Hetalia Day
For Hetalia Day in October I want to get a bunch of people together cosplaying as nations, problem is I only have about 3-4 other people to participate in it. If you'd like to participate and live in my area just tell me!
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Just reply to this or message me if you are interested, we then can start deciding where we can meet. Tell me who you want to cosplay as so I can make sure my other friends aren't the same person but, I'M CANADA!!

8/20/2012 #1

I would like to attend Hetalia day. My little sister would like to dress as Chibitalia and I would like to dress as Romano. :3 Thank you!

9/8/2012 #2

Okay! Yay I can't wait! Another girl suggested we meet Oct. 20, would that work for you guys?

9/12/2012 #3

Oh... I have school that day. It can't be on the weekend? :3

9/12/2012 #4

Oct. 20th is a saturday

9/17/2012 #5
Snow Witch Salem

Hello Um I'd like to participate (if I can finish my costume in time that is _" heh heh heh....) and I was hoping to be Hungary!

9/17/2012 #6

Okay! We don't have a Hungary, now thats like twelve people not including me and my friends

9/18/2012 #7
Snow Witch Salem

Yay! _ Oh and could you tell me what other countries will be there? I might bring along a friend or two and they'll want to dress up

9/19/2012 #8
Snow Witch Salem

I should probably ask where we're going to meet up as that is important!

9/19/2012 #9

Well there will be Canada (Me) France (my friend Kaylee) Maybe Spain China and Italy (My friends Lakeisha, Michelle and Jamie) Japan (A girl I don't know named Olivia) and theres a bunch of people comeing from kamloops I don't know who they'll be. Do you know where Riverside park is in Kamloops? I don't know what its really called but thats what I call it XD

9/19/2012 . Edited 9/19/2012 #10
Snow Witch Salem

Kamloops eh? Hmm... I might be able to come... it's a far drive for me, and I'd have to get my dad to drive me too....

9/19/2012 #11

Oh, sorry, yeah I live in Chase a small town in between Kam and S.A. (Salmon Arm) so that was as far as mom would let me go

9/20/2012 #12

Oh okay! Me and my sister can go. Thank you.

9/21/2012 #13

Omg! Yay I can't wait!!

9/22/2012 #14

I just asked my parents about getting over there and they said I can't go... Kamloops is way to far away... Sorry. ):

9/24/2012 #15
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