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Jace frowned. "Aya?" He knocked on the door. No answer. "Aya, if you don't answer, we're opening the door," he said; still no answer. He turned the doorknob and glanced inside; the window was open, and he cursed.

Aya stopped at a house that called to her, knocking on the door.

12/22/2012 #751

"Knew it." Clary muttered, "She's going to Will's. I'll go get Izzy," she said before running off to Izzy's room

12/22/2012 #752

Will opened the door and saw his little sister standing outside. "Aya," he smiled. "You're alone, I assume?"

Aya clenched her fists. "What do you want, Will?"

He studied her before saying, "It's not me who wants you. I believe you know him as Sebastian? He's the one. Come in and I'll let your friend go, safe and sound."

"Fine," Aya stepped in, seeing Alec tied to a chair. "Now let Alec go."

12/22/2012 #753

((GTG, Dani, sorry...))

12/22/2012 #754

Clary and Izzy came running to Jace already marked and in their gear. "Aya is so going to pay for this..." Izzy muttered.

"Iz, focus," Clary reminded her. "Let's go before she does anything stupid."

(Meep. Okay. :()

12/22/2012 . Edited 12/22/2012 #755

Jace nodded and led the threesome out the door, moving quickly.

Will shrugged and snapped his fingers; the ropes fell off Alec, who stood, looking furious.

"Alec, go," Aya said evenly, not taking her eyes off her brother.

12/22/2012 #756
Candy Cane County

Alec looked at Aya with a deep frown on his face. She wasn't supposed to come, she wasn't supposed to put herself in danger like this. Then again, none of this was supposed to happen in the first place. Besides, she was Aya. He listened to her telling him to go, and shook his head.

"I'm not leaving you here."

12/22/2012 #757

This time, Aya glared at Alec, surprised to find tears stinging her eyes. "Alec, go," she said forcefully. "Now!"

12/23/2012 #758

"See, this is why we should've forced ourselves into that girl's room," Clary groaned as they made their way to Will's.

12/23/2012 #759

"I'm a boy," Jace had to smirk, despite the situation. "I have to maintain a bit of respect for her privacy, unlike you two."

12/24/2012 #760
Candy Cane County

Alec let out a shaky breath when he saw the tears in her eyes, "Aya..." he spoke weakly. Can't let her do this. We stay together. We are Shadowhunters. "I'm not leaving without you. I'm sorry."

1/5/2013 #761

Will smiled, though the smile was cold. "Well, isn't this touching. My little sister, trying to save her teacher."

Aya ignored the barbed taunt. "Dammit, Alec, get out of here. Leave while you can." Without any further prelude, she shoved him out the open door, where she knew there was warding. He wouldn't be able to get back in unless Will wanted him in--- and the way things were going, it seemed like Will only wanted her.

1/6/2013 #762
Candy Cane County

Alec clenched his teeth, leaning on the wall outside the building, trying to think of something, anything he could do. Get her back, you aren't going to leave her there.

1/11/2013 #763

"What now?" Aya asked Will, crossing her arms in defiance. "I could just leave, you know. Alec is safe."

Will smiled slightly. "Ah, but you won't. You want to find out what I'm up to, why I'm still alive, why I never contacted you--- don't you?"

1/11/2013 #764
Candy Cane County

Alec put his head in his hands, thinking. always thinking. He felt so, powerless. Nothing to do that could help now, was there?

1/11/2013 #765

Aya gritted her teeth. "Yes," she finally admitted.

Will nodded. "Bits at a time, sister mine. I never contacted you because I wasn't allowed to."

1/11/2013 #766
Candy Cane County

Nothing, there can't be nothing, we're supposed to beat them...

What did any of them really want, honestly?

Alec couldn't say he was quite sure anymore, or at least for the moment he wasn't.

4/7/2013 #767


You dont know me and are probably wondering as to why I'm on your forum.

Well, I have an Infernal Devices Rp, but unfortunately it has died asmost people rp, but on facebook or twitter.

Even though I no longer have the characters Will and Jem like in the books as they are married with kids, we still have Mortmain

And he needs defeating.

So please, please join my forum and help defeat him: P/110407/

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