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Uniform of Anarchy

Hey, just wanna show what the hell Marcus's powers were. If anything else pops up, that's okay, too.

9/20/2012 #1

(That would be awesome and I made an opening for you on the other rp, btw, lol XD Can you start?)

9/20/2012 #2
Uniform of Anarchy

Two weeks ago, at the State Alchemist Registration:

Marcus: "I will now demonstrate my abilites!" *holds pieces of coal with transmutation circles on them* *throws them in the air, transmuting them into ravens, who then crash into the tree, knocking it down*

9/20/2012 #3

The military personnel in charge of the State Alchemist Registration leaned closer in interest. "Impressive.." They said.

(HEY should I have Elena demonstrate hers? It may emotionally scar your character XD we could assume she's already in the military XD)

9/20/2012 #4
Uniform of Anarchy

((fine with me...))

9/20/2012 #5

(wait which one? XD I AM SO CONFUSED...)

9/20/2012 #6
Uniform of Anarchy

(first one...I'm kinda interested.)

9/20/2012 #7

(XD ok lol...) A dark-haired girl walked forward. "I want a prisoner scheduled for execution today." She said emotionlessly, staring straight forward.

The military personnel blinked. "Um... You're only supposed to use your surroundings."

"I can use one of the other alchemists if I must." She monotoned, turning to them.

9/20/2012 #8
Uniform of Anarchy

(I got it...) A prisoner in a straight-jacket was thrust forward.

An Alchemist said: "Here."

9/20/2012 . Edited 9/20/2012 #9
Uniform of Anarchy

(gtg. see you.)

9/20/2012 #10

Dante waited in the streets, he closed his eyes. (What's Dante's and Elena's relationship at this point?)

9/20/2012 #11
(see you, lol. X'D and Tro... She's only just joining the military. X'D actually it'd be cool if they'd met before. X'D whatever you want.) Elena sighed and pulled her hands out of her pockets. She touched them to the stony ground and activated the transmutation circles on them. After a while, she moved away, revealing the prisoner, who'd been turned into stone.
9/20/2012 #12

(Before they meet, okay... I'm getting good at these emotional speeches any way. XD Dante sat in the park, he just gained the title the stray alchemist... he kinda liked it.

9/20/2012 #13
(X'D yeah how many have you done... Lol) The military personnel started whispering amongst each other. "Alright, you all may go now. We'll call you tomorrow and inform you whether you've made it or not." --- Elena nodded stiffly, walking away.
9/20/2012 #14

Dante stretched back and yawned. "Dante the Stray dog... that's how history will remember me, defiant to the end." He laughed.

9/20/2012 #15
Elena froze as she heard the laughter, she looked at the man sitting a few feet away silently.
9/20/2012 #16

He looked at the notice that went out, he held up in his hand a laughed a little bit more. "Man they must be low on staff... they're putting a bounty on my head."

9/20/2012 #17
Elena walked over quietly, hoping she wouldn't be noticed.
9/20/2012 #18

Dante notice Elena, but didn't show it. "I wonder... if they have already picked out a uniform for me." He chuckled.

9/20/2012 #19
Elena leant against the wall and closed her eyes, listening curiously.
9/20/2012 #20

Dante looked over to Elena. "Hey." He smiled.

9/20/2012 #21
She stiffened slightly and opened one eye, glancing over at him. "Hello." She muttered in her usual monotone.
9/20/2012 #22

"How can the stray alchemist help you." He laughed. "Sorry, I'm finding my new title a little funny."

9/20/2012 #23
She stared at him. "I see... I don't need help, thanks for the offer. Congratulations on the title. Your posters are all over town."
9/20/2012 #24
Uniform of Anarchy
Marcus: I was walking in the park. As I walked, I wondered what my name would be...the Coal Alchemist...nah...or the Blackbird Alchemist...it didn't have that ring to it, like it should...I didn't know.
9/20/2012 #25
(gotta go supper lol be right back!) Joice was sitting in a tree, watching one of the alchemists from the tests. She knew he'd done well from the rumors. (meet my psycho oc...)
9/20/2012 #26
9/20/2012 #27
Versa Deveraux
(Child of sin)
9/20/2012 #28

"Its funny, all they want is for me to be a state alchemist... wonder why they don't go to this trouble with over civilian alchemists." Dante shrugged and sighed.

9/21/2012 #29

Elena smirked. "They're stupid... there's a girl that just turned someone to stone in front of them, and they let her walk out like nothing happened." She monotoned. (XD LOL sorry had to...)

9/21/2012 #30
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