Alice New Adventures In Underland
Welcome to this new beginning! Wonderland haves fallen into despair, turning into Underland. Come and join as one who protects this new and dangerous world or one who helps destroying it.
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Here's the Oc sheet:











Relations(If with other author/creator character they must accept first):

Music Theme(Optional):


Here are the roles:

(Female)Alice: (Currently)DevilsLittleSister112


White Rabbit:

Mary Ann:


Dodo: ChessurTheCheshireCat

Bill the Lizard:

The Caterpillar:

Cheshire Cat: ChessurTheCheshireCat

Duchess: ChessurTheCheshireCat

Cook(The one who lives with the Duchess and puts pepper in anything she cooks):

March Hare:


Mad Hatter:

White Queen:

White Knave:

White Knight:

White Horse(From Alice Throught the Looking Glass):

The Queen of Hearts:

The Knave of Hearts: ChessurTheCheshireCat

The Red Knight(From Alice Throught the Looking Glass):

The King of Hearts:

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum(They can be roleplayed by two people if they want):

The Gryphon:

Mock/Fake Turtle:

Time: ChessurTheCheshireCat

Note: The Animal Characters can be human but must preserve some animal features(Tail, ears, wings, etc.). All the character(Minus the one from the White and Heart Kingdoms) must have a mirror image/doppelganger, the name of the mirror image can be the name of his or her original reversed or a name that makes references to their originals(Ex. The Mad Hatter = Hata/Hattres, it depends of the gender chosed by the author/owner of the original character). Also, the doppelganger of Alice has been alredy taken, I will ixplain this to the one who choses to be Alice.

Other characters can be made, like the daughter(s)/son(s) of the White/Heart Queen.

The main villains are the Clovers, the position of Queen, King and Ace have been taken, sorry. There is also a new Kingdom; the Kingdom of Spades, the position of Ace has been taken too, sorry.

7/25/2012 . Edited 4/8/2014 #1

Name: Chessur Of Cheshire

Age: Thanks to Time, Chessur is able to get when he was 13. His actual age is 26 but he likes to be 13.

Role:Cheshire Cat

Afillation(s):White Kingdom/ L.C

Gender: Because of his stature and slightly hight pitched voice, he can be easily confused with a girl.

Appearance: Cheshire have only his left yellow eye while where his other eye was now is a red light in the form of a clover, he wears a black rain coat with lots of pokets, he also wears a grey shirt and grey pants, his tail his black with grey stripes and have a bell tied on it. His hair is long to his waist and is also black with grey stripes and only have his right ear while his left ear is missing.

Personality: Cheshire is a kind young man who is haves an obsession over top hats and shiny things, he cares deeply for his friends but especially for his, Hina Duchess who he sees as his mother. He can be agressive and possesive over anything at all.

Abilities: His left eye can work like a clock and he can transfom into a black and grey striped cat who is missing an eye

Bio: With little memory of his past, Chessur fell into Wonderland when it was in its normal state. What he can remember is that he was once a human, named Danih or so he belives. He haves a job, which is unknow to others. Chessur is the one in charge to welcome new people who arrive at Underland, he then gives them a job or a role if its avaible. He is one of the Royal Knights of the White Kingdom, being an assasin who eliminates those who do not do their role correctly. He had an encounter with the Jabberwocky; it cost him his right eye and left ear, his vocal cords where greatly damaged at that time but he was able to talk with his actual slightly hight pitched voice.

Weapon: A Silver Gun call it "Grey Smile

Relations(If with other author/creator character they must accept first):

Hina Duchess: Duchess is Chessurs Master and mother figure, she raised the boy when she found him in the woods, she can be greedy when it comes to Chessur and dislikes any man near him. She also enjoys making Chessur cross-dress in dresses she makes.

Russech: Chessurs rude doppelganger, Russech enjoys annoying Chessur to no end but he needs of him, since a doppelganger cannot live with out its original.

Music Theme(Optional): None at the moment

Others(Optional): While he is in his 13 years old form, he cannot talk and uses a green board to write what he wants to say. When he doubts about something he is about to say, he says "I think..."

Name: Hina Duchess

Age: Unknow but looks to have 26

Role: Duchess

Afillation(s): Heart Kingdom/White Kingdom

Gender: Female

Appearance: Her hair is brown and short, her eyes are red, she wear a black and red dress, she also wears a a little black hat on her head

Personality: She is like a mother, calling people "Dear" when she meets them, she cares deeply for Chessur and dislikes any man near him, she thinks Chessur is naive and can be fooled by any man, if anyone wants to be near Chessur he needs to pass a small test she makes.

Abilities: She know magic

Bio: She was a woman called Hinako Bokeiru, a normal teacher until one day when she follow, like the Cheshire Cat, the little White Rabbit and fall in his hole, Hinako ended in front of a beatiful house that ended being her new house, she then was called by the Queen and became friends, after a while, when she was going to her home she find Cheshire, she then ask him to be his pet, Cheshire happily accept and she give him his bell.

Weapon: Magic

Relations(If with other author/creator character they must accept first):

Chessur: She seems him like a son

Music Theme(Optional): None at the moment

Others(Optional): None at the moment

7/25/2012 . Edited 4/8/2014 #2

Name: Will of Spadesnow, The Will of the Spade Kingdom

Age: Unknown. This man(Or thing) is normaly seen as a 24 years old man but in front of a newcomer he will take the form of a 7 years old

Role: Knave of Spades/Unknown

Afillation(s):Spade Kingdom/ L.C

Gender: Male

Appearance: When a child; he haves short white hair, blue ocean eyes and his pupils are like those of a cat but are colored an ice blue. When a young man; he haves long black hair and his eyes look duller. In both form he wears the same: a white rain coat with a black shirt and grey pants. He also haves a long, bony tail.

Personality: This man haves a really unstable personality an needs to take pills(he doesn't say for what since they don't help with his personality). He can be kind but heartless at some points, many kingdoms fear this man and only his own kingdom trust him.

Abilities: He is able to devour whatever can get to his hands when he is hungry. The reason for him to be able to do this remains unknown.

Bio: Little is know about this man who's past remain in mystery; he haves been in Wonderland/Underland for as long as people can remember, even Time himself belives Will was before him, when Wonderland was being created. People from the Spade Kingdim claim that Will is a monster in human skin, the living image of void itself in Wonderland/Underland, but this is still unknown. Will knows more than he says and looks to know Chessur from very long ago. It's said he himself is the one who controls the Spade Kingdom, though, no one can confirm they are scared of being eated be the monster or dissapear before they can talk about it.

Weapon: An enourmous scythe that is unnamed. It's said he can transform his hands into big, black clawed-hands.


Chessur: The relation Will haves with the Cheshire Cat is unknown and one sided, he knows more than the cat knows about himself.

Music Theme(Optional): None at the moment

Others(Optional): He lives in Looking-Glass/Mirror Land, with the Spade Kingdom

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Can I be Alice and Mary Ann!?
7/27/2012 #4
Yes, just post them
7/27/2012 #5
Anyway that I want?
7/27/2012 #6
7/27/2012 #7

Awesome xD I thought it would have to keep to characters. And can the Character Alice also be Mary Ann because she was the White Rabbits maid in the book (well..really she was mistaken for being Mary Ann but seeing as it was a dream, her dream, she did tecnically become Mary Ann if she allowed herself to be mistaken as her)?

Name: Alice Liddell

Age: 15

Role: Alice (duh xD)

Afillation(s): confused by this D:

Gender: Female

Appearance: The appearance of any normal teenage girl. Well into puberty (awkward), well shapened body, nicely dressed, pretty face, reduction of flaws, well kept hair etc. All around, quite beautiful for such a young and still quite vulnerable girl. Has only two scars, one on her right bicep and one on her face, going from the bridge of her nose to the left side of her face. She wears a tea party dress (sky blue dress with added lacing underneath the dress and the ribbon white and outside lacing is black, not any type of pink! D;) small, fingerless gloves (black lace) and steampunk boots She wears thick eyeliner and mascara and slight blusher on her face but keeps her lips their natural pale pink. On top of her blond hair which is kept down, she wears a simple, lace black material (like the on the gloves and boots), clip-on tophat with silk black ribbon around the rim and steampunk goggles (grey glass).

Personality: She's very naive and easily mislead. She fights anyone who attacks her and does not easily give up but usually has to due to lack of experience in fighting. She swears quite a lot and keeps to herself, with only a few friends.

Abilities: Arcobatic, has some stamina and Is experienced with the pistol after a number of fights.

Bio: Is new to Underland and is confused by how she got there. As soon as she arrived, she was in completely different clothes and was in the middle of a fight. It was as if she had taken over her mirrorself. She quickly learnt how to use her newly met weapon and has not yet been met by Chessur.

Weapon: the black pistol, is called Dolore (Italian word meaning grief, pain and sorrow)

Relations (If with other author/creator character they must accept first): none...yet xD

Music Theme(Optional):

7/28/2012 . Edited by ChessurTheCheshireCat, 7/28/2012 #8


Alice was confused with Mary Ann but Mary is diferrent from Alice, the White Rabbit though she was her because they look alike but from what I had read before, Mary Ann haves brown eyes and her hair was a darker shade of blonde.

Affilation is of what Kingdom she will ally with, from what I know, Alice normaly stays neutral or with the White Kingdom

Alice Mirrorself have been alredy claimed by me, this is because Mirrorself Alice(Named Ecila) haves an important role in the plot which I will reveal later but if you really wish for her...I will see what I can do.

Like a said in the top, Alice is Accepted, I alredy posted in the tp topic, have fun :D!

7/28/2012 #9

The rp topic in which i posted is the Dark woods one

7/28/2012 #10

[Hi, can I play as my own characters or just OC. May I also play the Mad Hatter?]

8/4/2012 #11
Whoever you want to be
8/4/2012 #12


Name- Oliva


Role- Works for the White Queen

Afillation- White Kingdom


Appearance- Long and swift black hair. Smooth face. Bright red lips. Small blue eyes. Curvy ears.

Personality- Happy as can be but sometimes emotional. Can act younger then her age. Pure heart.

Abilities- Can bring or take life. Know's some magic.

Bio- Oliva is the daughter of the Red Queen. She was meant to be next in line until finding out the truth about her mother. At fifteen she decided to leave the Heart Kingdom and snuck out of the castle. At the age of Seventeen she found a true home in the White Kingdom. She has been a great allie to the White Queen and learned how to control her powers. The final words she ever told her mother was" I cannot love you,"

Weapon- She carries a dagger and confusing dust.

Relation- Daughter of the Red Queen[ If that is ok]

8/4/2012 #13
Accepted, you can rp now
8/4/2012 #14

Aw, I'll miss being the Hatter, but I could do something else.... How about the White Rabbit?

8/8/2012 #15
Your Hatter is, and always be, the best Mad Hatter I have ever seen, you can be White Rabbit, Raven :D
8/8/2012 #16

Aww, thanks! :3

I'll get to work on a White Rabbit character right away!

8/8/2012 #17

Okay n_n

8/8/2012 #18

I got it!

Name: Ilias

Age: Unknown; looks to be in his late teens.

Role: The White Rabbit

Affiliations: Faithfully serves the White Queen/ Tends to follow anyone who gives him carrot cake. :P

Gender: Male

Appearance: Ilias is fairly tall, with pale white skin, short, center-parted snow white hair and pink eyes. A pair of rabbit ears protrude from his hair, and the left ear flops down over his eye. He wears a fitting white dress shirt under a black waistcoat and an oversized black bowtie. On a chain connected to the waistcoat is a silver pocketwatch engraved with the White Queen's insignia, that he usually keeps in the right pocket. He wears dress pants that are rolled and cuffed at the knee, and black boots with buckles instead of laces. Several pouches strapped to his legs hold his weapons until he needs them.

Personality: Ilias is extremely ditzy, and is often caught staring into space. He doesn't talk much, and it's nearly impossible to tell what he's thinking by his words. Even in the middle of battle, he tends to get distracted easily, but it doesn't seem to hinder his performance. Despite having a small attention span, Ilias is incredibly clever, and despite his tendency to get sidetracked easily, he becomes a serious pillar of focus when given an order by the White Queen.

Abilities: The ability to travel from Underland to the upper world through portals called 'Rabbit Holes'. Ilias can also use the Rabbit Holes to teleport through Underland.

Bio: After being liberated from the cruel reign of the Queen of Hearts by the White Queen, Ilias devoted his life to serving the White Queen in order to pay her back for his freedom. Her primary order to him was to lure humans through his Rabbit Holes and into Underland in hopes of finding an Alice, and otherwise assist Alice whenever necessary. Ilias obeys and sets out to find a suitable Alice in order to save Underland.

Weapon: An assortment of throwing knives, string, and small explosive pellets. The items are useless by themselves, but Ilias combines them to build intricate traps for his enemies.

Relations: Servant of the White Queen; Enjoys the Duchess' cooking; (I'm open for others)

How's that?

8/8/2012 . Edited 8/8/2012 #19

Good, good! You can post in the Dark Woods Topic if you want, we are currently in Duchess house.

Btw, Chessur will enjoy bugging Ilias

8/8/2012 #20

I bet he will... XD

8/8/2012 #21

Raven-XIII You can play The Mad Hatter if you like.. You probably know more about him then I.

Sorry I've been off.

8/9/2012 #22
Oh, hi Writer!
8/9/2012 #23


8/10/2012 #24
Uh oh! Fixing an apperance part of Alice. The web address wasn't pasted correctly! they're the goggles
8/12/2012 #25
same happened with the gun but I couldn't find it again so I chose a new one
8/12/2012 #26

I'm posting due my boyfriend having to get a new account. He is called PhnxFlms.

Name: Hatter (Mad Hatter)

Age: Nobody (not even himself) is able to tell his actual age due to Alice being missing causing him to be stuck in time waiting for her return.

Role: Hatter. Afillation(s): Red Kingdom, former White Kingdom.

Gender: Male

Appearance: He wears a gray, tattered dress shirt with a black and red waistcoat and a sad looking black and red striped bowtie, as well as black and red striped trousers, which are ripped at the seams. On his feet he wears huge, black & red buckled boots which nearly reach up to his knees. The most important part of his appearance though, is his hat, due to him having the profession of a hatter. The top hat surely has seen better times ad the dark material has tears here and there, and various objects have been stuck into the fraying including sharp needles, scissors and anything he might need for his work. Oddly, at his hat there is still the price tag stating "In this style 10/6" Under his hat, you see black hair with fringe covering one eye and his eyes change colour due to his mood. Green meaning happy, red meaning kill, topaz orange meaning angry, black meaning lustful, icy blue meaning sad, purple meaning tired.

Personality: Fitting to his nickname "Mad Hatter", you could describe him as very eccentric, which you can see especially during the tea parties he occassionally has with the March Hare and the Dormouse, where they ask riddles, which don't have a solution, make personal remarks or quote nonsensical poetry, which may seem very odd to outsiders. Despite his madness, he can actually be very nice, helping and caring towards other people, he even treats his enemies with some kind of respect.

Abilities: His skill with needles and other sharp objects does not only give him the ability to fix most clothes but also gives him the ability to fight.

Bio: The hatter used to be the royal hatter at the White Queen's court, until the tragic events at her celebration, where he tried to sing, which she really disliked. He was banished to the Dark Woods, where he lives with the March Hare, having random tea parties. Being banned from the White Queen's court made him quite mad as he then would never get to set one of foot near her ever again.

Weapon: In his hat, he has hid some knives in case he has to participate in fight.

Relations: Alice

8/12/2012 . Edited 8/13/2012 #27
Uh, I guess hes okay...
8/12/2012 #28
He said he could change it or I could rewrite
8/12/2012 #29

So, I'm here now for the hatter role :o

8/13/2012 #30
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