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Um... approved...

10/6/2012 #31

Full Name: Primrose "Prim" Mellony

Gender: Female

Age: 16, but she looks younger because of her age

Race: Faerie

Appearance: Prim was long and wispy light blonde hair that falls in loose waves to her waist. She normally has it let down or braided in different styles. Her bangs barely brush her big, bright violet eyes that are framed by long, black lashes and are constantly roaming around. She had pretty fair skin that's lightly tanned, from being outdoors so much, and her ears are slightly pointed. Her thin, rosy pink lips are almost always curled into a sweet smile, showing off her pearly whites. For her age of sixteen, she only is 5'2" and is quite slender with a few cute curves. She is naturally very agile and has good stamina, finding herself at the peak of physical wellness. She is usually outfitted in cute, frilly clothes, pastel colors, and she adores her assortment of ballet flat's she's collected over the years. On her right hand, ring finger, she wears a gold Claddagh ring that her mother gave her only a week before she passed, and on her left hand is a silver purity ring that adorns her pinky finger.

Personality: Prim is friendly and free-spirited; she's practical and knows how to think outside the box. She seems confident, but she's fairly insecure and wonders what people think of her. She is rather innocent, has a bit of a sense of humor, and acts a bit older than her age. Prim's quite the dreamer, a good listener, and a hopeless romatic who much too often wears her heart on her sleeve. She's able to see all sides of a situation and is very open-minded, not very biased. She can be quiet, especially since the passing of her parents, but she normally doesn't seem it. She's sympathetic and thoughtful, but is also stubborn and doesn't like giving up or backing down. Prim is very caring and protective of her friends and family, and would to anything for those who she loved.

Family: Janel Mellony (her mother) and Richard Mellony (her father), were both murdered in the war against Valentine and his forces in Idris. She has no siblings, but always wished for a younger sister.

Sexual Preference: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single, at the moment

Background: Primrose was raised in the forests around New York in a cozy, cottage where she lived all of her life. She had a healthy relationship with both of her parents, who were friend's of the Seelie Queen's before Prim was even born. When she was still only a child, they visited the Faerie Kingdom often. To say it shortly, she loathed every minute of it. Prim loved the sun, nature, warmth, where as the Faerie Kingdom is the complete opposite. Dark, gloomy, underground, cold, not to mention everyone was extremely pale (which seemed to match their personalities, but she never said so). And then there was the Queen, who Prim wasn't exactly fond of either. She reminded her too much of the evil witches in the fairytales her parents would read to her before bed. But really, she guessed the Queen didn't like her much, either. As she got older, she eventually stopped coming with her parents to the kingdom, much rather perferring the warmth here above ground.

Then the war in Idris with Valentine came only just after Prim had turned fifteen. Her parents were a few of the Fair Folk who wanted to help out. So they obviously didn't allow Prim to accompany them, depsite her protests, and instead left her alone at home. But she would have much rather gone with them, so she at least had a chance to protect them. When word finally came that both Janel and Richard were dead, killed an honorable death in battle, Prim fell into a spiraling depression. She blamed herself for not being able to protect them, not being strong enough. She lost a lot of her selfconfidence that year, and didn't gain most of it back until he finally stopped blaming himself. She slowly started coming back out of her shell, which is where we're staring...

Powers: Prim is quite the exceptional healer and is at the peak of her physical health. She also keeps a small knife hidden on her at all times, just in case.

Strengths: Again, she is a skilled healer and is well-educated on the topics of nature, herbs, etc. Most people disreguard her because of her size, but she sure knows how to use that knife of hers. She's also very agile and has great stamina, making her a fast runner which could especially come in handy during a demon battle.

Flaws: Because of her size, she doesn't have a lot of strength and if it ever did come down to a hand-to-hand fight, she wouldn't stand much of a chance. She has also become more sensitive since the death of her parents, and has become more aware of what other people say about her. She doesn't take criticism very well and, even though she tries to hide it, she isn't as confident as she acts.

11/2/2012 . Edited 11/3/2012 #32

I'm a bit hesitant about the name, because it's so clearly Hunger Games-inspired... practically stolen... but, accepted, I suppose. :)

11/3/2012 #33

Oh I'm sorry :C It actually wasn't inspired by that though, it's just that she's really in love with nature and I wanted to give her a unique flowery name.. I honestly didn't even think about that until halfway through her application.. :/ But thanks for accepting her anyways! :) Sorry if there are any errors, I had to redo this three times because my computer kept logging me out when I tried to submit it -___-

11/3/2012 #34

No problem XD I actually have a faerie who's never been used, if you'd like to roleplay! :D

11/3/2012 #35

Okie dokie! :D Thanks again(:

11/3/2012 #36

No problem! Meet me in post-CoLS, since that's where Tyne will be?

11/3/2012 #37

Full Name: Ashton Victoria Arithe. Prefers Ash, but her street name is Hound.

Gender: Female

Age: 17 DOB: Dec. 3rd. She looks alot older than she should, about two years older than she actually is.

Race: She is a Nephilim to the bone, and she tends to use it to her advantage.

Appearance: Her hair is a deep brown with hints of redwood brown and black. You could actually tell she has dyed it alot, but naturally it's brownish red. Able to have that bedheadLook to her, it cuts off mid neck in a short uneven hair style that looks ragged like she needs to see a stylist for help. Her face isn't the prettiest in town but the sharp features in her don deem her as completely ugly. Though not alot of men look at her in a way of dating matierial. Maybe the pale pink scar stretch from the bottom of her left eye to her chin which she got in a fight, changes what was once a beatiull innocent girl. Her almond sharp. Blue eyes could catch anyone's gaze though. With the hints of lighter and dark blue she has an ice cold glare that can freeze just about anyone. Brownish freckles dot her pale skin, stretching in a herd from one cheek across the nose to the other. Even though looks never were a thing for her she makes up for them with her great athletic build in her body, looking like she could take on a brick wall in a fight. Usually though you can't see the toned muscle through her heavy flightier jacket that consists of a lint hazel brown and black tank top. Her loose skinny jeans fit her not so perfectly but are held up with her batman seatbelt belt, and her dark grey knee high boots keep the cuffs of her jeans from ripping or dragging on the ground since her shoes go over her jeans. (Hieght: 5'8, Weight: 129 lbs )

Personality: She is a girl full danger, being that girl who gets caught up in gambling and debts, she tends to be on the run alot. Easily she can twist words as if they were her own personal straw, she has the natural ability to lie with the silver tongue of hers. Not only is she slick with words, bu she is sly and quick on her feet. Though she makes many enemies she in all actuality is a loyal girl and would take the bullet for any friend of hers, if she had any that is. Her stubborn nature keeps her from admitting things and allowing others near her, aling with her sarcasm that she uses whenever she pleases. You can see why she has no friends. All in all she is stubborn care free slick with words sly and a natural born liar. Usually she plays the mundane card, not giving a care about fighting demons. She tends to use her abilities at her own price, not caring who knows about her or not.

Family: What is left is her Aunt Margaret who is of the fair folk, and her two cousins Stephen and Alexis who are both mundane.

Sexual Preference: She actually is one who doesn't care what the gender, so you could count her as bisexual.

Relationship Status: She is single and isn't looking for much of a realationship as usual. Preffers not to get mixed up in much of one to begin with.

Background: Coming from a family of incest, and different kinds of mixes when it came to racial, it was a suprise she came out full nephilim seeing as the rating chance was about 15%. Being an only child, she was usually given the ammount of attention any child should. A loving family, roof over her head, healthy food, though it didn't last long when at a young age their house went under attack by demons during a family reunion. Burning the house down, the police deemed it as arson, and only a few survived with at the least major injuries. Only her aunt, and a few cousin's survived, and that was it. She suffered brain damage, losing memory of her parents and true identity except for her name and date of birth. Anything more than that, it's foggy for her. So after being in the hospital for a few weeks, her Aunt took her in with open arms, along with her two cousins. Growing up for a while, she got caught up in gambling and debts, working for gangs, and decided she needed to live alone. The reality of the case was that she was woried for any slip ups, or lies from the people that she got payed to do dirty work for, and she didn't want her only family getting caught up in it. Leaving at age fifteen, she laid low before she "Opened for bussiness" again, moving from city to city as she got hired for numerous kinds of things; Competition assasination, theft, tracking, etc. etc. The apartment she holes herself in and calls home isn't too shabby, but pay is getting too much, and she is running out of ideas. Problem is, is that there is no work for her at the moment, so she begins to dig deeper and finds herself getting caught up in the real world. The world she belongs in. Unknowing to who these people really are, she begins getting work, dragging hopeless innocents down for the "Debts they owe". Growing used to this life, she is just starting to get comfortable, learning how to manipulate them just enough to get what she needs.

Powers: Nothing special, unless you count extremely athletic and flexible as a power. She's just one of the ordinary girls. Though thanks to her mix in with her family prefferance, she may have some traces of Warlock in her.

Strengths: The number one thing she relies on is her cold blooded shut in nature. It's how she survives without dragging herself too deep. Being able to let go or push away people helps her build a wall so she only needs to fend for herself. The ability to push her emotions away gives her a good reputation for cold blooded jobs. With that, she also has great tactic mind, able to formulate a plan whenever she is in between two rocks.

Flaws: Being alone is good for her jobs, but in reality, she's only a person. Being an emotionless girl sometimes fumbles her judgment, and occasionally she will hesitate, and that will hurt her job at hand. She sometimes trusts people a little too much, and her reckless actions hurt her alot sometimes. Along with that, her anger tends to get the better of her, making her more of an enemie than a friend.

Ok, lemme explain. I'm Blue yes yes, and my origional account was hacked. I would tell you a long brooding story but the shorter one saves more time n_____n

11/30/2012 #38

Accepted! :D

11/30/2012 #39
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