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"Who the fuck are you?!" Hazan barked. Brahms kicked her and she smacked him. He only punched her.
8/10/2012 #451
Versa Deveraux
Vincent pointed to vice. "Im him."
8/10/2012 #452
Brahma smiled at the girl. "I am Brahma Kimblee. Hazan's half brother; it's a pleasure to meet you." Hazan's eye twitched as she stated at Vincent. "What?!"
8/10/2012 #453
Versa Deveraux
"He split his soul in half to create me for elena. Hes sorta in lots of inner pain but is ignoring it trying to help you. I only feel his physical pain."
8/10/2012 #454
"He...that ass!" she snarled. "I'm leaving. I'll see you bastards whenever."
8/10/2012 #455
Elena stared at Brahma. "But youre an Ishvalan." She said blankly. "I thought Kimblee hated Ishvalans."
8/10/2012 #456
Versa Deveraux
"He loves you"
8/10/2012 #457
"Sadly, I'm a child of rape," Brahma said dejectedly. Hazan used her air alchemy to fly through the roof. She was so pissed she could kill. As a matter of fact, that was an excellent idea. Looking to the East, she saw a small town and started blowing things up.
8/10/2012 #458
Versa Deveraux
Vice woke up and jumped over. He made shields over people and put himself in front of them
8/10/2012 #459
"Get out of my way," Hazan snarled.
8/10/2012 #460
Elena stared at Brahma. Then she turned away, yet again trying to get out of Vincent's arms. "So that bastard isn't just a murderer, but he raped people too?" She muttered. "I knew he was screwed up, but this is crazy."
8/10/2012 #461
Brahma chuckled. "He just needs new perspective. I'll be joining your company if you have no objections."
8/10/2012 #462
Versa Deveraux
"No, hazan. Youll have to go through me"
8/10/2012 #463
"Leave me alone!" she snarled. "I obviously don't want to be near you at the moment."
8/10/2012 #464
Versa Deveraux
"Im sorry! But i cant fight monks and i thought maybe if i blocked some memories we could leave and then i would unblock them!"
8/10/2012 #465
Elena grinned. "No problem. I would just leave, but this idiot picked me up with glue on his hands," she said, pointing up at Vince and blushing.
8/10/2012 #466
"That isn't the only damn problem," she said flying at breakneck speed to the South. She just needed to go somewhere before she lost it.
8/10/2012 #467
"Here," Brahma handed her a bottle of liquid. "That should undo the glue." (RHYME!!)
8/10/2012 #468
Versa Deveraux
Vice followed. "Hey anubis! Whas wrong with her!?"
8/10/2012 #469
"She's pissed because you-" Hazan screamed. "Shut up!"
8/10/2012 #470
Versa Deveraux
"Whats she mad about! Dude you're strong!"
8/10/2012 #471
(lol ;D) Elena smiled thankfully, accepting the bottle and pouring the liquid where Vincent's hands held her.
8/10/2012 #472
Versa Deveraux
"Ow! That stuff burns!"
8/10/2012 #473
"Fuck you," Hazan snarled barreling straight up. She could lose him if she got high enough up.
8/10/2012 #474
Versa Deveraux
Vice made a piller to follow her
8/10/2012 #475
"Quit following me!" Hazan roared.
8/10/2012 #476
"Sorry!" Elena apologized as the glue lost its grip and she got free. "Just don't ever use glue again." She smiled at Brahma. "Thank you... I guess not all Kimblees are bastards after all."
8/10/2012 #477
Versa Deveraux
"No! Ehy you mad!"
8/10/2012 #478
Brahms smiled. "I would hope not."
8/10/2012 #479
Hazan grabbed him by his shirt collar. "Go to that damn clone thing and destroy it or something and stay with Elena. Got it?!" she roared.
8/10/2012 #480
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