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8/20/2012 #331

((HAI! Chat? 'Cause Kenz said she doesn't want us stealing her characters...))

8/20/2012 #332

(Shoor. :3)

8/20/2012 #333
x Death by Torchwood x

Magnus sighed. "Fine." He knelt to the floor and started wiping it up.

((Wait, why did Dani send him to get a rag in the first place? He could've just snapped his fingers to make it clean. XD))

8/20/2012 #334

(oh, yeah. xD MANUAL LABOR!)

8/20/2012 #335


"You know, you could've just snapped your fingers and made it clean," Alec pointed out through his last mouthful of muffin.

8/20/2012 #336
x Death by Torchwood x

He was facing away from Alec, pretending to be absorbed in his work.

Magnus raised his eyebrows. "Why are you complaining? You know you want a good look at this ass."

10/29/2012 . Edited 10/29/2012 #337

Alec blushed furiously and stammered something like, "I--- you--- Magnus!"

Aya barely concealed a fit of giggles, ducking around the fridge to full-out laugh.

10/29/2012 #338
x Death by Torchwood x

Magnus smirked, and stood as he finished cleaning up. Alec was flustered; mission accomplished.

He snapped his fingers and the messy rag disappeared.

"Besides, it's easier to make a rag vanish than it is to make a whole mess disappear."

10/31/2012 #339

Aya stepped out, somewhat composed. "Magnus, you are one special warlock."

10/31/2012 #340
x Death by Torchwood x

Magnus inclined his head. "Thank you. I try."

11/2/2012 #341

Alec sighed and scooped up Chairman Meow, petting the cat's soft fur. "Aya, don't you have some training to do? I'm pretty sure Jace said he'd cover for me today," the Shadowhunter shot a pointed look at his parabatai.

11/2/2012 #342
x Death by Torchwood x

Jace looked indignant. "I'm pretty sure I never said that."

Magnus stifled a smirk.

11/2/2012 #343

Aya stepped in. "Come on, Jace," she pleaded. "Please? Alec deserves a break--- besides, training from just one person doesn't offer variety, which is something I need."

Alec gave Aya a grateful glance.

11/2/2012 #344
x Death by Torchwood x

Jace narrowed his eyes. "Fine. But you owe me one," he said to Alec.

11/2/2012 #345

Alec shrugged. "Fine by me. No offense, Aya, but three weeks of you is not fun."

Aya stuck out her tongue. "Whatever, Alec. Your socks are untied anyway."

"Huh?" He bent down to check before straightening and rolling his eyes. "Very funny."

11/2/2012 #346

Izzy was sitting in the kitchen flipping through a copy of Italian Vogue to pass time while Alec and Jace wouldn't let her set foot in the kitchen. Looking up, she saw Aya come in. "Hey, Aya, what's up?"

11/3/2012 #347

"I... um..." Aya sighed, trying not to go red from embarrassment. "I lost a bet with Jace, so now I need you to give me a makeover." She cringed, waiting for Isabelle's reaction.

11/3/2012 #348

"Really?" She smirked in approval, putting her magazine down. "What exactly do we need to wok on here?"

11/3/2012 #349

"As little as possible," Aya sighed. "Please, Izzy, I like the way I am." Even though Jace had specifically requested makeup included in it. He knew that she hated makeup.

11/3/2012 #350

She sighed. "ALright... I'll try to be nice..."

11/3/2012 #351

Aya smiled a weak smile. "Thanks, Iz."

11/3/2012 . Edited 11/3/2012 #352

"So, do we get to work now?"

11/3/2012 #353

"I suppose..." Aya trailed off, following Izzy up to her room.

11/3/2012 #354

"Alright... So, how much change does Jace wanna see?"

11/3/2012 #355

Aya shrugged. "He said... enough that it would take a moment to recognize me. And... makeup," she winced at this.

11/3/2012 #356


12/16/2012 #357
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