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Welcome to Berk, come join us as a Hairy Hooligan in this post-movie roleplay; taking place three generations after the defeat of the Green Death. This forum focuses on roleplaying, but we offer writing help and ideas as well as movie discussions. All are welcome. Intermediate RP. (Runic forum title not visible on Safari or Chrome) Closed.
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Haphazard Alliance

This is where we will rolepaly when vikings are on a journey, voyage, or things of the such.

7/25/2012 #1
Haphazard Alliance

A thin Nadder was flying through the sky, gliding through the snow-shower with a viking on his back. Scalpskin narrowed his eyes against the snow as he rode towards his old village, the village that had abandoned him for a brat with a Night Fury. Night fury.. he thought bitterly. He's still there.. and so is everyone else.. except for Ishkaga. he leaned down and gave Spiketoe a pat on the neck, the birdlike dragon responded with a quiet cackle as he flew.

It's time for revenge..

10/13/2012 #2


Ishkaga looked around, but still kept a watchful gaze on Blue he hoped she wouldn't notice. We'll be back for Skorn and Sniper... we'll be back...

"So... how far are we heading out?.." Ishkaga asked the boisterous fisherman.

3/17/2013 #3
Haphazard Alliance

Blue was leaning against the side of the boat, it'd been a while since she'd been on a boat. A long while...

The fisherman pulled a scroll out of his pocket and unrolled it to reveal a map of the islands. "Here we are." He said pointing to a spot off the coast of Berk next to a decorative picture of a sea dragon. Blue walked over and looked at the paper as he pointed at it. "We're going here." He then said, moving his finger across it, to about the middle of the sea that separated two large islands.

3/17/2013 #4

Ishkaga nodded and continued looking at the nets they had with them. How are we going to make this work?.. He's only seen it a few time at most, but planned to try to learn something new today.

3/17/2013 #5
Haphazard Alliance

The man rolled the map back up and put it away, he walked to the edge of the ship and scanned the sky. There was some haze that could be seen in the distance of where they were headed, but the wispy clouds didn't look threatening. There was a steady wind blowing, which was nice because none of them would have to help rowing anytime soon. Blue walked over to Ish and followed his gaze. "Have you ever been fishing?"

3/17/2013 #6

Ishkaga shook his head, "no, have you?" Ishkaga said in a tone only Blue could hear.

3/17/2013 #7
Haphazard Alliance

"Nope." Blue leaned against the side of the boat.

3/17/2013 #8

Ishkaga walked over to the man who had invited him on this small trip. "So what are we going to be doing with these nets?" Ishkaga already knowing they were used to catch fish, but what process do we do?..

3/17/2013 #9
Haphazard Alliance

The Fisherman motioned over the water, "You throw em' in and wait."

3/17/2013 #10

Ishkaga managed a slight chuckle, "that simple?" He asked taking one step back.

3/17/2013 #11
Haphazard Alliance

The man shrugged and scratched his chin, "Well... it takes practice."

3/17/2013 #12

"Guess we'll find out," Ish said with a small smile.

3/17/2013 #13
Haphazard Alliance

The man smirked and looked again towards the sky, the clouds were growing thicker. "Yes..."

Blue looked up as well, "The weather will hold, right?"


3/17/2013 #14

Ishkaga watched the sky wondering when they were going to set out their nets.

3/17/2013 #15
Haphazard Alliance

A light fog started to form as they slowed down and halted in the water. The fisherman walked over to the nets and started hauling them overboard. "Y'ready?"

3/17/2013 #16

Ishkaga leaned down too and began throwing over the portions of the net the Fisherman instructed.

3/17/2013 #17
Haphazard Alliance

Blue picked up part of the net and held it up as the rest of it slid over and sank into the water.

3/17/2013 #18

"Now comes the waiting?" Ishkaga asked backing up to the other side of the boat, but stayed near Blue.

3/17/2013 #19
Haphazard Alliance

"Yeup." The man replied,

3/17/2013 #20

As time passed, Ishkaga had wrapped one of his arms around Blue as the waves started to pound harder against the boat.

3/17/2013 #21
Haphazard Alliance

The fisherman had started to lower the sail as the ship rose over a large wave, the weather was obviously worsening. "We'll pull the nets in soon." He said to the two, as a light rain started. It'd been a while since it'd rained anywhere, but winter was ending and the climate was changing.

Blue felt a little uneasy, but still said nothing.

3/17/2013 . Edited 3/17/2013 #22

"Glad it's not snow.." Ish said to Blue with a less than happy look.

3/17/2013 #23
Haphazard Alliance

"Right.." She smirked a little. Another swell made the boat lurch some, and the fisherman started pulling in the nets, which only in fact held a few struggling fish. "Come on Ishkaga, we don't got all day." His tone wasn't angry, he didn't even seem too upset with the worsening weather.

3/17/2013 #24

Ishkaga nodded and went over and started putting much weight on his arms and back pulling the nets back up, but he felt no pain.

3/17/2013 #25
Haphazard Alliance

Blue helped best she could, and the rain started getting heavier as well as the wind. "I think we should go back now..!" She said through the wind to the man who was leading this expedition. "The weathers getting bad..."

"Too late for that!" He said, "We'll just ride out the storm."

Blue wiped some water from her face and looked out through the fog. He didn't see this coming?

3/17/2013 #26

Ishkaga's look dropped, I'm not liking this...

3/17/2013 #27
Haphazard Alliance

Blue glanced at Ish, unsure.

The fisherman eventually changed his mind and started raising the sails again. "We can let it carry us out..." A wave splashed some water onto the ship, getting their feet wet.

3/17/2013 #28

"In the direction of Berk right?" Ish asked with concern.

3/17/2013 #29
Haphazard Alliance

"Wherever the closest openin' is." He answered, the ship moaned and leaned once the sail was fully up, and the wind easily started taking control of it, sending them over another swell.

3/17/2013 #30
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