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This is the location for Jerusalem. All events will take place around here.

It was a warm day in Jerusalem. Everyone was getting hyped up for the event of the evening... Caesar was coming to down. Most of the Romans were excited... well at least the ones not getting executed. For the Jews and the followers of Christ, matters was different. They hoped Caesar would fall into their trap.

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Wrath stood at the balcony, holding his sword, ready for violence,

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Meanwhile Rachel was helping with the chores at home. She knew her father didn't like the Roman occupiers and therefore probably wouldn't let her go. Still she hoped to sneak out...

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A roman gaurd spots Wrath and grabs him, Wrath stabs him through the stomach and stomps on his neck before going back to the balcony.

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Hexia was delivering a message from her sect, when she heard the cries of someone being tortured. Narrowing her eyes in suspicion, she slowly neared the place of conflict only to find a heavily wounded Roman guard. The assaulter was no where in sight. She bent over the victim, who seemed to be near unconsciousness, and searched his pockets for money. Finding a few coins, she grabbed them and placed them inside the folds of her own clothes. She needed these more than the guard.

She heard some men coming closer to the area, and pulled her cloak closer to herself, hiding the cross that dangled from around her neck indicating her alliances. Then she screamed. The men came running and she quickly stormed up to them, willing her body to tremble all over.

"Help! I found a man here, I'm not sure if he's dead or not! Please help!" she called in a panic.

As the men tended over the wounded guard, and one tried to console her hysterias, she thought about the message she still needed to deliver to the High Priest of Jerusalem. While the guard was now tended to and relatively safe, she would be late...

Hopefully that daughter of his, Rachel, known to be a kind girl, would speak up for her. She really did not want to leave a bad impression on the High Priest.

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Ebony Maria Brown

Madison walked through the streets of Jerusalem. She had lived there most of her live – she was born in Bethlehem around the same time as Jesus – so Jerusalem was her home now. She saw a girl quickly walk pass her. It was Hexia - a member of the Church she attended. She looked as if she had seen a ghost. She walked so fast that Madison did not have a chance to ask her why she was in such a rush.

From the rooftops she saw someone looking down upon her. The large sword that slung behind his back could be seen. This man was Wrath. The romans called him a terrorist – attacking innocent people. But Madison knew the truth. He was a freedom fighter just like her – although he made it more obvious – who helped the poor whenever they were in distress. She really admired the man, whoever the person was. His real identity was unknown.

"Hey," said a voice. It was one of the guards. They had been harassing her for a few days now. She feared that they would discover her true identity. "Get a move on." She sigh a sigh of relief. They were not on to her.

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"Where is that girl, Hexia? She was supposed to be here by now!"

Rachel could hear her father's angry voice from the next room. She wasn't exactly sure who Hexia was, but she didn't want her to face the wrath of the Heigh Priest.

"It probably took a little longer than anticipated to get here. With all those Romans around that wouldn't surprise me."

It was one of the oldest tricks in Rachel's books; make everything the Romans' fault!

"Yes... yes... I suppose you're right."

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As soon as the High Priest had spoken these words, someone promptly banged on the door of the room. The door then slammed open to reveal a servant, his hair in disarray and his face flushed with exercise.

"My lord Caiaphas**!" he called out. "There was a Roman girl outside your door and she seemed quite unwell, so I brought her in."

The High Priest turned on his servant. "You fool! You brought a Roman into our house? And what if she is diseased!?"

"No, no!" the servant held up his hands in defence. "She is not diseased, but she looked like she'd just seen something awful!"

"My lord Caiaphas," a girl's voice called from just outside the room. "I apologize for my tardiness, and you must also not blame your servant for his kind heart. He merely tried to help a poor girl in need."

Priest Caiaphas turned to the door. "Hexia?"


"Come in," he commanded. He shooed the servant out of the room. "Why are you this late? You know I -" The words died on his lips as soon as he saw Hexia's ashen face. "What happened to you?!"

(** Note: I looked it up and the High Priest from Jerusalem from 18 to 37 A.D. was named Joseph Caiaphas, the guy who accused Jesus of blasphemy. So, I'm guessing then that Rachel's full name is Rachel Caiaphas...? Or is this a different High Priest? O_O Well... I'm sure there were more people back then with the surname Caiaphas.)

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Rachel had seen Hexia be brought in by the servant and was rather worried about the younger girl.

(** Note: I don't think historical facts matter that much...)

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"My lord, I again apologize for my lateness. But you must understand... I found a man in an alley who had been brutally assaulted." Hexia swallowed deeply, and lifted her hand over to cover her mouth, as if she was about to throw up at the memory. "Truly, I could not leave him be, he would have died."

The High Priest frowned. "Assault? In Jerusalem? On this day, when Caesar is coming down?"

"Yes, it's worrisome...?" Glancing sideways, Hexia cast a look at Rachel. 'Help me out...' her eyes pleaded with the other girl.

(Personally, I'm not too concerned about historical correctness either, but I don't know how much the others care for it, so I thought I'd better play on the safe side. :-p)

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"We need to make sure Caesar don't use this as an excuse to strengthen his ties on our city."

Rachel tried to sound matter-of-factly but in fact her heart was racing. She had a feeling Hexia hadn't revealed everything. Besides; she thought she'd seen something which looked like a cross around the girl's neck, just for a brief second so she couldn't be to sure.

Catching Hexia's eyes she mouthed the question she didn't dare ask out loud:

'Was he Roman?' She only hoped her question would be understood.

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Hexia gave Rachel a brief inconspicuous nod, then grimly said to her father: "Your daughter is right. Which brings me to the message I was told by my master to bring you about the upcoming 'event'..."

She quickly send Rachel a questioning glance. Did that girl know anything about the trap being planted by the Jews and the Christians?

The High Priest turned up his nose and said disdainfully, "I do wonder about the reliability of that fool. Sending a Roman girl to bring a message concerning the planned event? That's what you get for working together with Christians! And their great leader, Jesus**, he's the worst of them! I already had my doubts when I heard the one to send the message was named 'Hexia'. A Roman name!"

Hexia bowed her head. "My name and appearance are indeed Roman-like. But I was orphaned young - I have no Roman heritage but the one name, and make no claim to Roman kinship."

She gave Rachel another quick glance. The girl was her father's heart. If Rachel agreed with her father's words, then Hexia would have nothing to seek here anymore. But if Rachel disagreed with her father, she could sway that man's opinion in a single turn. Hexia realized that in this moment her fate and future lay in this Priest daughter's hands.

Hexia was not accustomed to being at the mercy of another, but she gritted her teeth and bore it.

(** Jesus died 30 A.D., right? That means he'd be still alive. Err... but then the whole cross thingy... hahahah! Anyway, I wrote it ambiguously enough that Jesus can still be either dead or alive, it's up to you guys to make that decision. The cross could be explained as a forecast from Jesus himself of his death and his students adopted that forecast as their symbol.

Also, I would imagine that Jesus'd have disciples and those disciples would have their own students, they again their own students, and so on, in the process spawning a few slightly differing sects. Not sure though?? In any case, that would make me a Christian student of the lowest level until the RPG-master XXXmidnitegoffXXX decides to level up my grade, lol!

Also, IT/Rachel, I read from your back story that your family is not Christian and you have to hide your faith, so I assumed they're Jewish and I took the liberty to make your dad suspicious of Christians... is that okay?)

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If Rachel had had any doubts earlier about Hexia's faith she lost them all when she saw the ever-so-slightly way the girl frowned when her father started talking badly about the Christians. And then there was this stuff about the 'event', Rachel was almost certain the two others in the room weren't simply talking about the upcoming visit. It was such a shame she had been unable to attend that meeting, but it was one thing to keep her faith secret for her father at home; in a room filled with other Christians who'd immediatly recognize her it would be practically impossible!

Offering to take Hexia to the door she made sure she was out of earshot of her father before quickly whispering:

"I'm a Christian too. Listen, you need to tell me about what you saw... tell me if the victim was Roman."

Rachel had a suspicion about what had happened...

(** It's very okay to assume that Rachel's daddy isn't exactly fond of Christians. Like the idea of her being somewhat of a 'daddy's girl', guess it would be the only explanation as to why a 20-year-old would be allowed to remain unmarried.)

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Hexia, however, wasn't sure whether to trust Rachel or not. She lived under the roof of the High Priest of the Jews, yet she was a Christian? Her background seemed as complicated as Hexia's own. Still, she sensed that Rachel had her suspicions, and she, Hexia, had to allay them if she was to keep her sect, the Church, allied with the High Priest at all.

"Yes," she told Rachel softly, making sure to keep the High Priest out of earshot. "It was a Roman guard that had fallen victim to the sword. He was stabbed in his stomach and his neck seemed badly bruised, perhaps broken... There were four men coming my way when I came upon the guard, and I had them help him before continuing my journey to your abode."

From the corner of her eyes she saw the High Priest eyeing the two of them suspiciously. "It seems your father doesn't trust me," she said, "He is very protective of you, isn't he, my lady?"

(**Yeah, I thought that would be a very likely reason for Rachel not being married. XD)

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Rachel smiled at Hexia's words. Her father surely was protective of her, a little too much.

"Yeah... he is... I'm his only child, my mother died in childbirth...

Listen, about what you saw: There's a guy in this city called Wrath, he's a Christian but he has... he has completely misunderstood what Jesus meant."

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"Oh?" Hexia raised an eyebrow. She had heard about this Wrath. Her fellow Church member Madison was an admirer of him, but Hexia had her doubts. The man's actions spoke volumes of what he truly was: a common Roman hater. Hexia may have been brought up in the Church as a fellow Christian, but she was still of Roman descent. This Wrath person... it was doubtful that he would like her.

Hexia asked, "Will he be a danger to the upcoming 'event'?"

Again, she wondered whether Rachel knew of the plans between the Jews and the Christians.

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Rachel sighed heavily. She still wasn't exactly sure what the 'event' was, but she knew one thing; Wrath could mess anything up with his hatred.

"He could be... I'm not exacty sure what this 'event' is... but I have a feeling remaining un-noticed is a rather important thing; someone who keeps killing Romans at random is going to get noticed."

(**GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUYS!!! Why do Maliya and I have to do this on our own?)

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"Indeed, it could prove to be disastrous to the cause..."

Hexia decided not to elaborate on what this cause was. It seemed obvious to her that the High Priest did not want to involve his precious daughter in this, and Hexia did not feel like making an enemy of him.

"I still have to relay the message to your father," she said to Rachel. "It is pertinent that he will listen to me, but he does not seem to trust me... If my lady will help...?"

(** Maybe the intricate plotting has scared everyone away. XD)

8/5/2012 . Edited 8/8/2012 #18

"Oh... yeah! Sorry!"

Hastily bringing Hexia back to where her father was impatiently waiting Rachel smiled at him.

"Sorry, father. I did not mean to steal your messenger. I'll be right outside in case you need me."

8/6/2012 #19

Thus, Hexia was left alone with the High Priest. "What did you tell my daughter?" He gave her a menacing look, and Hexia knew then that Rachel would not help her win the trust of the High Priest. No, she was on her own here, and she did not hold his favour.

Unwilling to be intimidated, Hexia lifted her chin up and said, "I told her nothing. It was she who informed me of one named Wrath. He may be a danger to the cause."

"Wrath? Is he not one of your kind?" The High Priest gave her a look of distaste. "Christians..." He spoke the word with contempt and disgust.

"Apparently he claims himself to be Christian," said Hexia. "But his true alliances are shrouded in mystery. You know better than to accept what is seen at first glance as truth, High Priest."

"That goes for all of you Christians," the High Priest remarked with loathing.

Ignoring the last jab, Hexia said, "I am here to relay a message concerning the plans and to accept your payment. We have what you want. We are ready to lay him to rest at midnight when the last dove takes to its nest."

"I don't trust you."

Hexia balled her hands into fists. "You don't have what it takes to make the job succeed," she argued. "We do."

The High Priest shook his head. "I don't trust you, Roman girl, and I will not pay you."

"You are risking a break in alliances..." Hexia threatened.

But it was in vain. "So be it," the High Priest said. "We Jews will not cavort with Romans. If the Christians truly wish to ally with us in the assassination of Caesar, then let them send one who is not of Roman blood."

Hexia gritted her teeth. There was no reasoning with this man. All he would ever see in her was a Roman. She would have to go back empty handed... and the alliance between Christians and Jews would be broken. Hexia knew exactly what the future awaited for her. The Church would undoubtedly blame her for this failure, and she would be cast out of the sect, then killed to prevent the information that she possessed from leaking out.

Taking a deep breath to calm herself, Hexia bowed. "I understand. I will bid you a good day and take my leave now."

She left. And the moment she passed through the entrance gate of the High Priest's home, she tore the cross that hung from her neck and cast it onto the streets. Then, she took off and fled for her life...

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Todd Gilesbie

[Rules and general information's been added. Please read before continue. I'll add some more information soon concerning ranking.]

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Wrath spotted the girl running down the streets, jumping off the balcony, he roled intercepting the Roman gaurd.

8/6/2012 #22

What neither Hexia nor the High Priest knew what that Rachel very conviniently had been cleaning in a room right next to where their meeting had taken place. Having heard everything she wished she could find a way to help the younger girl, but she still didn't dare to reveal her alliance to her father.

(** I'm an idiot! I actually read the title as Jerusalem 79 RPG!

Guess what made me think it was after Jesus' death was that... if he was still alive people wouldn't be wearing crosses and his followers wouldn't be referring to as 'Christians'...)

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Hexia ran, but she was not sure where to. She had nothing now. No home. No master to protect her. Her former sect-members would turn on her as soon as they'd get wind of her failure. She was on her own now. Hexia was wise enough to realize what would happen to her if she did not get off the streets soon. She would either die at the hands of the Church, or -as she had no patron to protect and house her anymore- she would be picked up by a procurer and made to sell her body.

Neither options sounded appealing to her.

As Hexia ran, she passed a tavern. She stopped. Turning her head she glanced up at the modest building. It was a cheap place, where one could easily rent a room, and many unsavoury people came here as well to make use of this place's services. One such person, whom Hexia knew to be lodging here was her former fellow Church member of Roman descent, Ikek. She was the one who had arranged for him to be housed here... when he volunteered to be the one to assassinate Caesar tonight.

Hexia took a deep breathe, reasoning with herself. She only had the few coins from that Roman guard in her possession. This was likely the only affordable place for her to spend the night. Making a decision, she entered the tavern.

(** Let's just pretend that Jesus made a prediction that his followers would wear crosses and call themselves Christians, and the followers -believing him- started doing as he predicted... self-fulfilling prophecy!

By the way, Wrath, I almost thought you abandoned your character and wouldn't play along anymore!)

8/7/2012 . Edited 8/8/2012 #24

(Yeah, sorry. Nope. I'm still here.)

Wrath looked down at the roman soldier.

"What are you doing?"


The man saw the crucifix on Wrath's neck, his hand leapt to his Sword, only to go limp as Wrath's blade spilt his skull in two, Ignoring the looks of the crowd, he shoved his way through, looking for the girl.

8/8/2012 #25

Rachel's head was in turmoil. She wished she could somehow help Hexia but knew it would mean risking her father's wrath; even as much as he loved her she knew he wouldn't take well to learning about where he alliances lay. Except, she wasn't even completely sure were her alliances were at that time; hearing about the plans to assisinate Caesar made by the Jews and Christians had shocked her without end; she knew that this was not what Jesus intended with his teaching.

"Father." She said, going down to the room where she had overheard the fateful meeting between the High Priest and Hexia. "I'm heading to the market to see if I can find some good meat for dinner tonight!"

Ignoring her father's protests Rachel hurried out of the door and towards the market. However, she hadn't gone far when she noticed a crowd a little away; guickly standing on a low bench she saw a guy she immediatly recognized as Wrath split a Roman's skull in two before shoving his way through the crowd away from where Rachel was standing.

Swearing under her breath Rachel decided to go back; now her appetite was all but gone and the thought of meat made her insides churn!

8/8/2012 #26

When Hexia went inside the tavern, she heard the sound of that shriek. It was the same sound of helplessness that she had heard before in the alley, when she'd been on her way to the High Priest. The sound of murder. Outside she witnessed a crowd going into panic and in the centre of that commotion she saw a man whose eyes screamed murder. She recognized the hatred for Romans in those eyes and realized who this man must be: Wrath, the Roman-slayer. He must have been the one who attacked the guard in the alley, she realized. He must have killed again...

Quickly, she went further inside the tavern, and let herself blend in with the people.

As she kept walking, she spotted a familiar face. It was Ikek who sat at the bar, nursing a drink.

Hexia's eyes narrowed upon her target. 'If the Church wants me dead,' she thought, 'then they are my enemy. And if they are my enemy, they can expect me to fight back against them. They do not know my situation yet, so I am at an advantage... I must use it well.'

She quickly approached Ikek and tapped him on his shoulder. When he turned around and recognized her, she bent forward and whispered into his ear. "A change in plans... our rich Jew has gathered new information on the situation. It appears that the fish will arrive later than expected, and you will have to sail out in the early morning two days from now when the tides have changed. As for the payment, the Jew has it ready, but he says that you, Ikek, must personally collect the thirty silver pieces he has prepared for us and our fellow fishermen brothers. He will pay you half the price tomorrow night, and the other half will be paid after the job is finished."

Ikek gave Hexia a look that said 'Only half the price?' and Hexia let out a small sigh. "You know he's a Jew. Jews don't trust Romans and they don't trust Christians either. We are both. This is the most we can expect from him."

Ikek nodded and Hexia left him in search of the tavern owner. When she found his wife, she paid her for a small room inside the tavern. The wife led Hexia to her tiny room, which was located right next to Ikek's. Hexia thanked her and went inside closing the door behind herself.

(Ding, ding, ding, ding!! My 10th post!!! That means I'm moving up a rank... though I'm not sure WHAT kind of rank. I'm not OFFICIALLY allied to the Roman Empire after all, since not one Roman soldier knows me. But I'm also not allied to Christians anymore since I threw away the cross, though officially speaking I'm still a Christian as I haven't been cast out of the sect yet. If someone pleads for my life to the Church leader and he decides to spare my life, then who knows, I might become fully Christian again? Or, if a Roman decides to pick me up and become my patron, then I'd become a full ally of the Roman Empire. I'm tempted to ally myself with Romans though, since NOT A SINGLE PLAYER here is Roman, and the Christians really need an antagonist to spice up the story.)

8/8/2012 . Edited 8/30/2012 #27

(Yeah, true. We need some roman players...)

Wrath entered the tavern,

"Hey, did a girl run past?"

"Uh yeah, why?"

"She was running from a guy and I wanted to see if she's okay."

"There he is!"

Wrath turnedon his heels, several roman soldiers charged through the doors. Wrath smiled. More lambs for the slaughter. He drew his sword.

8/8/2012 #28

Cries of terror downstairs alerted Hexia to the situation at hand. Wrath was inside this tavern. Fear crept up inside her and she had the most sinister feeling that he was hunting her. There was, however, still one more message which she had to relay to Ikek -if Ikek was to survive the chaos downstairs- but he was to receive this message later and the sender had to be her former master.

She eyed the bucket of clean water that stood in the corner of her room. It had been prepared in case she wished to wash herself. Making a decision, she walked over to the bucket, lifted it, and drank half of its content. She opened the window and threw the other half out of the bucket onto the crowded streets in the process splashing one passer-by wet. He made an obscene hand gesture at her, but she ignored him, opting instead to measure the distance between her window and the street. There was a high chance that she would break her neck if she jumped, but with some help... well, she had no other choice.

The fear that had been pressing on Hexia since she left the High Priest's dwelling combined with the insane amount of water she had just drunk took its toll on her bladder. She hiked up her skirt and relieved herself in the bucket. Finishing quickly she tore a piece of cloth from the room's bedding and dipped her left forefinger -she would not befoul her right hand for this- inside the bucket. Her face scrunched up in distaste, but she persevered. Then, she used her urine to write her message on the cloth and it read as follows:

"I have received word from our great leader to relay this message to you, Ikek. As Noah of old received his blessings from God through the dove that he released, so must we let go our doves and pray for their return. You must free all the doves that we hold in the aviary behind the Church's meeting place, as we don't need them anymore to estimate our timing. Do this so that God may bless us once more with victory. Signed, Hexia."

In the hot and dry climate that lingered in Jerusalem, the message dried up and faded in no time. The cloth would need to be held in front of a candle light in order for this message to be read again. If Ikek were half as bright has Hexia thought him to be, then he would know what to do with this cloth.

Satisfied with the false information, Hexia went out of her room. These lies may yet buy her the time she needed to save her life, Hexia thought to herself. She willed herself to ignore the chaos that was slowly moving upwards, and slipped the cloth underneath her neighbour's door. There Ikek would find it. Going back into her room, she closed the door and locked it, then placed the bucket with her remaining urine in front of it. Whoever opened this door, would smell of her urine.

She quickly went to rip the rest of the bedding from its place, then tied one end to the doorknob. The other end, she threw out of the window. Looking out onto the streets where panic was increasing by the moment due to Wrath's murder spree, she swallowed her fear and climbed outside. By the time she made it to the ending of the climb, her feet were still dangling a good distance from the streets. No one noticed, as people were too busy panicking.

She jumped.

8/8/2012 . Edited 8/8/2012 #29

Wrath ducked beneath a stab and shoved his blade through the man's stomach, Throwing the corpe to the ground he sliced another man's leg off and crushed their head with his sandaled foot, The last man looked at him, Speechless, Wrath planted his sword and gripped the man, smashing his head against the bar. He walked out and paused, a girl was jumping from a roof.

8/8/2012 #30
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