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x Death by Torchwood x

If you've never roleplayed before, this is how you do it.

((Put out of character chat posts in parentheses. [You don't have to use double parentheses. That's just my own preference. :P]))

When roleplaying, I would like you to use story form. Write your character's actions and thoughts just as you would if you were writing a story. If you need an explanation more specific, this is an approximation of how I want your posts to look like:

((Hi, Ginger! What's up? :D))

Alec walked up to Magnus hesitantly. He's not going to like this, Alec thought. He said slowly, "I have something to tell you."

I used a random circumstance for the example. And it's an example, FYI - not a real post. I'm not planning on breaking Malec up. XD

8/4/2012 . Edited 8/7/2012 #1
x Death by Torchwood x


Magnus strode up to Alec's doorway and hesitated before knocking three times. "Alexander?"

((Eeep. Magnus's calling Alec by his full name is so adorable. Like a pet name. X3))

8/5/2012 #2

((Heehee! :D))

Alec pulled open the door. To his slight surprise, Magnus was standing outside it. "Is everything alright?" He asked, a little worried. Magnus didn't usually make visits unless something was wrong.

8/5/2012 #3
x Death by Torchwood x

Magnus smiled. "Everything's fine. I just wanted to see you."

8/5/2012 #4

Alec smiled too. "Well then, come on in," he opened the door fully.

8/5/2012 #5
x Death by Torchwood x

Magnus walked into the room past Alec and leaned an elbow against the dresser. "I've missed you."

8/5/2012 . Edited 8/5/2012 #6

Alec shut the door gently and turned to Magnus. "I've been busy. Do you know Aya? She's been demanding a good three hours of training out of me. Every day."

8/5/2012 #7
x Death by Torchwood x

Magnus tilted his head. "I think I remember seeing her around a few times. I approve of her choice for a trainer, but it seems to me she's being a bit selfish. I have needs, too."

8/5/2012 #8

"Green hair?" Alec prompted. "She's a little hard to miss. And I've been the only one around, lately. Otherwise she'd probably be training with Isabelle all day long."

8/5/2012 #9
x Death by Torchwood x

"Green hair. That girl. Yes." Magnus nodded. "I remember her."

"I don't care where everyone else has been. I just wanted to spend time with you."

8/5/2012 . Edited 8/5/2012 #10

Alec smiled at this and beckoned Magnus over to sit next to him on the bed. "Sure."

8/5/2012 #11
x Death by Torchwood x

Magnus slunk over to the bed and sat next to Alec, smiling. "I have missed you, though."

8/5/2012 . Edited 8/5/2012 #12

((Isn't the past tense of slink 'slunk'?))

Alec leaned in and gave Magnus a light kiss. "You're not the only one."

8/5/2012 #13
x Death by Torchwood x

((Yea. That's what I put! XP))

Magnus smiled, the touch of Alec's lips lingering on his. He turned his head and kissed Alec again, savouring the taste.

8/5/2012 #14

((CHEATER. *glare*))

Alec sighed and melted into the kiss. He was just about to hug Magnus a little closer when a knock startled him.

"ALEC!" An angry female voice called. "GET YOUR BUTT OUT HERE!"

8/5/2012 #15
x Death by Torchwood x

Magnus ignored the shouts outside and continued kissing his boyfriend, parting his lips against Alec's.

8/5/2012 . Edited 8/6/2012 #16

Alec parted his lips and allowed his tongue to explore Magnus's mouth, savoring the salty taste.

The door burst open and an angry, green-haired teenage girl stormed in. "All right, Alec, what in the name of---" she broke off, seeing the situation for the first time. She blinked, stunned and turned to face the door. "Tell me I didn't just walk in on you two kissing."

8/6/2012 #17
x Death by Torchwood x


Magnus broke off from the kiss - a kiss that he was quite enjoying, frankly - and turned to the girl in annoyance. He glared at her through his overly glittery eyeshadow. "Yes, you did. Do you mind?"

8/6/2012 . Edited 8/6/2012 #18

((:D I only have about a half-hour, because I have a piano lesson at 7, but then I'll be back until... 9:30. *headdesk*))

"Aya, what do you want?" Alec asked rather nicely, considering how rudely he had been interrupted.

Aya took a deep breath. "I was going to ask you where you've been. You said you would train me at four, and it's four fifteen."

Alec sighed. "Where do you think I've been? And that is a rhetorical question, just so you know."

"Forget it." Aya rolled her eyes.

8/6/2012 #19
x Death by Torchwood x


Magnus put his long arm around Alec protectively. "Are you done?"

8/6/2012 . Edited 8/6/2012 #20


Aya perked up as an idea came to her. "Maybe Magnus could help!"

"What?" Alec asked incredulously. "Help with what?!"

"Training!" Aya beamed. "You still haven't worked with me on runes! And Magnus is a warlock, right? He's good with runes!"

8/6/2012 #21
x Death by Torchwood x

Magnus's cat eyes narrowed. He wasn't in the mood to be suckered into anything by a kid. "I think," he said evenly, "that Clarissa would be the best person to approach for runes."

8/6/2012 #22

Aya's face quickly fell into a look of disappointment. "Clary's out on a date with Jace. She's kind of been ignoring me. Everyone has, actually."

8/6/2012 #23
x Death by Torchwood x

Magnus's face softened, ever so slightly. He looked at Alec helplessly.

8/6/2012 #24

Alec glanced at Magnus, reading his face. "All right. Magnus, is that okay?"

8/6/2012 #25
x Death by Torchwood x

Magnus ran a gentle hand over Alec's cheek. He had really wanted to spend time with his boyfriend, but he supposed helping this girl wouldn't hurt.

"Fine," he said finally.

8/6/2012 #26

((GTG. D: Stupid mom.))

Aya beamed. "Oh, thank you so much!" She skipped out the door.

"Wait for it..." Alec muttered.

Aya bounded back in. "Come on!"

8/6/2012 #27
x Death by Torchwood x

((Aww. D: Moms are so overrated. Bye-ah, Ginger!!))

((Alec was suppposed to blush. That's so much more in-character for him. XD

Great. . .Now I know how to play every character but my own. . . *headdesk* I suck. Meh.))

Magnus lifted his eyes to the heavens and stood up, instantly being carried feet higher than he had been on his long legs. He followed her reluctantly.

((Alec should tag along, of course. It'd be a great source of amusement, seeing Magnus trying to teach a 14-year-old girl about runes. XD))

8/6/2012 #28

((Do you really think he's gonna miss it? XD))

Alec shrugged and stood. "Might as well come."

Aya was taking the time to interrogate Magnus. "Is your hair naturally that color? 'Cause, I've read about warlocks, and they have something about them that marks them as not human, and I thought it might be your hair, but maybe it's your eyes. Which is it?"

8/6/2012 #29
x Death by Torchwood x

((No, actually. XD))

Magnus eyed her. "This hair does not come naturally. This is the outcome of one hour spent in front of the mirror with glitter and a can of hairspray." He shrugged. "The eyes, yeah. That's my mark."

8/6/2012 #30
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