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Lady Cougar-Trombone

Full Name:


Date of Birth:









7/20/2012 #1
Lady Cougar-Trombone

I've decided to do my OC for this.

Full Name: Amy Georgia Davenport

Nickname: N/A

Date of Birth: April 15, 1973

Age: Physically, seventeen, actually thirty-nine

Grade: Senior


Hair-Brunette hair that comes to just above shoulders

Eyes-Dark blue


Other-Slightly tanned and she is lean

History: She is Donald's older sister that when he was building a time machine she was presumably liked during the testing. Donald has been holding the hope, checking his old clubhouse year after year, wondering of Amy was just sent forward in time, or if he destroyed her. She is bionic, but that may be natural or given through science experiment, they don't know. She's faster and stronger that a human, more flexible, and heightened reflexes and endurance. Her special ability is like Spiderman's spider sense. I believe it's called precognition. Or some word that means something similar.

7/24/2012 . Edited 8/1/2012 #2

Full Name: Rose Margaret Wilson

Nickname: Rosie, lollipop, beautiful, baby, gorgeous, baby girl, Rosie Posie, princess, Rosie Cheeks, Rosiekins, sleeping beauty, Rosie Bunny (all by Chase)

Date of Birth: December 14, 1997

Age: same age as Chase

Grade: same grade as Chase


Hair- brown, wavy streaks on each side of her hair

Eyes- blue

Height- 5'2"

Other- loves wearing the color pink

History: She was born to Daniel and Fiona Wilson. Her older brother is Michael and he is very overproctective of his little sister especially when Chase is around. When she first came to Mission Creek High School, she was bullied by a group of kids. But when she met Chase, she instantly fell for him. She is very good friends with Leo, Adam, Bree, Amy, Kevin, Tasha and Donald. She loves drawing, reading and singing. Her and Chase will be in a relationship. Her father eventually dies of a heart attack leaving Rose broken hearted.

7/31/2012 . Edited 10/2/2012 #3
Lady Cougar-Trombone


7/31/2012 #4
Lady Cougar-Trombone

Full Name: Kevin Charles Marks

Nickname: N/A

Date of Birth: March 2, 1972

Age: Forty


Hair-Red lined with grey



Other-Calloused hands, scruffy beard, and a bit thick.

History: His dad was a pastor and his mom stayed at home. He was an only child. He met Donald and Amy in middle school and they eventually became friends. He knows Amy's secret. They stayed at his house a lot to stay away from Eddy and his...Eddyness. In Sophmore year, he and Amy realized they liked each other after about a year, and in junior year they started going out.

He dated after her 'death', but never married or had the chance for children. He's a lonely, middle-aged man.

8/4/2012 #5

Full Name: Kai Jonathan Daniels

Nickname: N/A

Date of Birth: 4/18/1998

Age: same as Chase and Rose

Grade: same as Chase and Rose


Hair- Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height- 5'5"

Others- tattoo of a skull on his left wrist

History: moved from Tampa. His parents died when he was only five and his younger sister Amber was only one. The cause of his parents' death is unknown. He has a crush on Rose. He tries to ruin her relationship with Chase. After realizing his feelings for Rose, Chase gets jealous when Kai is around or near her. He and his sister are both in foster care.

8/21/2012 . Edited 9/21/2012 #6
Lady Cougar-Trombone

He's accepted.

8/22/2012 . Edited 10/7/2012 #7

Full Name: Ariana Jane Warner

Nickname: Ari

Date of Birth: 10/16/1995

Age: same as Adam

Grade: same as Adam


Hair- black

Eyes- Green

Height- 5'7"

Other- none

History: She is from Seattle, Washington and she moved here when she was 13. But she was homeschooled until her junior year and attended Mission Creek High School. She meets the Lab Rats and Leo. She soon realized that she has feelings for Adam. They will be in a relationship.

8/25/2012 #8
Lady Cougar-Trombone


8/25/2012 . Edited 10/7/2012 #9
Lady Cougar-Trombone

Full Name: Edward David Davenport

Nickname: Eddy

Date of Birth: Decmeber 31, 1960

Age: Fifty-one

Grade: N/A


Hair-Black hair styled similar to Adam's




History: Grew up in a loveless home, several years older than siblings and he basically emotionally tortured them. Became a sexual predator after he finally moved. Eventually he fathered Adam, Bree, and Chase, but after a violent night where he disappeared, Donald gained custody of the three siblings when Adam was three.

9/4/2012 #10
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