Homestuck RP Cannon and OC's!
Here, anything can happen! Why? Because it's Homestuck! Please only join if you've read past the first couple trolls introduction. OC's Are welcome both humans and trolls! All character types are welcome, Ancestors, Trolls, Humans, and maybe even Cherubs!
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This is my Oc :3- Name: Noelle Jeanie Gender: Female Age: 7.5 Sweeps (15/16) Race: Troll (land dweller) Sign: A diamond with circles where the lines connect Blood color: Royal blue Strife weapon: A glove with old teeth from her Lusus sewn on Typing quirk: She capitalizes what she thinks is important and all of her t's are replaced with ~ Ex.- So ~ODAY I had LO~'S of FUN Trollian tag: sweaterWeather (sW) No quadrants filled :( God tier title: The Protector of Heart Land: The Land of Waterfalls and Fuzz (Lowaf) Dream moon: Prospit Appearance/Personality: Noelle likes to wear overly large sweaters in different colors for every day of the week. (Monday- red. Tuesday- orange. Wednesday- yellow. Thursday- green. Friday- purple. Saturday- pink. Sunday- black.) She has super sharp teeth, so she tries not to show them when she smiles. Noelle is also very kind, known to take in lost Lusi and wildlife. She would cuss if she could, but her Lusus gets very angry when she does so she just doesn't do it. When she gets older she wants to be like The Caretaker, so she is trying to make an orphanage for trolls without Lusi and mutant blooded grubs. Noelle has a very feminine body (torso shaped like an hourglass) but is very flat chested. Her sweaters make that painfully obvious. She is 6ft tall and weighs 130 pounds (she is trying to gain weight since she is underweight). She wears black leggings and black converse with white lases (high tops). She has royal blue highlights in her hair, which goes down to her mid back. Her hair is usually pulled into a low side pony on her left side. Ancestor: The Caretaker Lusus: A white dog (8ft 6in tall, 300 pounds) who thinks she is a fashionista. She is not. Has long sharp teeth. Any history or background you'd like to add?: Noelle was one of the last ones out of the grub caves, but her Lusus was immediately attracted to her. She loves books, but no one really knows that. People tend to think she can't deal a lot of damage but OH YES SHE CAN. Thank you for reading this long thing! :3
8/4/2015 #61

Name: Elegus Faeles


Age(Sweeps or years): 8.5 solar sweeps

Race:(Please not if you are a sea dweller or not) Alternian Trolls

Sign(If troll, Zodiacs are excepted!):

Blood color(If human just say red):Purple

Strife weapon: bowkind

Typing quirk: alternating LINES

Trollian Tag/OR Chum-handle: troubadourCharacter

Ancestor(If making a troll): Jongleur Arcslice

Quadrants: (Cannon characters or possibly another OC, Or you can leave em blank)

Kismeisis -

Auspice -


Matesprit -

God Tier Title : Bard of Heart

Land : Land of Poems And Pulses

Dream Moon: Prospit

Appearance/Personality: He has a scar going over his left eye. He is about 6'4" and slightly muscular and strong. He wears a blue jacket because why not? Messy hair as well. Some small fangs are poking out his mouth. Has face paint on his cheeks that look like that war paint thing.

He's usually calm unless someone gets him mad, otherwise he'd be doing some stupid shenanigans.

Ancestor(If making a troll) : Jongleur Arcslice

Lusus/Guardian: Catdad

Any History or back ground you'd like to add?: Trolls look at him as if he's done horrible things in horrible ways, but he's sure he's innocent.

3/11/2016 . Edited 3/11/2016 #62

If you're still active I'd like to join!

Name: Kumali Liskat

Gender: Female

Age(Sweeps or years): 6.5 Sweeps

Race:(Please not if you are a sea dweller or not): Troll (land-dweller)

Sign(If troll, Zodiacs are excepted!): Vulpecula (it's kind of like a V with a horizontal line inside?)

Blood color(If human just say red): Teal

Strife weapon: hockeystickkind


Trollian Tag/OR Chum-handle: ubiquitousCytologist

Ancestor(If making a troll): The Scholar / Sinopa Liskat (dancestor)

Quadrants: (Cannon characters or possibly another OC, Or you can leave em blank)

Kismesis -

Auspistice -

Moirail- Terezi (if possible?)

Matesprit -

God Tier Title : Thief of Mind

Land : Land of Sand and Mazes (LOSAM)

Dream Moon: Derse

Appearance/Personality: Kumali has long, wavy hair. Her horns are relatively short, with one curling forwards and one backwards. She has very big eyes and is slightly taller than average. Kumali is efficient, energetic, self-confident, strong-willed, a strategic thinker, charismatic and inspiring. However, she is also stubborn, impatient, arrogant and manipulative. She is very mistrustful and image-conscious, keeping up a constant 'mask' to make people like her.

Lusus/Guardian: Foxmom

Any History or back ground you'd like to add?: She began dreaming on Derse from a young age, and used to stare into the abyss to hear the Horrorterrors. She lives in a rather well-hidden hive similar to a burrow. She looks up to The Scholar a lot and hopes to be an amazing strategist like her one day.

Please wait for them to be excepted. :)

3/20/2016 . Edited 3/21/2016 #63

Hey Every one! Sorry, it's been forever since I've even updated myself with Homestuck...and unfortunately I personally will no longer be playing with my characters, or RPing in general. So here's the thing though, I'm not limiting any of you from enjoying your own thing and Rping to your hearts content!

But here's the deal, I'm going to be setting up a brand new RP sections for all of the new players to join. I'll title it something special... I'm retiring the old rps and making up new ones for people to start fresh instead of jumping into something old we used to play. Please, please, please respect this. I am still owner of this form and reserve the right to shut it down or block anyone should they break the rules or attack another player outside of RP.


3/21/2016 #64
Emma Ships It

May I join?

11/17/2016 #65
Emma Ships It

oh nvm

11/17/2016 #66
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