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Most of the surprisingly few Avengers forums are based on the movie, even in the comics category. So here's one based on the comics.
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The Avengers first appeared in 1963. In real life the original Avengers (except for Thor) would be old and retired by now. Assuming some of the Avengers married in the 1970s and had children, the second generation of Avengers would be close to forty by now and a third generation would probably be preparing to take their places among the legends. A few of the originals are still around however to help out the newcomers.

Thor: Now married to Sif, Thor has two sons, Magni and Modi, and a daughter, Thrud. Thor rarely works with the Avengers any more since his team is no longer active.

Hercules: Rarely part of the Avengers even in their heydey, Hercules shows up once in awhile to brag about past adventures and test new members' skills in fighting. Married to Hebe, he has twin sons Alexiares and Anicetus.

The Vision: Now a vast computer system running the Avengers' various systems. He returns to his humanoid form only to serve his beloved Scarlet Witch, now an old woman around 67 or so.

8/7/2012 #1

(So Iron Girl would be Iron Woman now and her little girl would be Iron Girl now?)

10/24/2012 #2

(If that's what you want. Or she could have an Iron Lad or Iron Twins.)

11/14/2012 #3

(I want to play Iron Woman and Thrud. That's a really ugly name for a girl though. Is that supposed to be the sound something makes when it falls over after she hits it? The Vikings didn't give girls good names.)

2/1/2013 #4

In Asgard Thrud's daughter was happily practicing with her first real sword. No more wooden swords like a dumb baby. She hacked at a big bush, pretending it was a frost giant.

"Take that and that and that!"

She tripped over a big rock and fell and skinned her knee.

"Ow! Stupid rock!"

She picked up the rock which was as big as her head and threw it high in the sky.

(Look out below!)

"No troll can beat the granddaughter of Thor!"

3/27/2013 . Edited 3/27/2013 #5

Actually, a few years ago they counted how many appearances each member of the Avengers has made as Avengers and Hercules came in around #10 and just a little under Quicksilver.

11/7/2013 #6

That's mostly because he was in the team a lot in the 80s when he shaved his beard and the Black Knight grew one and they became like a comedy team. He was almost never there until then. And Quicksilver was barely in the 70s or 80s at all.

12/4/2013 #7

Hercules appeared in Avengers#38 to 50, but didn't officially join the team until #45. Six regular issues in the 60s plus Avengers Annual#1. He then appears in #98-100 and #173-177 and #181. I believe that's it for the 70s, nine issues. In the 80s he shows up in #249 and leaves in #278. Thirty issues plus a cameo in another issue that I noticed. In the 90s he shows up in #335 to #395 (the issue Iron Man was killed for killing the Wasp in #393), then returns in #399 (but not #400). Sixty-one issues. That leads to Onslaught and the next year or so needs to be ignored. That's just a brief search of comics dot org which lists most comic book covers so I may have missed some. But that's 106 issues plus a cameo from 1967 to 1997 for Hercules.

12/4/2013 #8
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