Fullmetal Alchemist Roleplay
Play as a cannon character or OC. Welcome to the world of FMA, starting right after Ed gets his state alchemist certification. Can you change the way things end up? Right now, inactive. If you want to join, PM me and I will RP with you.
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Please follow the format provided but can skip things that don't apply-




Weight/ Height-

Appearance- (hair color, eye shape/color, makeup, ect.)

Outfit- (can be changed, just PM me)


Status- (Military Position, State Alchemist, Job, ect.)

Alias- (State Alchemist Official Title)



Remember, this has to be approved by yours truly

7/23/2012 . Edited 7/23/2012 #1

Name- Adi Sparrow

Gender- Female

Age- 11

Weight/ Height- 90 lbs/ 5ft 3in

Appearance- Large blue eyes, light brown hair with gold highlights.. reaches to her waist, porcelin skin. Wears hair in a loose braid. Wears light blue eyeshadow and some mascara, plus red tinted lipgloss

Outfit- Midnight blue long sleeved shirt with black pinstripes. Black leather pants and knee high dark blue combat boots. Wears a black choker with a blue stone in the middle, and wears a black coat, with a hood, that reaches the knees with a blue snake insignia on the back. Wears black biker gloves and small black circle earrings. She has her upper ear pierced twice more and wears silver hoops.

Personality- Shy by nature but is sweet and friendly. Is also brave and daring when the time calls for it.

Status- The Blood Alchemist

Background-- She was born in a small town west of central. Her father was an alchemist who was set on bringing her mother back. When he was crippled (lost his legs and a arm), Adi was instructed by him to bring her mother back. When she tried to do it, at age 7, her father was the equivalent exchange by mistake and she lost her right leg and left arm (because her father didn't have his legs and only one arm). She was sent to live with her grandmother, who diapproved of alchemy and wouldn't let her use it, so she ran away to central at age 11. !

7/23/2012 . Edited 8/5/2012 #2
Jack of Blade's Daughter

Name- Jane Mustang

Gender- Female

Age- 28

Weight/ Height- 129 Lb, 5'9

Appearance- Black hair pulled back into a ponytail that reaches between her shoulder blades, bright green eyes, lightly pale skin, has no make-up, and has a Female soldier's build.

Outfit- The standard Military outfit, with a large coat over it. The coat itself is very plain, only having several pockets filled with different substances and a few packs of ammo.

Personality- Jane is a very dedicated soldier and state-alchemist. While she is more likely to do her job, she has a sense of right and wrong, albeit a small one. Otherwise, Jane has next to no social skills, so anyone meeting her will have to forgive her if she insults them by accident.

Status- State-Alchemist, Lieutenant first-class.

Alias- The bursting steel alchemist. Lieutenant Steel.

Background- Jane is the daughter of Roy Mustang. Having obviously followed in his footsteps as both a soldier and state alchemist. Jane needless to say, looked up to her father as a role model, following any example he ever gave or that she witnessed. It wasn't long until she became a state-alchemist, showing her particular specialty in explosives and metal forgery with alchemy. Earning her the name and rank today.

Other- For whatever reason, beyond Roy's, gods, or whoever else's knowledge, Jane ADORES children and will cuddle them to death.

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7/23/2012 #4
Jack of Blade's Daughter

How should they meet? Mission? Jane does love kids and would adopt her on the spot.

7/23/2012 #5

How about it is raining or something and she is out on the streets or whatever and your character runs into her! Or mission is fine too! LOL

7/23/2012 #6
Jack of Blade's Daughter

I'll go with you idea! More emotional!

7/23/2012 #7

Why thank you, so I guess I shall go off to the Rp section! And I am emotional because I am watching the last episode of Fruits Basket and bawling my eyes out. LOL.

7/23/2012 . Edited 7/23/2012 #8
Jack of Blade's Daughter

Rofl. Never watched that anime actually. Can you tell me what it's about in the chat section?

7/23/2012 #9

OHHH I should make a chat section! I will do so lol!

7/23/2012 #10

Name- Dante Hallows

Gender- Male

Age- 17

Weight/ Height- 5,11ft

Appearance- Obsidian coloured hair. (In similar style to Joshua from TWEWY.) Midnight blue eyes. Pale. Slim. not very Muscular.

Outfit- Black leather shoes. Black trousers. Black vest. White long sleeved, collared top. Black hooded cloak, with blue lining.

Personality- Quite. Has a temper. Likes sleep. Hates Bullies.

Status- Civilian Alchemist. Goes by the name.... The stray alchemist.

Alias- The Stray Alchemist

Background- His mother died at child birth... so he never got to know her. His farther thought in the east, at the age of 11 his farther was KIA. Dante was torn by this information, he committed Alchemy's greatest sin... human transmutation. Truth took his leg and something else of extreme value. Dante wants to atone for his sin, he goes around helping who ever he can. This earned him the title of the Stray Alchemist. The military (Higher ups) want him to become a state Alchemist, he has been running from this.

Other- Always seems tired.

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Tanoshi Sa

Name- Tanoshi/ Yume

Gender- Female

Age- 16

Weight/ Height- 5ft 7in and only 100 lbs

Appearance- she has purple eyes, long blonde hair. She is only 5' 7" but is quiet flirty if she needs to be. She is pale. Most people never notice but she carries around very small knives with longstrings attached. She also has a scar on the inside of her wrist that is shaped like a dragon.

Outfit- She usually wears a school girl outfit, because she is the right age. On ocassions she will wear a dress that is black at the bottom and from the top of her waiste up white with long white sleeves

Personality- Almost never smiles, half the time she looks dead, the other half the time she looks like she is dreaming. She is very quiet and looks carring when it comes to children. She is also a bit like a poison fruit, many people want to follow her around.

Status- Villian

Alias- Wanted: Yume

Background- Tanoshi had a twin sister and loving mother, father and older brother. One day, an alchemist was trying to protect them, not knowing that Tanoshi's mother and twin were still inside. Her father tried to save them but they alpremised in the fire. Her brother told her to stay there. She waited with her burnt down home and rotting family for 3 days. Her brothernever came back. She wished he was dead. She was only 7 years old. Now she lives a life of crime. She has stolen books from inside state alchemist's homes. She always leaves one thing behind. A note saying "sweet dreams" that is why she is called yume, dream in Japanese. She also isknown to talk to children, and kill them afterwards.

Other- Always looks hurt and has a very soft voice. She often sings to herself.

7/24/2012 #15

Accepted! (nobody else is on but you can still jump in. I am making a new criminal character so if you want they can meet or something)

7/24/2012 #16

Name- Carrie Vara

Gender- Female

Age- 17

Weight/ Height- 98 lbs/ 5ft 5in

Appearance- White Hair, Gold Eyes, porcelin skin, wears gold eyeliner in a cat eye shape and gold eyeshadow, wears gold tinted lipstick.

Outfit- Gold tanktop with a black short-skirt and high-heeled gold knee high boots. She wears a silver chain around her neck.

Personality- Decieving and coy, like a snake.

Status- Chimera (snake)

Background- Was taken by an alchemist when she was only 4 and experimented on. Killed the scientist and escaped at age 16.

Other- Her weapon is daggers and her fangs.

Approved by myself.

7/24/2012 #17
Tanoshi Sa

thanks a ton!! Sounds sweet! Can I make my own topic? I promise it will be totally magical!

7/24/2012 #18

LOL suree!

7/24/2012 #19

Will It let you make one??

7/24/2012 #20

Cool criminal characters, some one for Dante in interact with.

7/25/2012 #21

Name- Chip Vara

Gender- Female


Appearance- Blonde hair that reaches her knees, green cat eyes, porcelin skin, no makeup

Outfit- White long sleeved shirt and a dark blue plaid school-girl skirt. She wears blue knee-high socks and a pair of white cheer-leading shoes. She also has a blue headband on.

Personality- Inncoent and sweet. Is funny and has a good sense of humor.

Status- Chimera (kitty)

Background- Carrie's daughter, was made from her blood and turned into a chimera.

Other- Likes teasing people.

Approved by MWA

7/27/2012 #22
Versa Deveraux
Name- Vice Gender-Male Age-17 Weight/ Height- 134 pounds and 6'9" Appearance-(hair color, eye shape/color, makeup, ect.) Black hair, narrow eyes black eyes. Here:( Outfit-(can be changed, just PM me)here: Personality- Strange but cool. Sorta like a mixtur of the mad hatter, willy wonka and sweeney todd. The johnny depp versions. Status-(Military Position, State Alchemist, Job, ect.) Hes a state alchemist Alias-(State Alchemist Official Title) Black Blood Alchemist Background- Vice doesnt remember who he is. He was in a serious fight and ended up with amnesia. Other- hes a flipping ninja
7/28/2012 #23
Beautiful! Accepted lol. I am only gonna be in service range for a few mins and not gonna be on for like a week. But go ahead and join the other 2 crazies on roleplay part 1!
7/28/2012 #24

*Rolls eyes* We're not crazy. But yeah, sorry if there's anything weird.

7/28/2012 #25
You shouldn't lie... It isn't becoming. You two are kissy kissy while I'm trying to eat people..... wierdos
7/28/2012 #26

And eating people isn't weird..... admit it, were a group of weirdos.

7/28/2012 #27
Versa Deveraux
Im totally okay with weird. People call me weird all the time
7/28/2012 #28

Both of the two character's Tan and I are playing as are wanted by the military.

7/28/2012 #29
Versa Deveraux
Vice is in the mil. He just doesnt know. Could you help him?
7/28/2012 #30
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