HELP WANTED: Infinite DC Universe
I need writers, editors, managers and maybe even artists to help create this up and coming fan-created Marvel Universe. Read inside for more details.
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1. Superman

2. Batman

3. Flash

4.Justice League

5. Teen Titans

Post yours here!

8/1/2012 #1

I claim the Red Hood series once Jason Todd's been introduced. XDDD

8/1/2012 #2

Lol, yeah.

8/1/2012 #3

As agreed previously, I am attempting Green Arrow. I also want to do a Robins series later down the line when a few of the boys are established (I want to have at least the first three Robins involved) and if no one else wants them, I might do a few Origin stories for favorite villains.

8/1/2012 #4


1. Superman (me)

2. Batman (me)

3. Flash (me)

4. Aquaman/Wonder Woman (DannyStones)

5. Green Arrow (White-Tigers-of-Darkness)

6. Robin Anthology (White-Tigers-of-Darkness)

7. Red Hood (Drindalis)

8. Supergirl (KryptoKin)

9. Killer Moth (DannyStones)

10. Nightwing (Lin36bffbecca)

11. Infinite Anthology: Detective Comics (batman-defeats-all)

8/1/2012 #5

I've been talked into taking Starfire, too, so I guess you can add her to the official list. ;)

8/1/2012 . Edited 8/1/2012 #6
Red Shadow Ranger

I'll do a Hawkgirl origin story then, if that'ss ok.

8/3/2012 #7
Kyon Yukki

I'll take the role of writing.


2.SuperBoy once Infinite SuperMan is done


8/3/2012 #8
Red Shadow Ranger

I would like to do how the Justice League first got together, once all of the seven original members have had their origin stories written.

8/11/2012 #9

Sorry, the JL is me....sorry.

8/12/2012 #10
Legend Red

Is Green Lantern available?

11/3/2012 #11

I'm not sure, to be honest. Someone did take it but they haven't responded to me for months. Let me check back with you after I contact them.

11/4/2012 #12

Not sure if this is still going but I do have an idea for speedy origin, it also involves a complete rewrite of cheshire's origin.

11/10/2012 #13

This is most definitely still going...but some people haven't really done much. Check in with White-Tigers-of-Darkness. He's doing Green Arrow.

11/10/2012 #14

okay :D Is Cheshire open for her own series perhaps?

11/10/2012 #15
MaeDay In Hell

Can i do Red Arrow/Speedy/Arsenic, Raven, and/or Kid Flash(the Bart Allen one)?

8/30/2013 #16
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