Seven Deadly Sins
Life without sin is no life at all.
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If you have any idea requests for the RP, please feel free to post them here. The current mini-plots will always be placed in this very first post. If you do not wish to participate in a mini-plot, you don't have to, unless said otherwise by a moderator. More than one mini-plots may occur at the same time.

Current Mini-Plot

London is teetering on the edge of chaos and sanity. Crime is ever present, despite the efforts of policemen and the other heroes, for lack of a better word, of the city. Sins refuse to give up their hold on the city. Those put away are either broken free by their own abilities or through the help of their companions, only to continue their plague of selfish insights.

We begin one chilly evening. A thunderstorm had blown in just in time for the Annual London Comissioner's Ball, a formal celebration honoring the local Enforcers of justice. VIP's from all corners of London intermingle with the men and women who risk their lives every day to try to keep London safe. The ball is only open to humans but since the doors are wide open, Sins are free to roam right in. Song, dance and dinner, this event is the talk of the town, thus warranting a strong presence of guards and other security personnel but also many other dangers.

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Mini-plot requested by HelloKittty:

"Stay Before you Pay"

Jacob Pianni and his partner Rigby Sunners, an accentric gay couple who own one of the most lavish, manificant homes have decided to put their lovely abode up on the market. The Piani Caxtle, often reffered to as the Piani estate has been in the Piani family for centuries, passed down throughout many generations. It is located on a small island that about 70 miles from London. Although Jacob never really stayed here, he and his life long partner decided it would be best to sell the estate, and continue living in the city. Recently intrigued by a new way to sell homes, they too jumped on the Stay before You Pay program, designed to let buyers experience the home for a few nights as to get use to the idea of living there. After debating, they decided to let 11 people come and expierence the wonderful Catle as to spread the word and or purchase the home for themselves. The only catch is that the citzens of London need to RSVP an spot before they are all gone. People are allowed to RSVP two invitations for loved ones, or spouses. To RSVP, simply contact the couples' manager--Dreamyy or Sexy-Foxface, no exceptions are to be made. Invitations will be sent out in the next 1-2 days.

Location: A small Island named Pia located 70 miles from London. The Island itself is large enogh to fit the estate comfortably and still have a few miles of the forest. Only animals, Insects, birds, rabbits, and snakes. A small river does run throughot the island. Also has a guest house close by, where the staff will be staying.

The Pianni Estate: A Look Inside

- Foyer

- The Library

- Dining room

- Art Gallery

- Bathroom

- Pool

- Sitting room

The trip will last approximately 10 days, once you arrive you will have no choice but to stay, as the only way off is by boat, swim (A very far swim), or by helicopter. Everything is complementary and up for use. To get around five golf carts will be up for use to drive around the large estate.

Select A Room (Unless you dont mind sleeping on the floor) - Choose them as you RSVP.

- The Greek Goddess -

- The King Royal - Zephy

- The Ol' Roosevelt -

- The Lavender Bogo -

- The Dark-wood - Hari & Hitori [If rooms are left afterwards, they'll each get their own room.]

- The Amphibian - Ivan

- The Joker - Dane

- The Italian Rouge - Nico

- The French Palace - Varity

- The Knight - Eric Larmoyante

- The Creme De-La Creme - Giselle Di'Nelli

If you have any questions, contact HelloKittty, for she is the one who came up with this whole idea.

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The Pianni Estate:

A Look Inside:

Foyaye -

The Library - The

Dining Room -

Art Gallery -

Bathroom -

Pool -

Sitting Room -


- The Greek Goddess

- The King Royal

- The Ol' Roosevelt

- The Lavender Bogo

- The Darkwood

- The Amphibian

- The Joker

- The Italian Rouge

- The French Palace

- The Knight

- The Creme De-La Creme

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