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Which is the cutest baby?
1 3.(http://image-codes.com/image/pics/newbornbabygirldressesPics1TSYSWBo6c6s37M.jpg)
2 1.(http://img.alibaba.com/wsphoto/v0/488525841/3-4-length-long-sleeves-cute-lace-appliqued-infant-boy-pragent-baptism-dress-for-baby-girl.jpg)
3 4.(http://us.123rf.com/400wm/400/400/photog2112/photog21121010/photog2112101000001/8029330-newborn-baby-girl-in-a-white-baptism-dress-on-a-pink-blanket.jpg)
4 2.(http://www.visualphotos.com/photo/2x4510425/newborn_baby_girl_on_towel_mon155215.jpg)
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Versa Deveraux
Vice is going on a Personal mission in africa and needs his friends to watch Nalani. It cant be that hard....can it?
8/28/2012 #1
8/28/2012 #2
Yes So Maybe No

(so you'll be Versa then?)

8/28/2012 #3
8/28/2012 #4
Versa Deveraux
(Ys. We start now) "take good care of her ok!" Vice said, borading his plane
8/28/2012 #5
Julia nodded and smiled shyly as she waved him off.
8/28/2012 #6
Versa Deveraux
Nalani slept in her stroller
8/28/2012 #7
(still confused to who's playing Versa. Oh well lol) Julia smiled and turned to go, pushing Nalani's stroller.
8/28/2012 #8
Yes So Maybe No

(It's Vice) Aki glared at the plane Vice had boarded before turning to go. He followed Julia out of the airport.

8/28/2012 #9
Versa Deveraux
"Whats wrong, akito?" Mike asked
8/29/2012 #10
Julia smiled shyly. 'Dont be mad.' She wrote on her board.
8/29/2012 #11
Yes So Maybe No

"It's just... I thought he was done with this stuff. I mean, now that Valiant's gone he should only have deal with the whites and they're already stalking him anyway. He shouldn't have to go off on a mission."

8/29/2012 . Edited 8/29/2012 #12
Versa Deveraux
"Well Valiant did cause him to have homicidal urges. And he is the head of the Deverauxs now. Hes gotta have an outlet. Besides, hes handling the buisness better then Val did." Mike said
8/29/2012 #13
Julia stated in confusion. 'What are you talking about?' (seriously tell me what's going on lol)
8/29/2012 #14
Versa Deveraux
(This vice is Tamakis long lost twin. He was kidnapped at birth and forced to be a killer by his father Valiant who is an assasin and head of a very large mafia family. Vice is bipolor and has multiple personalities. Here is a look at his childhood: Video: On the video, two people, a handsome young man with a cruel grin and a terrified looking young woman tied to a chair.and a bloody child, who looked like vice as a three year old with a bruised face, stood beside the man. "Daddy, I don't wanna do this." The child said. The man slapped the boy, causing both the boy and woman to yelp. "Quiet, Vincent and don't cry! That makes you look weak! Now back to your lesson."he pulled out a steak knife. "Now try again!" The boy teared up and put the point of the knife to the center of the woman's cheast." I'm sorry." He whispered, silent tears running down his cheeks,before plunging the knife into her, and being sprayed by her blood. And ripped out her heart. The man smiled. "Good Boy." The screen went black and then turned back on. It showed a ten year old vice was cutting a gagged man arms off with an ax, grimacing and looking at the man apologetically as the man screamed into his gag. Valiant came in and slapped him across the face, leaving a bruise. "NO EMOTION VINCENT!" Vice looked down. "Yes sir." He murmured with a frightened obideiant tone. Valiant pulled the boy harshly by the hair back onto his feet. "I've got a new frog for you to dissect." A little girl about six years old was dragged in crying and screaming and strapped to a table. Vice teared up and Valiant punched him. "No Emotion Vincent!" He barked giving the now sobbing boy a knife. "Dad! no! Not Lacy! Please!" He cried only to be punched again. "Cut her face off first!" Valiant grabbed him by the arm and put the knife to the crying girl's face. "If you don't I will." Vice's eyes were wide. "N-no." He said, turning to the child. "Lacy.......I'm sorry." He stabbed her in the eye and the video skipped. An older vice, maybe 15, was shown, bloody, with a knife in his Shoulder and large gash across his cheast. He had a cold expression and hatred filled eyes fighting with Valiant who was perfectly okay. He slashed at him with a black sword.. Valiant dodged the blade and kicked the knife in deeper. Vice screamed in pain and frustration. Valiant laughed pulling out three knives and slamming one into vices other Shoulder and the other two into his legs, pinning him to the ground. Vice laid there eyes clentched. Valiant laughed more. "I love this bonding. I'll see you later, son" he said walking away. Vice looked broken and blank at the ceiling and whispered. "I wanna die." And the video ended.
8/29/2012 #15
(Ok I understand the dad thing lol.. WOAH DUDE VIOLENT MUCH??? I thought I was bloodthirsty... X'D so what about the Whites?)
8/29/2012 #16
Versa Deveraux
(You know hetalia?)
8/29/2012 #17
(pffft no I've been planning to watch it... I feel so confused lol. ;_;)
8/29/2012 #18
Versa Deveraux
(The whites are stalker triplets. Dia, Mia and Tia. Their older sister nia is versas mom but shes always on missions. They're all assassins and keep trying to make vice marry them. THey scare him to the point that just saying their names makes him shake and hide.)
8/29/2012 #19

(OOOOH... ok I'm caught up now lol)

8/29/2012 #20
Versa Deveraux
Nalani started crying. She was hungry and wet.
8/29/2012 #21

Julia blushed. 'Let's hurry home.' She wrote on her board.

8/29/2012 #22
Yes So Maybe No

"Wait. Who's home will she go to?" Aki asked. (Hands up if you like stressful first days of school!)

8/29/2012 #23
Versa Deveraux
"Were gonna stay at the house thats close to school. Everyone agreed tto spend the night there until vice returns" mike said taking them there
8/29/2012 #24
Julia nodded, smiling as she followed them.
8/29/2012 #25
Yes So Maybe No

Back at the house Aki flopped down on a sofa in the living room. He sighed. "Hey, Mike, Julia, Rima, Toketsu."

8/29/2012 #26
Julia looked up and blushed.
8/30/2012 #27
Versa Deveraux
"Yes?" Mike asked when Nalani started crying again
8/31/2012 #28
Versa Deveraux
Nalani cried louder
9/4/2012 #29
Yes So Maybe No

"Do any of you actually have any experience in taking care of babies?"

9/4/2012 #30
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