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Welcome to Alice's RolePlay Theater! All you servants and lowlives, the great Alice-sama shall be offering my gloriousness. Go ahead and Roleplay to your heart's content! This is my RolePlay Forum, and all RPers are welcome! If you actually do join, you better not bore me to death! But all joking aside, I can assure you that this will be fun. Let your brain flow from all possible scenarios, everyone is free to join! OCs are acceptable as well.
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The Black Rabbit Alice

Behold! The entire RP list has been opened! If you find a character you like in here, feel free to let me know, so I can sign you up! Then after that, it's time to begin our RolePlay Theater! Hope you have a great time. :)

If you see this mark * over a specific character, that means it's already taken. If you ever decide to change your character, let me know, so I can change it here on this list.

Pandora Hearts Character List

Vessalius Dukedom

Oz Vessalius

Jack Vessalius

Oscar Vessalius

Ada Vessalius

Zai Vessalius

Rachel Cecile

Nightray Dukedom

*Gilbert Nightray: kilohoku92

Vincent Nightray


Elliot Nightray

Fred Nightray

Claude Nightray

Ernest Nightray

Vanessa Nightray

Rainsworth Dukedom

Sharon Rainsworth

Xerxes Break

Shelly Rainsworth

Cheryl Rainsworth

Barma Dukedom

Rufus Barma

Reim Lunettes

Miranda Barma

Arthur Barma


Oswald/Glen Baskerville

Lacie Baskerville

Leo Baskerville

Lotti Baskerville

Fang Baskerville

Doug Baskerville

Lily Baskerville

Zwei Baskerville

Levi Baskerville


*Alice Baskerville/B-Rabbit: The Black Rabbit Alice

Will of the Abyss

Cheshire Cat


Philippe West

Isla Yura

OCs (Original Characters)

If I missed any characters at all, let me know, and I'll add them to the list.

8/13/2012 . Edited 8/13/2012 #1

Can I play Will of the Abyss, Chesire, Oz...? Pretty much only 1 person is alreadyplayed so.... Iwanted to help. :D

9/3/2012 #2
Fire lord 626


9/10/2012 #3
Hello? Um, no effence, but why make a futon if it is never used...? Gah!
9/13/2012 #4
Can I be Break?
9/21/2012 #5

Can I have Echo, Lady Sharon, and Lottie?

10/8/2012 #6

I want Lottie, Lily, ermm...... * thinks * Will Of Abyss? :D?

3/15/2013 #7
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