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If you are interested in helping me write a paper about this community please answer the following questions. It would be much appreciated! You can just copy and paste this, then type in your responses.

1. Please state your gender and name if willing to be quoted for my paper.

2. How long have you been a member of this community and how often do you visit? Do you read, write, or both?

3. What draws you to this fanfiction.net community, Potions and Snitches, specifically?

4. Are you a member of any other Harry Potter communities, either on fanfiction.net or otherwise, and how do they differ from the Potions and Snitches community?

5. Would you change anything about fanfiction.net? For example, the age requirement that is now set at 13, or the rating system that doesn't allow M (NC-17).

6. If you write fan fiction, how does commentary affect your writing?

7. What kinds of feedback or reviews encourage you to write? Do you appreciate generally more positive comments or prefer constructive criticism? Which type do you tend to receive more of on fanfiction.net?

8. What do you expect to gain from posting in this community, its forums, and/or reviews?

9. Do you communicate more with fellow fans via the community itself of in the forums?

10. As a reader, how do you determine if an author and their work is good?

11. What determines who you follow? For example, a person following Potions and Snitches likely does so because they enjoy HP/SS nonslash stories. Is there any other reason for following the community though?

12. Could you give some examples of common plotline or character stereotypes found specifically in the Potions and Snitches community (e.g. Snape mentors Harry fics) and explain why they interest you? Why these over other plotline/character stereotypes from other Harry Potter communities? Are there any plotline/character stereotypes you particularly dislike in this or other Harry Potter communities?

13. What do you feel is unacceptable fan fiction? For instance, as a member of this community, do you dislike HP/SS slash stories?

14. What kinds of tensions have you discovered between different Harry Potter communities? Do those that dislike HP/SS slash tend to clash with those that do, for instance?

15. Why do you feel fan fiction in general is so popular? Do you think it has more to do with that it allows people to experiment with writing or that it allows people to play with the universe of their favorite characters?

16. Finally, please give some examples of common terms used in fan fiction that help you in your understanding of the Harry Potter community, specifically Potions and Snitches? An example would be nonslash, so people know that there is no sexual relationship between HP/SS.

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