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Once Characters are excepted You can pop them right in or wait for some one else! :D


8/13/2012 . Edited 3/21/2016 #1

Gazzette sat in her Respite block looking for some one to talk too. Her friends had run off and made their own living, so she was stuck at home with nothing to do but take care of her Lusus and Paint pictures of her Ancestor. Gardening was a choice as well, but it was getting colder where she lived, and the plants wouldn't survive. Gazzy Decided it would be good to just randomly choose some one on Trollian, She clicked 'Random Encounter' and found some one she could talk with.

motherouslyCaprika [MC] began trolling dreadedEnding [DE]

MC: I;m looking for some one to converse wit#..

MC: Mig#t t#at be you?

8/27/2012 #2

Samhain, being as bored as ever underground all by her lonesome, sat up in her chair when she heard her husktop ping with a message.

DE: Well sssure. I've got nothing better to do. :\

8/27/2012 #3

Gazzy smiled hearing the ping on her Deertop and tried to contain her excitement "Finally!" She whispered.

MC: Well...T#is would be a good c#ance to get to know new people?

MC: #mmmm?

8/27/2012 #4

Sam stretches out her arms and yawns.

DE: Yeah, I need sssomeone to talk to other than my lusssusss... Actually, my lusssusss only hisssesss. :\

DE: Ssso, what'sss your name?

8/27/2012 #5

Gazzy once again excited found herself in the midst of another one of her lusus's headbutts against the hive, shaking it. This headbutt sounded like she had an itch rather then Gazzy was in trouble.

MC: I feel your pain...

MC: One of t#e reasons w#y I contacted some one...

MC: My name Is Gazzette! T#ere;s more letters t#en t#ere s#ould be butt...I don;t care!

MC: You can call me Gazzy T#oug#, W#at about you?

8/27/2012 #6

Sam ignores the hissing coming from outside her hive, knowing what that hiss ment: "Go to ssssssssleep!"

DE: It'sss nicce to meet you, Gazzy!... Sssoundsss like one of my friendsss... :\

DE: My name'sss Sssamhain, but you can call me Sssam, if you want. :D

8/27/2012 #7

Gazzy leaned against the table where she propped her deertop on, Another Headbutt Meant Caprily was coming inside, though this one didn't bother her as much, Gazzy just jumped a bit from her chair and steadied the glass full of soda next to her.

MC: Glad to Meet you too Sam!

MC: You #ave a friend wit# a name similar to Mine? :D W##oo?

8/27/2012 #8

More hisses are heard outside and Sam sighs, taking out her S SHADES and walking out of her hive to feed Ssslitheresss.

DE: Maybe you might know him, hisss name isss Gamzzee.

8/27/2012 #9

Almost Immediately Gazzy's eyes and ears pricked up. She knew Gamzee very very well, In fact the two of them lived not only close by but sued to play with each other when they were 3 sweeps old. Thinking about him made her stop, she reached around her horns and gently touched the small chip underneath her left horn from playing too rough with him. She smield very warmly and replied.

MC: Actually...I do.

MC: #e lives close by, We used to be really Close, but...Stopped seeing eac# ot#er

MC: Not to bore you wit# sad tales and all... :/

8/27/2012 #10

DE: Oh, I'm sssorry if I dug sssomething up! D:

"Great, now I feel bad." Sam said to herself as she walked her tunnels, looking for little squeakbeasts for a meal.

8/27/2012 #11

Gazzsy smiled and tapped the small chip under her horn for good luck before she continued her message,

MC: Don;t be! :)

MC: T#at #appened a long long time a go!

MC: W#ic# is anot#er reason w#y I;m looking for new friends!

8/27/2012 #12

Sam grabs a squeakbeast as it runs out from its hole.

DE: Well ok, if you sssay ssso...

DE: Ssso, what do you like to do? :?

8/27/2012 #13

Gazzy turned her chair around and looked at everything she liked to do, Mostly Paint pictures of her ancestor's memories and Crochet. Then there was the potted plants but her window and the gardening tools. Not to mention the many bottles of Faygo sitting around her trash can.

MC: Not#ing muc# really...

MC: Mostly Paint Pictures of my Ancestor...

MC: T#en Croc#et, and Garden!

MC: W#at about you?

8/27/2012 #14

Sam takes out her scythe and spins it before she stabs another squeakbeast though its side.

DE: Well, I practicce with my sssccythe, I learned to hack through fire wallsss, hunt, and I dream...

DE: Wait, you sssaid you paint your anccessstor'sss memoriesss?

8/27/2012 #15

Gazzy turned around once again to see all the paintings of her Ancestor Mother Caprika Standing side by side many many Other Trolls, some she's never even heard of. Though one caught her eyes, it was of a lightly blooded troll with a scythe. The image was blurred to simulate the fact ti was a blurred memory rather then a clear one like the others,

MC: T#at;s right...W#y?

8/27/2012 #16

Sam stood frozen. She had always thought that she was the only one who saw her ancestor's memories. Ever since she was a wriggler, she would dream of her. She would get scared every time she saw a death and she would be sad every time she saw a friend leave. It wasn't until she awoke on Prospit that she finally got a good night's rest.

DE: I... Dream of mine.

DE: Though I can't draw or paint, ssso I wrote down what I sssaw in a journal...

8/27/2012 #17

Gazzy's almost filled in eyes became wide, She sat there thinking of it. Mother Caprika had visited Gazzy in her dreams so many times before. Telling her of stories of the Highbloods and the Low-bloods. Expressing her fondness for many different trolls, friends, Lovers and Children. Even telling her the day of her death. Even through the scariest of ones Mother Caprika was there to make sure she would be protected.

MC: Y-your kidding rig#t?

MC: T#at;s amazing! :D

MC: I t#oug#t I was just..Odd for #aving T#ese Dreams!

8/27/2012 #18

Sam began to walk back to her hive and her lusus.

DE: Yeah... That'sss how I learned how to do mossst of the thingsss I can now. I learned from her.

DE: Do you know the name of your'sss?

8/27/2012 #19

Gazzy was interrupted by another thump to her hive "Bye Caprily!"

MC: I learned from my Ancestor as well...S#e...S#e tried to #elp.

MC: #er name was T#e Guardian. But, s#e liked it w#en I called #er Mot#er Caprika.

MC: S#e told me a lot about t#e people s#e protected...W#at was t#e name of yours?

8/27/2012 #20

"Mother Caprika..." She said to herself, trying to remember.

DE: Ssshe wasss The Ssscavenger, but ssshe wasss called The Avenger by low bloodsss.

DE: Ssshe alssso helped and protected people.

8/27/2012 #21

Gazzy looked around the room to her paintings. Come of them had names on them maybe she could find her. She got up and went to the corner where there were other paintings. Only to find nothing. She sighed and sat back down.

MC: Not#ing...I just looked t#roug# my paintings to try and find #er...

MC: T#oug# some of my Paintings only s#ow t#e blood color of t#e people Mot#er Caprika knew?

MC: If it;s not too muc# to ask, w#at was #er blood color? I don;t judge or take t#e #emospectrum too seriously..

8/27/2012 #22

DE: Yeah, I don't either. I'm a lavender blood, ssso ssshe isss too.

Sam walked up to Ssslitheresss and pulled out one of the squeakbeasts for her.

8/27/2012 #23

Gazzy's eyes trailed upwards to the painting above her table. It had a lavender colored figure and a Light Indigo colored figure as well. The light indigo color was of course Mother Caprika, but the Lavender color was some one she never knew about. Though the other figure had a scythe like weapon by her side.

MC: Did s#e #ave a Scyt#e?

8/27/2012 #24

Sam bit off the head of the squeakbeast and threw it up to her lusus.

DE: Yeah. Ssshe had two. The wooden one, which wasss burnt with her body. The other wasss usssed in her final battle with The Condenccensssion.

8/27/2012 #25

MC: T#en Mot#er Caprika knew #er...I #ave a painting #ere of a Lavender blooded Troll wit# a scyt#e

Gazzy sat starring at the painting for a little while, unsure of it.

8/27/2012 #26

Sam sat, saying the name over and over. "Mother Caprika. Mother Caprica..." She gasps.

DE: I remember now! I remember meeting her-or well, my anccessstor did, but ssstill. I remember!

Sam took out her journal and began to page through it.

DE: I'll find it sssoon!

8/27/2012 #27

Gazzy stared up at the Painting, she remembers painting it very vaguely. Her most Vague painting sessions mean it mostly Mother Caprika painting then her. She looked up at the image of Mother Caprika, she stood proud and tall, holding something in her hands. The back ground setting was of a cave like entrance. Then the other figure stood a few feet from Mother Caprika. Gazzy's eyes starred up at the figure, trying to make out the blurry image in her head.

MC: Per#aps...

She didn't finish her thought for just like her old Friend Gamzee, she too got lost in the colors of something miraculous. Her painting caught her attention making her stare blankly at it.

8/27/2012 #28

DE: Perhapsss...?

DE: Perhapsss what?

DE: Hello? Gazzzzy?

Sam stood quickly, hissing a message to Ssslitheresss, saying she'll be back. She ran down the tunnel that led to Gamzee's hive. "Ssshe sssaid ssshe lived by him ssso..."

DE: Gazzzzy, are you ok?

8/27/2012 #29

Gazzy blinked when she heard the message pop up on her screen. She stopped and sighed quickly replying.

MC: Sorry...I sometimes, Space out....

MC: Colors sometimes...Catc# my Attention...

MC: #e# #e#...sorry to worry you!

8/27/2012 #30
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