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I think that as much as we the fans of the show say that we really wish there would have been a second season, it wouldn't have lived up to the hype. It's considered one of the best shows of all time, but I think that if it had gone on long enough, it would have jumped the shark.

Some of the storylines that Paul Feig said they were going to do in season 2 seemed like they would... suck. Like Lindsay getting addicted to some kind of drug (I think it was gonna be acid) and Kim getting pregnant. They seem kinda unrealistic. Lindsay didn't even like Nick smoking weed, so her doing acid seems a little bit far-fetched to me. Kim getting pregnant seems kinda plausible, but I don't know how it would have turned out (espeacially since Daniel and Lindsay were supposed to get together). Also, people didn't watch F&G for such heavy storylines, they watched it because it was a funny show. I think the whole pregnancydrug addiction thing woul have made it too much like any other show.

Some of the other storylines sounded like they wouldn't have been so bad. Sam ditching the geeks to get new friends and get rid of his geek image seems like a decent storyline. It's believable and they kinda set it up in the finale anyway. Bill becoming a jock would have definitely been fun to see. As a Daniel/Lindsay shipper, I definitely would have liked to see that go down. But it would be kinda weird. Especially if it was like "oh-my-ex-girlfriend-got-knocked-up-by-someone-on-the-dead-tour-so-let-me-get-with-Lindsay". And it would be awkward if it was Daniel's kid. Either way, I think it would have been really angsty because Daniel and Kim were together for like two years and obviously loved each other, and that doesn't just end like that.

I'd like to see a reunion movie though. Maybe like 10 year high school reunion?

Anyway, what do you guys think?

7/31/2012 #1
I think you and I are going to get along great... xD Okay. So you've read the interviews too. I found one where Feig mentioned that the pregnancy would possibly be from another man, rather than Daniel. You never know what can happen when you go on the road with a bunch of hippies. I agree with you about the entire idea of a season two. It sounds nice, but it wouldn't be Freaks and Geeks if it didn't stay the way it will always be. I can NOT imagine Lindsay turning into a drug addict. She's too much of a good girl, yes? I will admit--slightly begrudgingly because I hate shipping--that the one thing that I was looking forward to that they might have explored was Lindsay and Daniel hooking up. Something about the good girl, bad boy couples make me very, very happy. They're an appealing couple, I think. Then again, there are still a ton of Nick and Lindsay shippers on here -shrug- which I don't really mind.
6/18/2013 #2

Hello! Yes I agree with the both of you. I can imagine acid screwing her up when she's on a trip, but Lindsey addicted to acid? I think not. Maybe she might try weed again, because we both know that there will be a lot of it on that hippie bus. I have always shipped Daniel and Lindsey, but I also feel like in the end he would end up breaking her heart. She would have to lower her standards quite a bit. Maybe after gets pregnant with another man other than Daniel, he shuns her, goes to Lindsey for comfort, things happen, and then they end up together and Kim gets insanely jealous. I feel like Lindsey would make great friends with the hippies on this bus and totally chill out. I feel like they should try to do SOMETHING, it would probably have to take place sometime in the future.

6/29/2014 #3
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