Digimon RPG: Operation Chaos
A new evil is rising in one universe, where humans and 'good' digimon are allied. Literally. One day, the evil starts to attack, catching the 'DDF' called alliance by surprised. In one of the many battles, an DDF soldier happens to find the enemy's plan. Nothing less than the destruction of every dimension. The DDF may be strong, but they need help. Will their calls for help reach other dimensions? Or will they die before help can arrive? Just one way to find it out!
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Here you can play in the digital world of the DDF-Universe!

There also is a restriction for Demon Lord powers until permission is given!

The power of the Demon Lords is decreased in this dimension, due to the huge amount of holy powers that rest within this world. This shows in a demon lord being just as strong as an average Mega, and their other abilities, except the ability to open portals, is blocked. Still, the opening of an portal is VERY exhausting for a demon lord, once he/she enters this dimension.

7/27/2012 . Edited 12/13/2012 #1

Cherubimon was as usual in his lab, humming a tune to himself, mixing different chemicals as usual.He'd was a bit of a mad scientist, but he was actually quite nice most of the time, "careful, careful..." he muttered to himself as he poured one tiny drop of red liquid into a test tube of blue liquid and stopped once the drop was in and he tensed,prepared to feel the familiar sensation of his experiment literally blowing up in his face. When it didn't he side in relief butaccidentally poured the rest of the red liquid and the blue liquid went KA BOOM! when the smoke clear his face was scorched and his ears blasted back and scorch marks from the explosion all over. he quickly grumbled something under his breath ahis leaned himself with ease and hen went back to his experiments, something less, volatile.

5/28/2013 #2

As always, Angewomon was taking care of any injured who trailed to their grand city from the war.

"Shh... Hold still. I'm almost done." She murmured softly to the patient in front of her as she applied a stinging paste to a wound.

5/28/2013 #3

"How's it going?" the voice of MagnaAngemon, the LordProtector sounded.

5/28/2013 #4
Angewomon looked up in mild surprise, then smiled. "LordProtector! Things are going find. There have been fewer paitents today than there have been in weeks." She murmured something as a sofr aura surrounded the soldier in front of her. She steeped away, turnings and bowing respectfully. "What do I owe the honor?" She tilted her head, smiling in a slightly teasing way.
5/28/2013 #5
"I just wanted to check on you and the injured." He replied, taking her hand and kissing the back of it witha smile.
5/28/2013 #6

Angewomon blushed, but smiled back. "I see."

5/29/2013 #7

He chuckled slightly.

"One would think that you are used to this by now."

5/29/2013 #8

"You are the LordProtector..." She sighed, gently removing her hand, though still looking at him with. "It does not feel right for someone like me to be with someone like you."

5/29/2013 #9

He looked at her "It does not feel right, for the religious head of the city to be together with me?"

5/29/2013 #10

She smiled slightly at his repsonse. "You are supposed to marry an Ophanimon according to tradition..." She trailed off, then shook her head. "Regardless, a person of my place is not usually permitted to be close to another."

5/29/2013 #11

He smiled at her "Well... we aren't exactly breaking the tradition... You will digivolve into an Ophanimon some day, and you position does not forbid you to be close to anyone."

5/29/2013 #12

"Let us hope I digivolve then." She smiled sweetly, turning back towards her patient.

5/29/2013 #13
"I have no doubts that you will." He replied and kissed her on the cheek before turning to leave.
5/29/2013 #14

She blushed faintly, watching him leave with a smile.

5/29/2013 #15
From the corner of the room, a chuckle could be heard. "Ma'am, you sure are an lucky angel. From what can be heard on the streets every female in town has a crush on him or Lord Seraphimon." Said a human in black armor with a golden visor. His trademark weapon, a sniper leaning against the wall next to him.
5/29/2013 #16

Cherubimon as usual was in his lab doing experiments then growled In frustration, this new metal wouldn't work! He sighed, he'd have to go to get a bit of Huanglong Ore, he quickly exited his lab after cleaning the scorch marks off of himself and went to go do that.

5/30/2013 . Edited 5/30/2013 #17
Angewomon instantly stiffened, expression hardening. "Soldier! Were you spying on us?" She didn't look overly happy.
5/30/2013 #18

"I've been standing here for the past hour, Ma'am." he replied with a chuckle.

He was about to say something more, as he he suddenly stopped, listening to his comm, sighing.

"Gotta go Ma'am, Delta's never rest."

5/30/2013 #19
She flushed behind her mask, realising he had been. She nodded to compensate. "I see. My appologies." Her lips curved into another, warm smile. "Good luck."
5/30/2013 #20

"I don't need luck when I have my gun, Ma'am." he chuckled, as he picked up the Sniper rifle and left.

5/30/2013 #21
She chuckled as well, bringing a hand to her mouth, her smile peeking ot from behind. "Of course, but still. Be careful. I don't want to see you in here other than to chat." She suddenly looked somber.
5/30/2013 #22
"I'm too stubborn to get injured, Ma'am." He replied, as another black armored man with silver bisor approached him "Come on Hawkeye! Work to do!" "Understood, Sword!"
5/30/2013 #23

She smiled, watching him leave. Then she sighed, turning back to her injured with a sorrowful expression.

5/30/2013 #24
The two man rushed of, as a silver armored rookie than entered, watching Angewomon "Do you need help, MiLady?" Asked the ever polite warrior with the dragon ornaments on his gauntlets.
5/30/2013 #25

Angewomon turned slightly, smiling. "Yes, thank you Ordomon. Do you mind getting some water please?"

5/31/2013 #26

"Of cause." he said, and left to get some water.

He was back after a couple of minutes.

6/1/2013 #27
She nodded gratefully, wetting a cloth. "You can go now Ordomon. Jim is sure to be waiting for you."
6/1/2013 #28

"Not really. He and his sniper comrade got an infiltration mission. My armor would only be in the way at such a mission, thus they headed out without me." he said calmly.

6/1/2013 #29
"I see..." Angewomon went over, gently draping the cloth on the forehead of another of her patients.
6/2/2013 #30
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