone about it yet. I'm hoping that it will be back up soon! Wah. Jan
12/8/2006 #16
The site is back up now. :) Enjoy!
12/13/2006 #17
Captain Chirpov

Wow.... nobody's posted in ages...... Just a'dropping by to say how much I love the C2. When I first saw a Snape-is-Harry's-father/mentor/adoptive father I was extremely skeptical and actually screamed. However.... now I'm severely addicted to them and can't stop reading!

7/17/2011 #18

That's awesome. Welcome to the Potion and Snitches community!

8/15/2011 #19
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