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Most of the surprisingly few Avengers forums are based on the movie, even in the comics category. So here's one based on the comics.
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Play as an Avenger or one of their enemies. At least three Avengers and three villains are needed before this topic can begin.

List of Avengers (more can be added later)


Iron Man


The Wasp

The Hulk

Captain America

Wonder Man



The Scarlet Witch


The Black Panther

The Black Knight

The Black Widow

The Vision

Red Wolf and Lobo his pet wolf

The Swordsman (deceased in this reality but alternate versions still exist)




The Beast

Doctor Droom




Spider-Man is really a loner and rarely works with the team. Wolverine is an X-Man. Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, and the Thing, who have all joined at some point really belong with the Fantastic Four.

The Avengers Charter states no more than seven Avengers are to be active at one time except in extreme emergencies. Captain America lowered the limit to six. Until things start to really heat up the team should be limited to no more than six, at which point they can consider calling in help.

7/18/2012 . Edited 11/29/2013 #1

(The female characters aren't very good!)

9/24/2012 #2

(They originally weren't meant to be. Perhaps some of them could be powered up a bit here.)

10/1/2012 #3

(I guess I'll be the wasp and the Scarlet Witch.)

10/24/2012 #4

(Shall we go with the originals? I can be Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America.)

11/14/2012 #5
L-Dog Z

I can be Hawkeye if your still looking for more people, and if you need more female characters I'd also play Mockingbird and/or Wasp.

2/1/2013 #6

(If you want to be the Wasp I can be the Scarlet Witch and Mantis. I like how she calls herself "this one".)

2/1/2013 #7
L-Dog Z
Cool, I'd also be willing to play a villain or two.
2/1/2013 #8

(Sure. You can make up villains if you want.)

2/1/2013 #9
L-Dog Z

(OK, I'd definitely be willing to play Ultron, Taskmaster (well, he's technically a villain), and Loki if I'm allowed)

2/16/2013 #10

(I have to insist on a totally evil Loki.)

2/16/2013 #11
L-Dog Z

Oh, no problem. Loki's been WAY to watered down by some people, I'd make him as much of a self serving asshole as I can. I like Loki, I believe he's the kind of character who honestly believes he's the good guy, and I think he's probably at least has some reason to be the way he is, but he's definitely not a god guy or anything close to one, and he definitely crosses the line.

So, should we begin?

2/16/2013 #12

Iron Man had excused himself after the latest Avengers meeting and entered the workshop area of the basement of Avengers Mansion. He sat down in a chair and began to recharge his armor.

2/16/2013 #13
L-Dog Z

Clint took a minute to get some coffee, then went to find Steve about something.

While Bobbi went to the workshop, looking for something.

"Hey, Tony, got a minute?"

2/16/2013 #14

As usual when he was at Avengers Mansion, Captain America was in the gym, moving about so quickly he was little more than a blur.

"According to my readings I won't be going anywhere for about ten minutes," Iron Man said. "I don't like leaving my armor partly charged so I'll be here until it's at 100%."

2/16/2013 #15
L-Dog Z

"Yo, Steve, ease up, your going to leave the speedsters redundant." Hawkeye called towards him as he entered the Gym.

"Good, couldya help me find something? I was working on something for my battle staves last night and left them here, checked this morning and I couldn't find them. Haveya seen them?"

2/16/2013 #16

"Speedsters?" Cap asked, dropping to the ground. "Wasn't aware Quicksilver was back on the team."

"No, but if you left them lying around Jarvis might have put them away somewhere," Iron Man suggested. "You know, he's the only employee I had working here before the Avengers were formed that didn't quit when the Hulk showed up."

2/16/2013 #17
L-Dog Z

"He isn't, but you keep moving like that he's not going to be." Clint smirks, leaning against the wall to drink his coffee.

"I can imagine why. Having to take care of Hulk would be a real pain in the ass. Any idea where he'd put them?"

2/16/2013 #18

"Just keeping in shape," Cap said. "You know that coffee will keep you awake all night."

"Possibly in the store room," Iron Man said, checking his power level again. "Unless you left your room unlocked, in which case you could try your closet."

2/16/2013 #19
L-Dog Z

"Meh, gives me more time to train." Clint shrugs as he finishes the coffee, moving towards the area set up for his archery and begins loosing some arrows into the target.

"Probably not. My rooms such a mess Jarvis would be there all day cleaning it up before he could find the closet. I'll check the store room." Bobbi replies before heading off to find them. "Thanks anyway."

2/16/2013 #20

"Make sure you get proper rest. No point training until you pass out." Cap leaps up, grabs an overhead bar, and starts his routine again.

Iron Man nods. "Don't mention it. It's a good day if the worst thing that happens is somebody misplacing something."

2/16/2013 #21
L-Dog Z

"Now I see plenty point in that." Clint replies, hitting a bullseye, then putting another arrow through the first to slice it in half. "Easy way to get a ton of training done, and get to sleep."

"Getting philosophical now huh?" Bobbi smirks, finding the storage room. "Ah, there you are." She takes the battle staves, heading back to the workshop to finish what she was doing last night.

2/16/2013 #22

"Depends on how efficiently you use your time," Cap said, dropping to the ground and adjusting a barbell to weigh five hundred pounds. He began doing curls with it. "During the big one we were taught to do everything in double time. Of course, Private Steve Rogers never could seem to get it right. Poor Sergeant Duffy. He always assumed I was too incompetent to learn anything he tried to teach me. Couldn't tell him who I was, he didn't have the clearance."

Iron Man's armor had completed its charge. He shut off the power and looked around the workshop to make sure everything was in its proper place before he left it. He remembered his earlier suits of armor, Iron Man Flying Armor Mark I through V. They had all required being plugged into an electric socket to recharge. Mark VI had been a break through. Probably why he had used it longer than any other suit of armor.

(Mark VI was the armor he loaned to James Rhodes when he had a serious drinking problem. When he returned to being Iron Man he made the Mark VII and then War Machine.)

2/16/2013 #23
L-Dog Z

"Oh yeah, the whole secret identity thing. Never quite saw the reason for that." Hawkeye chuckles, remembering why he chose to switch to a mask-less suit while using a ricocheting arrow head to bounce an arrow into the target while aiming away. "I mean, not like any of us have much outside of this to hide."

"Huh, that thing charged up fast." Bobbi comments, glancing over before returning to what she was doing. She was fixing an inbuilt electrical impulse and secret projectile feature to give herself an extra edge with them. Once she thought she had it done, she loaded it and aimed at the wall, firing. The blast knocks her from her seat. "Wow!"

2/16/2013 #24

The Scarlet Witch came into the gym. "Hello, Steve. Clint." She started a target machine and then started throwing hexes at the targets to blow them up.

2/16/2013 #25

Cap nods towards the Scarlet Witch. "Wanda." He looks back at Hawkeye. "During the war it was necessary. Really surprised me when I woke up and found someone had published comic books telling my real name while I was asleep."

Iron Man had just been on his way out. "Looks like you need to adjust that a bit. Unless you enjoy flying backwards into random objects. Like me to have a look at it?"

2/16/2013 #26
L-Dog Z

"Sup." Clint motions to Wanda, then returns to hitting his targets. "Good thing its not the war anymore then huh? Its so much easier to get a seat on a plane if they think you can help in case of an emergency onaccount of being a superhero."

"Oh yeah, that'll help me build up my 'cash into crap' muscles." Bobbi snarks, getting up and rubbing her back painfully, moving towards Tony to hand him the staves. "Here, I think its just their was too much gunpowder. Might need to reduce that and maybe use a smaller calibre. I' really out of my comfort zone, I'm better with biology."

2/16/2013 #27

"It's extremely limiting when you're trying to move incognito," Cap said. "Anyone still using a secret identity is welcome to keep it."

(The rp assumes characters like Spider-Man and Daredevil, if they show up, are still keeping their identities secret. I really didn't like Iron Man telling everyone he was Tony Stark. Destroys a lot of possible story suspense. A major plotline years ago was Iron Man being acccused of killing Stark during a time when his heart wasn't working right and he had to wear the complete suit for months. When he was ordered to produce Stark he told them where he was, then hurried to his room, hid his helmet, and wrapped himself in a blanket to hide his armor, pretending he was sick. Since he wouldn't leave the room this caused them think Iron Man was hiding somewhere forcing him to say he was okay. When he went to the Avengers Thor demanded to know if he'd harmed Tony Stark. Iron Man swore he hadn't and asked them not to ask him any further questions.)

"I'm not entirely sure what you just said, but I get the general idea," Iron Man said. "Hope you're not suggesting experimenting on giving yourself super powers. Too much can go wrong."

2/16/2013 #28
L-Dog Z

(Ah, no problem. Just figured it would be something Clint, being a guy who no longer wears a mask, has no life outside of being a hero (well, he didn't until the Hawkeye series showed it off), would probably question. Though I agree, a secret ID does add a lot of story line benefit)

"True, suppose. It does get annoying now that everyone in my apartment building keeps calling me 'Hawkguy'." Clint nods in agreement, emptying his quiver and taking a beak to reload, "Still, Makes you wonder though. So, how's things with you and Sharon?"

"Really? I was trying to smarten that up into smart person talk. If you'd prefer I could repeat it in English." Bobbi laughed, sitting back down. "Don't worry, I already tried messing with DNA to make superpowers, and it turned my teacher into Man-Thing. I'd rather leave my sweet-ass human DNA as it is."

2/16/2013 #29

(I think he basically wore a mask because superheroes wear masks and never really thought about why he was wearing it except to look like a superhero. It was several years before he got a real name because Stan didn't think he needed one since he was always Hawkeye.)

"Not really sure these days," Cap said. "We really need to talk." He tosses his shield at the targets, knocking all of them down, then catching it on the rebound.

"You were involved in that?" Iron Man said. "I thought Ted Sallis did that to himself, trying to play Captain America."

2/16/2013 #30
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