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Versa Deveraux
Yes but you still have to post them, Claud
9/11/2012 #31

My first oc and her pet

Name: Claudia Sakura Cook "Claud"


Year: 1st

Looks: Looks like this

only the eyes are brown and the skins cacassion

Friends: The twins and Haruhi

Family: None at the moment

Personality: Friendly, family-orinted,sarcastic, and a good listener

Bio: She was born to an american father and japonese mother. Her mtoher and father died when she was young and she was given to her grandfather who sexually abused her. When she was 15 a restraining order was put on and she was sent to live with the Hitachiins.

Other: She's Hikaru and Kaoru's best friend,Kaoru's girlfriend, and has a dog named Sparky-which iwll died nad she will bring back to life


Name :Sparky

Age: 3 (in dog years)

Year: None-he doesn't go to school he's a dog

Looks: Like this at first

This soon after

Bio: Doesn't have much of one. He was given to Claudia at Christmas when she was 12 and run over by a truck on a walk but Claudia found a way to ring him back tolife

Friends: Same as Claud

Family: Claudia

OTher: He's a Frankendog

9/13/2012 . Edited 9/13/2012 #32
Versa Deveraux
9/14/2012 #33

Namne: Charlotte Hatsumi Hitachiin aka Charlie

Age: Depends on the rp

Year: Again depends on the rp

Looks: Curly red hair with her mother brown eyes. OFten wears cute baby clothes

Friends: THe host club

Family: Hikaru, Kaoru, Claud, the Hitachiin parents

Relation: Daughter (Claud and Kaoru) Niece (Hikaru) Granddaughter (THe Hitachiin parents)

Bio: Not much of one rightnow, other then being born to Kao and Claud when they're 16

OTher: She's very tickleish

9/22/2012 #34
Versa Deveraux
9/22/2012 #35
Name:(first middle last and nicknames. In that order) Jole Amos Fairfax Age: 15 Year: 1 Looks: super curly black hair, cold black eyes, pale skin. He's tall for his age and wears an outfit similar to L from Death Note's when not in uniform. He always wears boots. Friends: pffffft ha ha Family: When he was 12 he killed his parents and younger sister for the fun of it. Personality: very, very bloodthirsty, cruel, sarcastic. He's almost rude in the way he's so polite and calls everybody 'Mr, Mrs or Miss'. Bio: Jole came from a wealthy family and never really had any problems. He always liked to hunt, and one day he wanted to know what it was like to hunt humans, so he killed his own family, starting with his dad and ending with his sister. He's currently an assassin and is skilled with every weapon. He LOVES guns. He has knives hidden in his boots and carries a gun in his pocket at all times. Other: Especially for B&B, but if you guys like Jole I'll put him on the others. :P
9/24/2012 #36
Versa Deveraux
9/24/2012 #37
Blade The Daywalker

I know I'm late but may I join? Please?

11/4/2012 #38
Versa Deveraux


11/7/2012 #39
Blade The Daywalker

Name: Rei (sounds like Ray) Year: (same as Mori) Apperance: Dark brown hair and eyes, little tan (hates girl uniforms and she wants to surprise Mori and Hunny so she dresses like a guy) Personality: sweet (if u get to know her), Quite , shy, rare for her to smile, violent ( if u get her mad the way she fights is like IP mans ) , and Will die for her friends. Background: History if I may add: She has been friends with Mori and Hunni all her life but she had to move to America when she was 7 her family was killed in a shooting in front of her that's why she is protective of her friends… Likes: she loves Sports, Baking/ cooking, Singing (not in public), playing instruments, drawing, reading, and swimming Dislikes: Abusers, Bullies, animal abusers, Sluts, Snobby people… Crush (Oppsional): Mori-Sempi Best Guy Friend Honni because they were childhood friends and she is moving back to Japan… Favourite host: Mori and Honni Other (i.e.: Skills, favorite subjects, interests, etc, etc...): Is a commoner, she lives by herself, came to school on scholarship

11/7/2012 #40
Versa Deveraux

Accepted. Welcome to ouran princess

11/11/2012 #41
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