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Anything that's not stuck-in-the-past, play here. This is basically for anything that's not me and Kenz playing out Malec.

Kenzie's Edit:

If you've never roleplayed before, this is how you do it.

((Put out of character chat posts in parentheses. [You don't have to use double parentheses. That's just my own preference. :P]))

When roleplaying, I would like you to use story form. Write your character's actions and thoughts just as you would if you were writing a story. If you need an explanation more specific, this is an approximation of how I want your posts to look like:

((Hi, Ginger! What's up? :D))

Alec walked up to Magnus hesitantly. He's not going to like this, Alec thought. He said slowly, "I have something to tell you."

I used a random circumstance for the example. And it's an example, FYI - not a real post. I'm not planning on breaking Malec up. XD

8/6/2012 . Edited by x Death by Torchwood x, 8/6/2012 #1

Simon scanned the crowd for anyone familiar. None of his friends had shown up, so that meant he didn't have to wait around before leaving.

8/6/2012 #2
Candy Cane County

Moira sat at a table and pulled out her phone to check the time.

Why am I here, why am I even here?

She looked up, and blinked. She had, seen him before. Perhaps playing a different gig on a different day? That was probably what it was. Probably. But not certainly.

8/6/2012 #3

The band began to play, Simon perfectly in harmony with the rest of the guys. His gaze lingered on one girl--- a mundane for certain, but a very different one. She was staring at him, too.

8/6/2012 #4
Candy Cane County

Moira looked down at his gaze, staring wouldn't be polite. Not that she cared too much, not right now. She had to know. From the dreams. He was the one always near the other girl, with the red hair... So she could've just seen them around before. That couldn't be it.

8/6/2012 #5

The song finished, and Simon vowed to talk to her after the gig was done. She could certainly make for some interesting company, or at least a nice five minutes' worth of conversation.

8/6/2012 #6
Candy Cane County

Moira looked back to her phone. When would this be over with. Over, so that she could find out what it was. Then the moment came where she had to wonder what she would ask him if she even got the chance, 'Why are you in my dreams?' That would go over well.

8/6/2012 #7

The gig cut short early, at only fifteen minutes, when Eric nearly threw up onstage. Simon took the chance to go down to the mundane girl he'd noticed earlier. "Hi," he said awkwardly.

8/6/2012 #8
Candy Cane County

"Who are you and why do I know you?" Moira asked too quickly. That didn't seem horribly overbearing, nor was it completely insane to say. Couldn't come on less strong when you're trying to solve a mystery.

8/6/2012 #9

Simon blinked, more than a little confused. "My name is Simon. I have no clue why you know me, unless you've been stalking me, which doesn't seem very likely, considering the 'who are you' part."

8/6/2012 #10
Candy Cane County

"Right... of course... I'm sorry." Moira nodded with a bit of embarrassment, "Well, riddle me this, who's the red head?" And do you happen to know the blonde or the dark haired ones who I'm assuming are siblings?

8/6/2012 #11

"Who are you?" Simon countered. "Before I go giving out information about my friends."

8/6/2012 #12
Candy Cane County

Moira almost smiled, "So you know her. I didn't really think you would... Sorry, sorry. I'm Moira. Nice to meet you." she stuck out her hand in a natural response.

8/6/2012 #13

Simon took her hand and shook it for a moment before releasing it and saying, "The redhead is my friend Clary. How'd you know about her?"

8/6/2012 #14
Candy Cane County

Moira nodded, Clary. That didn't solve anything. And now she had to tell him and seem crazy, what a great day, "She was in the... in the dreams. Almost always the ones with you."

8/6/2012 #15

Simon's eyebrows shot up. Dreams? He almost blurted out, 'Are you sure you're a mundane?' but luckily he controlled himself. "Okay. Was there anyone else besides me and Clary in the dreams? And what were they wearing?"

8/6/2012 #16
Candy Cane County

Right. So he thinks I'm crazy.

"T-the blonde guy. And the, two dark haired siblings... if they are even that. And surely there was someone else, but I don't remember whom." Moira stated, calmly as possible. She held back a small burst of excitement, that she might figure this out. That she might be able to sleep. What were they wearing? She hadn't paid much attention to that. Maybe they hadn't been wearing anything, but she hoped that wasn't the case.

8/6/2012 . Edited 8/6/2012 #17
x Death by Torchwood x

((Heeheeheehee. Is Magnus the other person? :D

The girls are always dreaming about him, but they'll never hope to win Magnus Bane's affections. He has his eyes on another man. :3))

8/6/2012 #18
Candy Cane County

(Magnus... and Magnus's cat. And Simon. Again.)

8/6/2012 #19
x Death by Torchwood x

((Ooh, Magnus's cat. I can't wait to roleplay at his apartment sometime with Chairman Meow. The Chairman's always been my favourite character aside from Magnus. :P))

8/6/2012 #20

"Um." Simon began, unsure of how to proceed. "The blond guy is Jace. And the siblings are Alec and Isabelle Lightwood. Did the other guy have either rainbow, or sparkly, or both, spiky hair?"

8/7/2012 #21
Candy Cane County

"Perhaps he did... But... WAIT. Who was the one, with... white hair, that looked significantly evil in nature?" Moira continued, feeling that this was getting somewhere and nowhere at the same time. She was finding out names. That wouldn't tell her why she was dreaming about them.

8/7/2012 #22

Simon winced at this. "That was Valentine. He's dead now."

8/7/2012 #23
Candy Cane County

"I'm dreaming about a dead person? One that did not only looked, but, if my perception in accordance to your wince is correct, was evil? Would you mind explaining any of this to me?" Moira asked, as if anything he could tell her would help. She was also still deciding how Valentine, and 'evil' went together. Surely a name didn't matter. But it confused her too much. She could just call him 'Snow'. That made so much more sense.

8/7/2012 #24

((LOL, Snow! XD))

Simon took a deep breath. "I'm going to have to ask my friends, okay? If I do explain this, you're going to be getting into some deep crap."

8/7/2012 #25
Candy Cane County

(That was my horrible attempt at a secret Hunger Games reference, looooool)

I'm not already in some deep crap? Moira asked herself.

"Lovely." she nodded. (then added in a whisper, "Or you could just put me on the phone and I could mess with them so much because now I know their names." )

8/7/2012 #26

((LOL. XD))

"So," Simon continued. "If it's not too awkward, can I have your number? You know, to call you back when we've reached a decision."

8/7/2012 #27
Candy Cane County

Moira smirked a bit, and nodded yet again.

"Err, do you have like, a paper. Or I could just put it in your phone... or...."

8/7/2012 #28

"Right," Simon quickly brought out his phone, bringing up a new contact and typing in her name. "Here, just put your number in." He held the phone out to her.

8/7/2012 #29
Candy Cane County

"Uh-huh." Moira mumbled, took [in the polite form of the word] the phone and entered her number, something her mother wouldn't be proud of. Giving a phone number to strangers, although Simon wasn't exactly a stranger, in fact she'd seen him night after night in a way that made it seem odd in context. She stopped thinking about that.

8/7/2012 #30
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