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Edited 9/13 - I made this forum to trade ideas and chat with other Zorro authors and readers, other fans of the show. It never caught on, but now I have a group called New World Zorro Fanfiction on Facebook and we have a lot of fun. Feel free to post here, but I'd love it if you come join us on Facebook!
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Woo hoo! Blind leading the blind. Let's chat!

Everyone keep it clean, because I have to moderate this and I'm responsible for policing it. No mature content or language.

8/7/2012 #1

Well, I've never actually explored the forums here before, but this seems cool, because I don't know of many places to just plain discuss Zorro. So, I have no idea about this either, but hey, talking Zorro is good.

8/8/2012 #2

I like that too. :)

8/9/2012 #3

oooh you have little diamonds by your name. special :) thanks for joining :) maybe we'll have fascinating discussions one day!

8/9/2012 #4

I've never really checked out the forums before and as it's a lazy Sunday lunchtime, I thought I'll just come along and say G'day.

I guess the first thing is why I like Zorro - Well, Zorro takes me back to the time of the great swashbuckling movies of the 1930's, 1940's. Considering that Zorro was the first of swashbuckling genre it, it showed the way for much loved classic Errol Flynn/ Basil Rathbone movies. (Their fight scenes, especially in Robin Hood, always cracks me up, they just seem to smash each other's swords)

Zorro is just a good old fashioned adventure story with romance, it's light hearted and fun and perhaps a bit silly at times but it also has it's serious side too.

8/11/2012 #5

Unlike most of you, I didn't grow up with either of the series with Duncan Regehr or Guy Williams. The first Zorro I saw was the one from 1937, the cliffhanger series. The story was a bit feable, but I couldn't wait to see the next episode to find out how Zorro got out of the trap. It's still nice watch because of the action, I recently found it online. If you want to give it a try:


Of course I liked the movie with Tyrone Power that was really romantic.

8/12/2012 #6

awww I wish I'd known this was on youtube while I was at work. I've never seen the 1937 show. Should be fun to watch, thanks for posting!.

Loved Flynn and Rathbone fighting. You know they really sliced each other up? They bled for their craft! Crazy.

I just wanted to say thanks for posting and visiting the forum. I'm gonna be going insane this week with school and trying to get Conquering to meet rating guidelines. Hopefully after this week I'll have more time.

8/12/2012 #7

I love Tyrone Power and Rathbone fighting even more. Their fight in Mark of Zorro was really awesome to watch, since for once it looked like two guys who were trying to kill each instead of just slapping swords together. But then I've always adored Basil Rathbone (he's one of my favorite villains and absolutely my favorite Sherlock Holmes).

I must admit I started as a strictly Disney Zorro girl, which I first saw back in the early 1980s, and I had a huge crush on Guy Williams' Don Diego, and Monastario was one of my favorite villains, right up there with Roger Delgado's Master (from Doctor Who).

I completely missed the New World Zorro first run, as I'd just started college, and while I'd heard of it, I must admit I wasn't very interested because I loved Disney's version too much to really want to see another, even though I've always liked Duncan Regehr (he was the one thing I really remembered about Wizards & Warriors). In fact, I only first watched the series last year when Family Net started showing it, and it was mainly because of my daughter, who kept wanting to watch the Zorro that was in color rather than black & white. That was when I got hooked. So much so that when it dropped off the schedule for a while I actually looked to see if the series was on DVD because I absolutely had to see more, and fortunately it was. I can't help but think it's a bit ironic that it's the Zorro series I came to so late that's the one that's inspiring me to write fanfiction and make fanvideos about it, not the one that impressed itself on my childhood.

8/13/2012 #8

i haven't seen NWZ in the 90's either, because I was busy working. Similar to laCorelli I only discovered NWZ last year, but only by chance. I skipped through an online streaming site where I found that Zorro series and i got hooked. So i spent some nights on the pc to stream the episodes until couldn't stand the intro anymore because I had seen it so many times in a row. i found out about fanfiction at the same time when i searched for additional information and how the series had ended. After i read all that I could find i started to write my own stories for NWz when I had never written anything before.

8/13/2012 #9

I'm the opposite of you guys, I never saw the Disney version until recently on youtube but I saw the Family Chanel the first time around even though I was working at the time. I programmed the old VCR to tape it as it was on in the afternoon and then I watched it after I got home but of course, I never kept the tapes - rather silly of me. Then a couple of years ago I saw it on youtube and it got me hooked again. I was thrilled when it came on dvd.

8/13/2012 #10

I must warn you that in WDZ, while Alejandro does figure it out, the audience never knows exactly when it was. We only find out that he knows when Diego finds out that he knows in the episode "Amnesty for Zorro". And it's often easier to pick out the moments when he clearly doesn't know. WDZ's Alejandro is a wiley bird, who actually comes off as more impulsive and temperamental than NWZ's Alejandro, which is why it frustrates me that he never found out. I mean if WDZ's Alejandro could keep the secret, NWZ's surely could.

I think the best explanation for why no one guesses is that no one other than the Alcalde (and they were both idiots in their own ways) really wants to know, and that it's easier to think of Zorro as some kind of faceless hero that swoops in from some unknown place than that he lives among the people in another identity. And people do tend to see what they want to see. Zorro probably seems to them to be seven feet tall and invincible. That still doesn't explain either Alejandro or Victoria not figuring it out. Especially Victoria. Especially considering how strong her feelings for Diego and Zorro are.

Ah, I had been a little puzzled about descriptions of Diego's clothes in some of your stories; that explains a lot. I think NWZ's Diego had two comparatively dressy suits, and even those were much plainer than WDZ's Diego's. The clothes in NWZ were in general not as ornate or detailed as WDZ, which I think were in general more correctly in period (though I can't be certain).

8/18/2012 #11

yeah i'll have to note that in my upcoming story then cause once again i comment on diego's jacket. i'll have to stop doing that.

8/18/2012 #12
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