Deeper Meaning Behind Happy Feet
Happy Feet is often seen as a movie solely meant for entertaining younger generations, but this assumption is made by the ignorant and blind. This forum is for people who want to express what Happy Feet truly means and how it could relate to our world today!
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One of the most prevalent themes in Happy Feet is unity. Unity is something mentioned a lot in our world and yet we ignore it as a viable option. In the Happy Feet series we see how unity affects the nation as a whole, especially in Happy Feet 2. There is one scene in the first Happy Feet that not only mocks the world today, but shows the consequences of being closed minded. The scene was when Noah was about to banish Mumble. Noah claims that Mumble is the cause of their current segregation implying that Noah understands that unity is an important factor when leading a nation. Noah failed to realize that by banishing Mumble, the penguin that was desperately trying to help them, he was contradicting his own beliefs. It is only after Mumble comes back that the nation experiences a renewed sense of peace. Although this scene was meant to signify that change shouldn't be looked down upon, instead it should be at least considered, this goes hand in hand with the theme of unity. Happy Feet 2 brings this theme back and the biggest scene that promoted unity was the last song "Under Pressure." along with the fact that all nations we're harmonizing together to solve a problem. Another thing that further explains unity is the krill sub-plot. This shows that everything is connected is some way, so the only way to have peace is to harmonize with everyone. Unity is something we are severely lacking in our society today and now we are paying the price. Our leaders have made everything a competition and have, in consequence, created serious segregation. I can ramble about this all day, so I'm going to stop right here. Please feel free to agree, disagree, or add on to this. These are a few examples of how Happy Feet has vital messages that could make a difference.

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Animated film are ussually disparaged by people because the adjetive "animated" is automatically associated with kids. However, it is surprising the amount of values and teachings that can be found in animated movies. Happy Feet is an ideal example of this, specially the first one. Apart from the mature suggestions that we all know that Happy Feet has (specially the first one), in that "kids" movie we can see issues so worrying for modern society, such as discrimination, intolerance, political and religious fanaticism, etc. But also, Mumble teach us that unity is the best way to face the problems. By forgiving your so called foes, you can defeat to your real foes (The humans, in the penguin's case) The people who can actually sit down and analyze the movie and the message that it's in it, will notice that the movie reveals both good and bad habits of people. Nowaday's society it's ironic, you know. Politicians claim that they try to bring the people together, but their actions separate them even more. Human society was build based in unity and now we think that we don't need it anymore. That we can survive all by ourself without never needing of nothing from no one. We are terribly wrong and we are so studdborn that we don't want to see it. Or what it would be worst, we do see it but we don't want to change.
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