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I HATE when RPs aren't active so heres an RP that will get DELETED if it gets inactive so yeah. Make an OC, hang out with Bones and Booth...stuff like that.
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Appearance: (Links accepted)

Love interest: (Optional)

Bio: (Optional)

Other: (Optional)


8/8/2012 #1

Name: Green

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Personality: Depends on mood.

Appearance: She has long green hair and dark green eyes. She s arather childish looking girl, but is not to be considered anything but a genius.

Love interest: N/A

Bio: (Optional)

Other: (Optional)

Job: She specializes in toxic and radioactive matierials.

8/8/2012 #2
Lissy Kitten the Zebrawolf

Name: Aidan Feddens

Age: 33

Gender: Female

Personality: Acts just like Booth, but easily exited and rambles a lot.

Appearance: Tall, curvy, skinny

Love interest: Crush on Booth

Bio: (Optional)

Other: (Optional)

Job: Forensic Anthropologist

8/8/2012 #3
Lissy Kitten the Zebrawolf

Accepted :D

8/8/2012 #4

Yay! :D

8/8/2012 #5
Lissy Kitten the Zebrawolf


8/8/2012 #6
Aw man! I wanted Booth :(
8/19/2012 #7
Name: Johara Camille Elise Saroyan Age:25 Gender: female Personality: Very sarcastic, but a sweetie. Shows genuine concern for peoples problems. Talks with her hands and most facial expressions can explain what she is thinking. Very blunt and most people go to her for advice cuz they know she won't lie. Appearance: Dark cocoa skin, bright blue eyes and tightly curled black hair. 5'9. Curvy but slim. Likes to wear t shirts or tanks and jeans no matter the temperature. Love interest: Lance sweets Bio: Cam's niece, father died when she was three. Born in New York but raised in Baton Rouge, so has a strong Louisiana accent. Speaks Cajun Frenglish when upset. Really close to Cam and Booth. Other: Big pratical joker. Teams up with Booth to scare Cam whenever they can. doesn't get along with Daisy because she is annoying. Knew Lance prior to working there during a point of time in childhood. They get along very well causing a lot of tension with Daisy. Job: Cam's intern
8/19/2012 #8
Sorry my phone jumbled every thing together
8/19/2012 #9
Lissy Kitten the Zebrawolf

She's accepted. I'm so sorry I haven't been on I was grounded

8/25/2012 #10

Name: Theresa Parker James (She tends not to care what you call her.)

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Personality: She' has no filter... Meaning she says the first thing that comes to mind. She can be super stubborn and has a temper. Also she has a fascination with random facts most people don't know. Last'y she lives trying to learn about every one else's job is and how to do it, but art is her passion.

Appearance: ( nt8H0KgqF9M:&imgrefurl= 0110802154242/camphalfbloodroleplay/images/1/1b/Anime,girl,face,dark,haired,painting,art -e9e5afc603d188bd1da413169c95 052d_h.jpg&w=353&h=500&ei=pb9wUMPOGpGM9ATuyICgAQ&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=412&sig=103400637151681106203&page=1&tbnh= 141&tbnw=100&start=0&ndsp=21&ved=1t:429,r:10,s:0,i:105&tx=46&ty=62) She tends to where sleeveless turtlenecks and jeans.

Love interest: None... yet

Bio: Her parent's were completely against her art and her having anything to to with killers, they wanted her to do something like a real estate agent, she she moved out as soon as she could and got a job at the Jeffersonian working as Angela's intern.

Other: She LOVES games of any sort and carries playing cards with her where ever she goes.

Job: Forensic artist

I'm really hoping your still alive! Your one of the only Rps i can find for Bones Xl

10/6/2012 #11


2/19/2013 #12

Name: Evangeline Smithe

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Personaily: Sweet, Caring, intelligent, humorous, loving, not very trusting, and graceful.

Appearence: Plantnium blonde, sea blue eyes, pale, always wearing eyeliner and mascara. Short, like 5 feet.

Love Intrest: Hodgins. And if possible, could he like her back? Bio: N/a

Other N/A

Job: A agent.

3/17/2013 #13

Name: Elizabeth Camille Booth

Age: 15

Gender: female

Personality: Fiery, sweet, caring, lovable

Appearance: Shoulder length blonde curls, bright blue eyes, milky skin, freckles on her nose, stands at about 5'2

Love Intrest: None

Bio: Booth and Rebecca's daughter, lives with Parker and Rebecca, ignores Booth because he loves Christine and Parker more then her, loves drawing and singing, has 2 year old identical twin daughters named Emmaleigh Rose and Skyeleigh Violet Booth after being raped by Brett

Other: Has a tattoo on her hip of her daughters' names

Job: Still in school

4/16/2013 . Edited 4/22/2013 #14

Name: Skyeleigh Violet Booth

Age: 2

Personality: bubbly, happy, sweet, hits people who she hates like Booth

Love intrest: None

Bio: daughter of a single teen mother, has a twin sister

Appearance: Rylie Cregut

Job: hangs out with her mother and sister


Name: Emmaleigh Rose Booth

Age: 2

Personality: Outgoing, sweet, bites people who she hates like Booth

Love Intrest: None

Bio: daughter of a single teenage mother, has a twin sister

Appearance: Baylie Cregut

Job: Hangs out with her mother and sister

6/18/2013 . Edited 8/20/2013 #15
King of the Loony Bin

Am I allowed to come on here? I hope so...okay, I'ma go now.

Name: Dylan Melissa Berrick

Age: 24

Gender: female

Personality: She's quiet when it comes to meeting people, but warms up to others quickly. She cracks jokes when she's uncomfortable, though she often claims she isn't funny. When she gets angry, she leaves as soon as she can and cries rather than getting angry, and she refuses to confront issues. She's very smart, though she doesn't let it show at all, as she's too reserved to display it.

Appearance: (Links accepted): Bright red hair to her shoulders, pale green eyes, pale skin, freckles covering nearly every inch of her body, button nose, heart shaped face, quite little (short and thin).

Love interest: (Optional) Zack, hopefully?

Other: (Optional) She had three brothers (Fabian, Benji, and Lewis) and parents, though they all died in a house fire when she was seventeen.

Job: Maybe Angela's assistant?

8/20/2013 #16
King of the Loony Bin

Also, I could be Sweets, maybe?

8/20/2013 #17

Name: Mercedes (Mercy) Jones.

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Personality: Quiet, with a 'keep to herself' type of attitude. Doesn't like being around too many people at once because of her social anxiety.


Love Interest: Zack Addy.

Job: Differs whenever her interests do so don't be surprised to find her in a lab one day, the makeshift morgue the next, and even randomly wandering around to see if anyone needs help in between.

12/19/2013 #18
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