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Versa Deveraux
Name:(first middle last and nicknames. In that order) Age: Year: Looks: Friends: Family: Personality: Bio: Other:
7/29/2012 #1
Yes So Maybe No

If you're still up for it this who I'd like to be. Name: Akito Toriyama Nickname: Aki, Aki-chan, etc. Age: 15 Year: 1 Looks: Long dark brown hair, always tied at the base of his neck. Small face, feminine features and physique, often mistaken for a girl and a little touchy about it. 5'8", strong, flexible and fast. Doesn't care for the uniform and is often seen in a hoodie and jeans. Friends: Has known the Hitachiin twins since he was little, was a recluse himself and bullied for looking like a girl. Transfered from the academy and ended in Haruhi's school. Became friends and interpretor. Since she was always so dense he had to explain when someone wanted to ask her out. She transfered and he went his merry way until he found himself stuck in the rich kid school again. Family: father, mother, older sister. Father governs his life, he hates him. Mother ignores him, they have a mutual agreement not to bother each other. Has a good relationship with his sister but she is interning in america so he cant contact her easily. Personality: cynical, smart, tsundere, basically he doesnt trust people easily but as soon as he recognizes them as a friend he completely relaxes around them. Bio: I kinda included most of in the friends n family bits but heres the rest. Basically rocky childhood, spoiled rich kid till he was transfered then he saw how lucky he was and tried to befriend people. They mostly only saw him as a rich kid and most of his friends turned out to only hang around him for his money. Realizing many life lessons, he shut himself off from the world, kept his head down, grades up, till Haruhi came along. Naturally they were inseperable untill she transfered. Other: Hes bi, if thats ok

8/6/2012 . Edited 8/23/2012 #2
I haven't rped in almost 2 years o.o hehe Name Rima Rokujou. Ri Chan. Age 16 year 2 Looks- sort of pale. White hair that's about midback length. She sometimes puts it up in a ribbon. She doesn't like the uniform because she thinks it looks like cupcake. Outside of school she dresses like a tomboy/ scenish emo. Friends: She's friends with Tamaki ever since she met him in middle school. When entering high-school she then met the rest of the host club. Family: she's cousins with with Kyoya and his siblings through her Dad's side and second cousins with Hunny. Personality: She's really spunky and that makes you mother think she's a delinquent, but with her grades she doesn't get into too much serious trouble. Unless shes with Tamaki. She likes music. She's also a bit of a sadist which she believes she gets from Kyoya.
8/7/2012 #3
My computer posted the first part before I was done. -.- Bio: She did karate untilled the age of 10 with the Huninozukas. Her mother is very strict, she's away on business in France. Since she's an only child she's most likely to inherent the family business her father the CEO of a bank and her mother the president of a modeling agency. Other: She a keen taste for teas and has a sweet tooth like Hunny.
8/7/2012 #4
Versa Deveraux
Both are accepted!
8/7/2012 #5
Yes So Maybe No

Awesome! How do we start? I forgot to mention that ive never rped before. Also, Vice Devereaux, who will you play?

8/7/2012 #6
Versa Deveraux
Well your Character will interact with other Characters to develop stories and plots. Just bring them to life. And i will be Vincent Deveraux. Im still making him but hes Tamaki's twin
8/8/2012 #7
Awesome! Are you gonna make a separate topic?
8/8/2012 #8
Stuffed Piggy

Name: Sekumi Toketsu Aka Toketsu

Age: 15

Year: 1

Looks: The classic bookworm/nerd, with average brown hair, almost always, pulled back into a braid. She is rarely seen without her oversized clunky glasses, which makes it difficult to see her eyes. She wears an alternate female uniform, which is: An ordinary white oxford shirt (long sleeved in the winter), Canary yellow vest (changes to an over coat in the winter), black knee-length pleated skirt (with black shorts underneath), and black mary janes. Her eyes are viewable when her glasses come off, and they are an average brown that twinkles when happy. She comes from a Latino back ground so her skin is a copper tone. In the uniform her physic is hidden. (With he hair ina pony tail, and imagine a darker skin tone

Friends: Due to Toketsu's rather unemotional demeanor, she comes off as cold. Many are intimidated by her tranquil bearing and solitude. Not to say she has never had anyone try to become her friend, but due to various misunderstandings from both parts, it lasts no longer than a few days.

Family: Toketsu's Father works as a fill in CEO for her International Translation Company. He's a Japanese Citizen, but half Spaniard, who married her Puerto Rican mother. Her mother left the picture when, at the age of four, a substandard doctor proclaimed Toketsu to be mentally deficient. It wasn't until a bit later did it come to light, by another doctor, that Toketsu is a Class B Prodigy. She has no siblings from her father's side, but has a half-brother from her mother's side.

Personality: Rather clam, and difficult to anger. Emotions are displayed without reserve when flustered.

Bio: Formal at almost every turn, she doesn't answer to anything other than her last name, excluding family. Though she understands herself, or she thinks she does, she has a difficult time understanding those around her. At the tender age of eight, with the help of her father, Toketsu built a company founded on a book she wrote.

Other: Having no experience with relationships, Tokestu assumes she's asexual.

8/10/2012 . Edited 9/30/2012 #9
Yes So Maybe No
Vice, when your character is ready, could start asap? Sorry I'm just really eager. And curious. Just whenever you can.
8/11/2012 #10
Stuffed Piggy

Um, is this forum still active???

8/16/2012 #11
Yes So Maybe No
Apparently not, seeing as no one else is starting and I have no idea how. I belive we should wait for an answer from vice, but of course we could just start ourselves. Its vices forum though so...
8/16/2012 #12
I don't why shouldn't start, but many people in rps actually just start however. Though imma pm vice to ask. If he doesn't reply in lets say three or five days then I guess we'll just start. Btw at first starting is a bit awkward, but the more you do it the more you get a hang of it.
8/16/2012 #13
Versa Deveraux
Im so sorry im late! My brothet was in a n accident and my uncle just died this morning. Ihavent had time to log in! Heres my Character! Name: Vice Deveraux-Suoh Age:16 Gender:Male Appearence: Pale Skinned, Looks like Tamaki only hair is Shoulder-length and dyed Black and Eyes are a dark Crimson. Never wear's Uniform.Wears black clothes that look like Edward Elric's outfit and wears hair back in a loose ponytail, with bangs shrouding most of his face, giving him a dark prince look and Mysterious aura Personality: Charming, Dark, Mysterious, Manipulative, Serious, Slightly Evil, Sadistic, Cunning, Untrusting, Secreative, Fearless, Ambitious, Tactical, Blunt, Protective Grade: Same Year as Tamaki and Kyoya Family: Tamaki Suoh, Twin Brother, Valient Deveraux, Adopted Father and Mentor(Deceased) Friends: Doesn't Really have any. Relationship to other Characters: Is manipulative and Cold to most of the people he meets, the exceptions being Renge, Haruhi and Honey Love Interest: Renge Host: The Dark Prince Type Bio: Vice was kidnapped when he was a baby and raised as an assassin by Valient. He's skilled in multiple types of Martial Arts and combat as well as espionage. Vice doesn't really interact well with people and perfers to be left alone. But when He found out that he had been kidnapped and that he had a twin, he killed Valient and enrolled himself in Ouran Acadamy. He found Tamaki's Father and after a D.N.A. test, was confirmed to Be his missing son. Vice joined the host club to improve his relationship with Tamaki as well as take advantage of the people there. Vice has no problem with killing or harming and still acts as a spy and assassin, against his father's wishes. Vice's dream is to rule the world Likes: Manipulating People, Renge, Fighting, Killing, Steak, puppets, making Dolls, Manga and Anime, Reading, Silence, the dark Dislikes: Idiots, being manipulated, Roses, Being lied to, Light Obsessions: Manipulating. World Domination, puppets.
8/17/2012 #14
Versa Deveraux
Sekumi is acceptrd!
8/17/2012 #15
Stuffed Piggy

Thanks! Can't wait to start!:)

8/18/2012 #16
Freedom's Bitch

I know I'm a lil late but is it ok if I join?

8/21/2012 #17
Versa Deveraux
8/21/2012 #18
Freedom's Bitch

Name: Misaki Aiya Kurosake

Nicknames: Aiya, Ai

Age: 15

Year: 1st Looks: Curly white hair that goes down to her shoulder blades, large bright green eyes, about 5'7" tall, instead of the uniform she wears a white dress that was approved by the school

Friends: Because her father is the most well known doctor in Japan, and her mother was born to the CEO of a major hospital management company she was around Kyoya when they were younger, not exactly friends, but not enemies either

Family: Her father is the most known doctor in Japan which makes him very busy, but he takes a lot of time to train her how to be a doctor and they share a very close bond, her mother and her don't get along well at all, but she wants Aiya to be the next heir to her company so she trains her to be lady-like, and a kiss-up and brilliant (much like a girl version of Kyoya except more easy-going), she also makes sure Aiya looks her best at all times (and refused to let her wear the yellow dress to Ouran) other than that the two girls stay away form each other whenever they can, but Aiya's younger brother and her share a very loving bond, she's very protective of him

personality: She can be very cold and cunning, but also is good with people and can make anyone like her, when you get her comfortable she likes teasing people and is one of the smartest people you'll know, very hard to make her angry, and if she is she won't let her anger show

Bio: Ai doesn't like being referred to as Misaki, unless it's by a business partner, she likes feeling like she's in control, she joined Ouran to please her mother and father but secretly despises being there (--- I understand this is pathetic....but I'm sick of writing this so there you go .-.)

Other: Nothing

8/21/2012 #19
Versa Deveraux
Accepted! Join now!
8/21/2012 #20
Freedom's Bitch

totally...but since I don't feel like reading three pages of rp would you mind telling me what's going on?

8/21/2012 #21
Versa Deveraux
Currently, my characters evil father is trying to get revenge. A Personal tape was sent. Skip to th thied page and read the video part. You can sneak in then
8/21/2012 #22

Name:(first middle last and nicknames. In that order) Julia Rebecca Roberts, nickname to be decided...

Age: Haruhi's age...

Year: 1st

Looks: long blonde hair, blue eyes, very petite and cute... very girly and almost always blushing...

Friends: She really likes Haruhi and her dad.

Family: Her mom and dad. Her sister died when she was little.

Personality: VERY shy. She almost constantly blushes, especially when you so much as speak to her... she's very sweet and girly, and kind of childish. She loves to help out and hates 'being a bother'.

Bio: She was born mute, and therefore can only communicate through sign language or writing. She carries a dry erase board around, and uses it to talk. She grew shy because most people ignore her or think she's stupid or doesn't have anything to say. She loves to help out, and so she comes and works for the Host Club for free. Of course this means she gets along with Kyoya... XD

Other: Vice look! It's Julia... the edited version!

8/28/2012 #23
Versa Deveraux
8/28/2012 #24

Name:(first middle last and nicknames. In that order) Elena Leila Bloodstone, "Ella"

Age: 17

Year: 3

Looks: dark hair, blue eyes. She wears a red shirt and black pants, as well as a black jacket.

Friends: heh lol

Family: rich dad, dead mom. T-T

Personality: seems emotionless at first: she doesn't really react easily and refuses to call people by their names if she can help it. She's actually really sweet, though.

Bio: Her dad trained her to be emotionless and was basically a real pain. He hates her and the only person that's ever really mattered to her was her mom, who died when she was 11.

Other: heh lol.

9/5/2012 #25
Versa Deveraux
9/5/2012 #26
Yes So Maybe No

Name:Airi Toriyama

Age: Same as Aki

Year: Same as Aki

Looks: Long, light brown, curly hair, slanted hazel eyes, heart shaped face, 5'5", modified the school uniform so it isn't poofy at all but looks rather steampunk, always has a flower of some sort in her hair.

Friends: Had a few friends in America. Knows Haruhi and the Hitachiins as well as Aki does.

Family: Aki's fraternal twin.

Personality: (As a high schooler) sarcastic, protective, tomboy, loves anything terrifying to others (As a child) Bright, inclusive, studious, intrigued by all things dark

Bio: (As a high schooler) Grew up with Aki until they moved then moved in with their aunt on their mom's side who lives in London. When she heard Aki had transfered to where their childhood friends are she transfered as well. She doesn't know about Vice, she was trained by their grandmother. (As a child) A musical genius, she goes to Ouran as well but spends her time in the Music Room next door, prefering to play her piano in peace.

Other: A martial arts expert

9/6/2012 #27
Tobi's Only Girl
9/6/2012 #28
You know my ocs don't ya vice?
9/10/2012 #29
You know my ocs don't ya vice?
9/10/2012 #30
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