Opera Populaire
The Paris Opera House, home to many fine theatre performers and one ghost. A roleplay based on the books.
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drgn grl

We are currently casting roles for a Phantom of the Opera roleplay. The parts are as follows:

Erik/Phantom--master of most trades/killer/magician/muscician/opera ghost/Christine's love interest

Christine Daae--ballet rat/aspiring diva/Erik's and Raoul's love interest

Raoul de Chagney--viscomte/Phillipe's younger brother/Christine's love interest

Phillipe de Chagney--comte/Raoul's older brother/love interest is la Sorelli

la Carlotta--the Spanish house diva

M.Armand Moncharmin and Firmin Richard/the managers--new managers of the Opera Populaire(old ones are retired far away)

Nadir/Persian/daroga--old aquaintence of Erik's from Persia

la Sorelli--Spanish head ballet dancer/current love interest is Phillipe de Chagney

Madame Giry--old woman/Meg's mother/usher for the Box seats

Meg Giry--Madame Giry's only daughter/ballet rat/groupie member of la Sorelli

These are the major characters, and we want to fill them first and foremost. Other characters may be considered after the other roles are filled. Upon application, please submit the completed form and a writing sample.

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drgn grl

Part auditioning for:




Writing sample:

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drgn grl

Part auditioning for: Erik/Phantom

Appearance: dressed in formal attire, yellow brittle skin, deep-set yellow eyes, gaunt to the point of being skeletal in likeness, thinning black hair, stands just over six feet tall, wears a black silk mask

Personality: very anti-social, willing to kill anyone to keep his secret, anger management issues, child-like at times when he's gloating, believes he loves Chistine

Age: 50

Writing sample:

Erik scribbled furiously on his sheet music as he sat at his enormous organ. As he dropped his quill back into the pot of red ink, his other hand was back on the keys, playing more notes. He shook his head, muttering to himself, then tried again. Again, he was displeased with the results, and he tried a third time. This time he let out a cry of triumph, and his hand shot for the quill. He hadn't quite raised one finger up far enough, though, and the pot tumbled down, spilling the blood-red ink down his precious organ and composition. The composer let out a terrified scream and jumped to his feet, snatching at the papers, but too late to save them. He rushed them into the other room and furiously dabbed at them with a towel, but when he realized there was nothing to be done, he let out a string of curse words in various languages, throwing the papers across the room and scattering them. He stalked back into his room to see what he could do to save his organ, cursing at Erik all the while for his stupidity and carelessness.

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shdw dncr

Part auditioning for: Christine Daae

Appearance: blonde hair, blue eyes, stands about 5'3", slender build of a ballerina

Personality: shy and quiet; naive in the ways of the world, how it works, and also in relationships; loves to sing but reserved in her actions

Age: 16

Writing sample: Christine did her cool-down stretches after she finished practicing the day's routines. She didn't mind that she was by herself in the practice hall. In fact, she usually waited until the other ballerinas were gone before she practiced. Christine stopped, looking at the mirrors, and sighed. She did so wish that the other girls liked her more, but she didn't know what they had in common. From what she knew of them, it wasn't much. The breath caught in her throat as she heard a familiar sound--a voice calling to her. She got to her feet and looked around even though she knew there would be nothing different to see. "Angel?" Her gentle whisper was filled with happiness and curiosity. She felt most at ease when she was with her Angel of Music and she loved him with all her heart.

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Part auditioning for: MM. Firmin Richard


M. Richard is a tall strict looking man, with dastardly eyes of sapphire blue that twinkle a cynical and rough grey in the early morning light. He has a tall and lithe build with small streaks of grey at the temples and at his profound widows peak. Although he does seems very strict and rough, a smile easily fits into his lined face.


Although he does take himself very seriously, Firmin enjoys a good laugh and a nicely preformed prank, and has been known to in his younger years pull a few himself. Since his younger years are gone, he has decided to settle down a bit and take his music career seriously by becoming a manager for the Opera Populaire. He is a social climber, that is for certain.

Age: 55-60

Writing sample:

A boisterous laugh filled the room as Firmin cocked back his head and his belly began lurching. "Really? Your wife thought you were dead?" he managed to cough out in between laughs. The man nodded and explained how he awoke with a doctor checking his wrist for a pulse. His wife had never seen him sleep, for they were newly weds, and thought that a man could not slumber so deeply without snoring. The new manager of the opera laughed again, patted the man on the shoulder and continued to walk from cluster to cluster of people, introducing himself and laughing even more, although the laughter seemed to get more and more hollow with ever belly lurch.

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drgn grl

approved! :D great to see you again!

7/10/2013 #6

Okay, other than Firmin I haven't decided who I really want to play. So Can I just play any characters that are needed as they arise? Kinda like being a movie extra.

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drgn grl

yeah, sure. I do that too, sometimes.

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drgn grl

Part auditioning for: M. Armond Moncharmin

Appearance: He is only a few inches shorter than his friend Firmin, and his brown hair is starting to get similar specks of grey in it, though he is of a heavier build and has a well-trimmed mustache.

Personality: Armond doesn't care much for socializing, though he will do so if it means soliciting donations. He is the business end of the partnership and sees everything in terms of cost versus profit.

Age: 50-ish

Writing sample:

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