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Necro the Magic Dragon

For any Race in the R&C universe, here is some information that can help you with character making, and when facing them as enemies, this is also a good place to see weaknesses and other information. We might also put some inportant history and references, like the fact that Drek (The antagonist in the first game) Was a Blargian.

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Necro the Magic Dragon

Amoeboid: The Amoeboidswere strange, slimy creatures that were developed by Dr. Nefarious on what appears to be the Secret Laboratory on planet Venantonio, and let loose into the Blackwater City sewers of planet Rilgar. Captain Qwark claimed that the majority of the creatures were destroyed by him but many survived and spread into the sewers of other planets such as Aquatos and Pokitaru. They were most likely named after "Amoeba", a single celled organism that reproduces by splitting, almost exactly the same way Amoeboids do when killed.


Anthropodswere burrowing beetles that popped out of the ground in groups, on planet Sargasso, to attack Ratchet when he least expected it. A single whack with the OmniWrench could turn these critters into fertilizer, although it was possible to become overwhelmed by several of them. Ratchet needed to keep an eye out for them, especially when fighting a Grunthor, as they served as a deadly distraction during difficult fights. They were often found with Grubsnuckers.

Even though almost any weapon would work good against them, in large swarms, the Pyro Blaster and Shock Ravager worked very well.

Besides Sargasso, Anthropods are also found on the Planets Merdegraw, Morklon, and Vapedia.

Antropods later appeared on Magnus in All 4 One, they can be found in the Terrawatt Forest and Phonica Moon .


The Blarg originated on Orxon, which, in the events of Ratchet & Clank, had become overpopulated and poisonous, so they were no longer able to dwell there without the use of oxygen masks. The Blarg followed Chairman Drek's rule when he suggested building a new planet, and many Blarg were commissioned into Drek's Army.

The Blarg vary in physique. They range from diminutive to rather muscular and bulky figures. They all have a distinctive pair of glowing eyes, which are normally gold or blue in color. Many Blarg soldiers and employees seem to be unintelligent, but their scientists are brilliant inventors, rivaled only by Gadgetron. It later transpired that Drek had been polluting Orxon and was planning on doing the same to the Blarg's new world (and then re-do the process, all in an attempt to earn a lot of cash). After Drek's defeat, the Blarg became less hostile to the rest of the Solana Galaxy.[source?]

By the time of A Crack in Time, the Blarg seemed to have made an alliance with Nefarious, as they were mentioned as being capable of helping Nefarious with using the Great Clock, it is possible they made some kind of deal with Nefarious, similar to Lord Vorselon and the Valkyries.

In All 4 One Nefarious said he was wishing that the Blarg would tear Qwark limb from limb while they were in thePolar Sea.

Blargian Snagglebeast:

The Blargian Snagglebeastwas a monstrous creature that was often used in executions. Thickly armored and with claws as sharp as daggers, it was a Snagglebeast that Captain Qwark used to try killing Ratchet and Clank. It was also allergic to Mutant Fireflies in Galactic Chess, as Clank stated in Up Your Arsenal.

In Galactic Chess, it's allergy to the Mutant Fireflies lasted for two turns.

In Ratchet & Clank, it was first seen in the Qwark's commercial for Al's Roboshack. Ratchet later defeated it on planet Umbris.

The creature looked somewhat similar to Captain Qwark. It had the same chin, face and antennae. It was unlikely it was the same species as Qwark, but he was probably giving these looks for the sake of Captain Qwark. It was also possible that it was not from Umbris, as it had the word 'Blargian' in its name, possibly stating it may be from Orxon.

It possessed powerful fire abilities, capable of launching fire balls from its hands, fiery waves from its feet and beams from the antennae. Oddly, it was weak to molten lava.

There appeared to be types of Snagglebeast other than Blargian, as the advert for My Blaster Runs Hot had one citizen saying, "I thought Qwark was a myth, like the abominable Snagglebeast of Zanifar."

Cazar: Cazares are a species in the Ratchet & Clank series, the race of The Galactic President and Sasha. Cazares were possibly native to Marcadia, but had spread beyond that planet since the discovery of space travel. They posessed an innate aptitude for leadership and civil service.

Cazares were very similar to Lombaxes in appearance, except that Cazaress had fox-like ears and fox-like facial characteristics. They both were similar in stature. They had sharp ears that were about half the length of a Lombax's, ten functional fingers, and striped tails. However, a Cazar typically had much darker brown fur and fewer noticeable stripes.

Cragmite: Cragmites were a militaristic species from the Polaris Galaxy that predominantly formed the Cragmite Empire. They were the main villains in Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. They were once defeated by the Lombaxes a long time ago during the Great War. It was said that the "Lombax Secret" was used to completly vaporize them all. In reality, they were sent to another dimension. According to the IRIS Supercomputer, they were moved to the dimension X2-49, a dying star approximately 8.2 million kilocubits from any life form, their status: angry and bored.

Cragmites are insect/reptile like creatures with six legs and two arms in adult form. Cragmites breed in to ways: either they lay eggs or an adult form dies which creates three baby Cragpoles. Cragmites except for young Cragpoles are slow creatures and rarely walk, rather they move about by splitting their atoms and warping around the area. In this state they can't be harmed. Cragmites all become Cragpoles and they either become a Hunter or Warrior Cragmite. Here is a description of each type.

Cyclophic monkeys:

Cyclophic monkeyswere a native species of Florana. They were primates who only had one eye, but they acted just like real monkeys, as they also enjoyed eating bananas.

After Qwark's parents were killed by defective Technomite technology, the orphaned Qwark was adopted and raised by cyclophic monkeys on Florana. Qwark befriended a monkey named Skrunch, who became Qwark's sidekick and a member of the Q-Force.

Droid: There are virtually endless combinations of strengths weaknesses and appearances of th Droid race, so i wont even bother trying to describe them aside from the fact they are robotic beings made of metal, not flesh.


The Drophydswere a race of fish-like aliens originating from Planet Zaurik. They were minions of Percival Tachyon and were the primary enemy race, along with the space pirates, of Tools of Destruction. They were persuaded to form the basis Tachyon's army after being bribed with Raritanium. Their armored suits were designed to contain water or some other liquid for them to breathe in. It was possible that the Drophyds had gills and could not survive outside of an aquatic environment. When their armor was destroyed, the Drophyds could be seen flopping around on the floor, in their raw form, indicating that they were, in fact a race of intelligent fish. They could be killed for extra bolts when in raw form, but also could be stepped on, which also resulted in death for the Drophyd. The armor they wore was based on Lombax nanotechnology made from materials stolen by the Space Pirates. Their most obvious feature was their eyes; which were very large and yellow.

A Drophyd talked when Ratchet first crash-landed on the second visit to Fastoon. The Imperial General sounded similar and was likely to be a Drophyd. Drophydes have many types of suits, enabling them several different abilities and strength levels.

Fongoid: The Fongoidswere a friendly species, originally native to planet Torren IV. They left the planet after it became a wasteland. The Fongoids split up, and some settled in villages on planets like Quantos, Zanifar, and Morklon. The smaller communites of Fongoids had been the focus of Lord Vorselon and Nefarious' usefulness.[1] They were great engineers as well, as they designed the Spiral of Death and Tombli Outpost.


A Grubsnucker was a medium-sized flying creature with wings similar to an insect's. They bore resemblance to the much bigger Leviathans. Grubsnuckers were found on planet Sargasso and were usually in groups of at least two, but more commonly three, often accompanied by Anthropods. They are also found on Veldin, as Qwark states he took Helga to a all you can eat Grubsnucker buffett on Veldin. They tended to stay as far away from Ratchet while still attacking him. Their only way to attack was to spit a ball of poisonous goo at Ratchet. When their bodies started to expand, they were preparing to launch a projectile towards Ratchet.

When attacking, mid to long ranged weapons were best as close ranged ones usually resulted in Ratchet becoming injured. The Buzz Blades and the Mag-Net Launcher were very effective in killing them.

They were very similar to Breegus Wasps found on various moons in the Breegus System and in the Great Clock.

Grummel: Grummels were a race believed to have lived in the Solana Galaxy. During the Blarg campaign in Solana the Grummel Planet was destroyed by Chairman Drek. It is unknown how many Grummels were killed because of this. But, by the time of Percival Tachyon's fall, there was only one Grummel remaining, so it is presumed that the entire species was killed by the Blarg when their planet was destroyed. The entire species, but one.

However, h does have several thousand clones.

Grunthor: A Grunthor was a huge carnivorous creature native to planet Sargasso. Each contained a Leviathan Soul and raritanium. They attacked by shooting fireballs from their mouths, jabbing with their tusks, or by stomping their feet if their prey got too close. With their powerful attacks, anyone unlucky enough to disturb them had to stay light on his feet to avoid the possibility of rapid death. In addition, their saliva was one of the most corrosive substances in the Polaris galaxy.

Hoolefoid: The Hoolefoidswere a primitive space-faring beings native to planet Merdegraw on Hoolefar Island. They had purple skin, three fingers, and a severe underbite, and appear to combination between a Thug and a marsupial. Despite being they're homeworld, Space Pirates have taken control of most of Merdegraw, and fear of breaking the curse caused them to stay near or on Hoolefar Island. They were led by Mayor Worley, but many in the village did not seem to like him much, and often would ask Ratchet if he was running for mayor. The Hoolefoids were mostly harmless as shown during the Ghost Space Pirate attack on Hoolefoid Island as all the Hoolefoids fled toward the Obsidian Eye for safety. The Hoolefoids also have extremly lazy union workers, as shown by the Beacon Operator who barely did anything to get it started up again, using the lame cover that it was againest union rules. The Hoolefoids appear to have a thriving tourist spot on Merdegraw, as mentioned by random Hoolefoids commenting on Ratchet being here saying "Is it Tourist Season already?" The Hoolefoids also appear to know about planet Sargasso, and might even have some outposts there as well.

Kerchu: The Kerchuwere small and furry orange creatures that were native to planet Jasindu. They were considered the second most foul and ill tempered creatures in the Polaris Galaxy, second only to the Cragmites. The Kerchu were also some the galaxy's greatest architects. This building prowess, along with their large teeth, gave the Kerchu a resemblance to beavers. They rarely talked and were always building, but they were among the fiercest warriors in the galaxy in battle. No one could trespass on Kerchu territory without a fight, though the Smuggler claimed he was an exception to this rule (most likely due to his ability to sneak in useful technologies from across the galaxy). The Kerchu were also proficient in harvesting Gelatonium, and constructed the Underground Gelatonium Facility and the Sargasso Gelantoium Refinery. At some point, the Dimensionator fell into the Kerchu's hands. They hid it just outside the Kerchu Fortress, where it was guarded by the Kerchu Guardian.


A Lombaxwas a bipedal, humanoid species that originated in the Polaris Galaxy from the planet of Fastoon. Known throughout the galaxy for their mechanical and technological ingenuity, Lombaxes were cat-like and completely covered in either yellow or white velvety fur, with orange or maroon coloured stripes running down parts of their body.[1][2] They had large ears and triangular feet with three claws on each foot, as well as large hands with five fingers. All known Lombaxes wore gloves, so it was possible that generally most Lombaxes wore gloves. According to a news broadcast in A Crack in Time, female Lombaxes did not have tails, as evident with Angela Cross.

Ratchet, Angela Cross and Alister Azimuth were the last known surviving Lombaxes in the dimension after the existing Lombaxes fled to another dimension in order to avoid being destroyed by Percival Tachyon. Many others were killed in the conflict trying to escape as well. Lombaxes had an innate affinity towards gadgetry and machinery. The Wrench appears to be a traditional Lombax melee weapon[3]

Markazian: Markazians were a humanoid elf-like race with slightly purple colored skin. They had a rat looking tail and sharp ears.

Novalians: Here are some appearance factors and famous members of the race. The Novalians were a species that had a green, blue or grey skin with black hair, only three fingers on each hand, and only two toes on each foot. They sometimes sported black spikes.

Jowai Resort Owner

Skid McMarx Skid's Agent Shady Salesman Qwark's Bouncer Rilgar hoverboard racers Race Girl are the known members of this race, but Skid of the Q-Force is the most recognizable in my opinion, and the plumer, and the Gadgetron CEO, never mind there's lots xD

Protopet: Though not technically an alien race, they were manufactured and do indeed still exist.

Protopetswere Megacorp's genetically-modified pet. Designed as the ultimate plaything, the pet was released with defects, purposely left unchecked by Captain Qwark, who was masquerading as Abercrombie Fizzwidget at the time. He intended to create a galactic crisis in which these "cute" furballs would wreak havoc across the galaxy so that he could step in and "save" the galaxy from destruction, re-establishing his superhero title following his defeat by Ratchet and Clank during his work with Drek.

The Protopet, dubbed "Experiment #13" during its testing stages, was stolen by the thief prior to its intended release, so "Fizzwidget" hired Ratchet and Clank to recover the creature. They eventually did so, not realizing the conspiracy at hand. The pets were soon released to the public despite warnings from Megacorp's scientists, most of whom were devoured by the original Protopet during testing. It became clear that the Protopets' sole intention was to consume other sentient life, be it organic or even robotic. In Allgon City on planet Damosel , the city and entire planet are hit worse by rampaging Protopets as they feast on Native Tourist Robots, Exterminator Bots and even the Teleporting Train railway tracks, causing many trains to derail into the oceans of planet Damosel.

Pygmy: Simply small yellow bloblike creatures that use simple weapons bigger then themselves, they are no taller than Clank, though a few may be a little bigger.

Sandmice: Sandmice were a small, unique species that could be found scattered all over the Solana Galaxy, and which calmly lived in little habitats under the ground. Using a Sonic Summoner, Ratchet could summon a sandmouse, who will then temporarily float at the Lombax's side in a tiny craft, to provide some aerial assistance by attacking all enemies within range with rapid shots. Once they were unable to continue helping Ratchet, they teleport back down to their underground homes. Qwark referenced the species in his commercial for Big Al mentioning that he been going to Al's shop since he was "knee high to a sandmouse". Ratchet had to use a Sandmouse in order to get a skill point on planet Batalia. They were found on almost every single planet, with the exception of a few.

Sandshark: Sandsharks were small red-orange creatures that were found "swimming" in the sands of Outpost X11. They emerged from the sand to attack Ratchet and Clank if they were close. In Ratchet & Clank, the duo had to eliminate all the sandsharks if they were to acquire Skid McMarx's Hoverboard Z3000, who pretended to be too injured to fight them himself. When taunted and unable to reach Ratchet, they jumped up and down and snarled angrily. An older model of this enemy can be seen in the Insominac Museum in Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal. This version had four legs, a larger shark fin and two eyes.

Space Pirate:

Space pirateswere robots in the Polaris galaxy created by Percival Tachyon when he was young. Their purpose was to scour the galaxy and bring back materials Tachyon could use to build his Imperial Army. Once their job was complete and the Cragmite Empire was partly restored, Tachyon banished them to Praxus Seven.

After their exile, the space pirates continued to engage in a life of piracy; attacking and looting ships and cities across Polaris, all while enjoying their favorite alcohol: grog.

One of the earliest space pirate captains was Julius MacGuffin from the Andromeda System. Some time later, Angstrom Darkwater took that role. On Planet Merdegraw, Captain Darkwater was beheaded by his treacherous first mate, Romulus Slag, who became the new pirate captain. Years later, Captain Slag and his first mate, Rusty Pete, returned to find the fabled "Lombax Secret", competing against Tachyon's forces, as well as Ratchet and Clank.

Known pirate hideouts were located on Ardolis, Kreeli Comet, Ublik Passage, Merdegraw, in the Voron Asteroid Belt, the Rakar Star Cluster, and the Pegasus Outpost near the Verdigris Black Hole. They often used cutlasses as weapons, in addition to cannons and blasters.

Technomite: Technomites were tiny, yet hyper-intelligent creatures from Challax who where partially responsible for the existence of technology but were not widely believeable and known. The Technomites got no credit although their technology was used. They inhabited many worlds, and built map-rooms to keep track of the planets they inhabited. They were led by Emperor Otto Destruct, until he was given the intelligence of a monkey.

Thug: Thugs were a race of lizard-like creatures in the Bogon Galaxy. Their home planet was Snivelak. Most of them work for the Thugs-4-Less company. There are four races, each stronger than the last.

Tyhrranoid: The Tyhrranoidswere a race of monsters who allied themselves with Dr. Nefarious in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. They were eventually transformed into robot Tyhrranoids when Dr. Nefarious activated the Biobliterator on Metropolis while the creatures were invading it. The Tyhrranoid's home planet was known as Tyhrranosis, where the Momma Tyhrranoid dwelled. The Galactic Rangers refered to them as 'Noids'.

The Tyhrranoids were known to be incredibly stupid and gullible, as they had no concept of irony and were easily persuaded into allying with Nefarious and helped Nefarious destroy all organic life forms, even though they were organic life forms themselves. They were also too slow to escape when the Biobliterator turned them all into robots. They often insulted each other and had terrible personal hygiene. Despite this, they were incredibly aggressive when in battle and were adept at handling heavy weapons, which made up for their lack of intelligence. The various Tyhrranoid types were recognizable by the number of eyes they had and their wide range in sizes. It appeared that the more eyes a Tyhrranoid had, the stronger it was.

Although Five eyes were not involved in Up your Arsenal due to lack of development space, they may appear in this roleplay, but possibly only on Thyrranosis to defend the nest.

Y.E.T.I.: Y.E.T.I. were large, ferocious creatures that Ratchet and Clank encountered on planet Grelbin's icy tundra. Clank encountered them again on the Ski Slopes of Glaciara. They were genetically created by Megacorp to hunt down and kill the Arctic Leviathans, that roam the planes. That was the original idea, though, because since their creation, they had gotten out of control, and now live free in the arctic landscape.


The Zoniwere mystical ghost-like beings of energy, who had the ability to manipulate time and space to their will using bio-energy. They were neither robotic nor biological, but pure energy requiring metal suits to survive in other dimensions. The Zoni were a hive-minded race, making them much more powerful when in groups.[1] They helped Ratchet and Clank in Tools of Destruction on their journey for the fabled Lombax Secret. For most of the time, they were only visible to Clank, giving him visions of the present or future as well as the ability to slow down time. They also upgraded him with new gadgets: the Robo-Wings and Geo-Laser. At the end of their adventure, visible to everyone, they took Clank with them to fulfill his destiny. They then played a central role in A Crack in Time, where their purpose was revealed.

In Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, there were three Zoni were shown to assist in the maintenance of The Great Clock. When Doctor Nefarious tried to access the Orvus Chamber, he betrayed these Zoni and unleashed the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler, which chased them out of the room. Their numbers were originally at 117,000; but, realizing they were betrayed, most of them had left the Great Clock to supress Doctor Nefarius' plan to access the Orvus Chamber. Ratchet was able to find 40 of the scattered Zoni and returned them to the Great Clock at the end.

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