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Sam smiled at her new friend's words. "Yeah, you're right. And I'm already doing sssomething ssshe never could. I'm ssshowing myssself off. Ssshe never liked who ssshe wasss and wasss afraid to ssshow anything of her'sss. But I don't care how I look. I actually like my tongue and my eye! My tongue'sss come in handy quite a lot." She laughed and kicked up some sand. "We're our own perssson, and we ssshould embracce that!" She ficked her tongue with a smile.

8/30/2012 #61

Gazzy laughed "Mother Caprika tried to hide the crack on her horn, I don't mind telling people about the chip on mine, It's a story and something to tell people, To show a bond" She giggled and smiled a warm smile at Sam's tongue "We should Embrace who we are and not try to hide it, Your tongue and the chip on my Horn..." She was glad she had a new friend to call her own.

She was startled though by the sound of a Faygo bottle being thrown right by their feet. Soon after a voice came from one of the Windows in Gamzee's hive "HEEEYYYYY!! What are you Mother Fucker's doin' all up and by my my Hive?" He sounded cheerful and a bit curious. Gazzy just smiled and turned to the window to wave.

8/30/2012 #62

Sam giggled and waved as well. "Gamzzee, you misssed! We have to work on your aim!" She called up to him.

8/30/2012 #63

Gamzee wiggled out of his window and landed on his feet "I wasn't Aiming for you Mother Fuckers!" He called out standing by his Hive. Gazzy tapped on Sam's shoulder "Come on, let's get our things together and go on over there?" She said smiling grabbing all her paintings and gently putting them back into her bag.

8/30/2012 #64

Sam nodded and grabbed her journal. She then ran towards Gamzee and, when she was close enough, tackle-hugged him. "I'm ssstill going to help you with your aim!" She laughed and ficked her tongue again, with a fanged smile.

8/30/2012 #65

Gamzee smiled and laughed, unmoved by the tackle hug and still standing "What ever makes ya happy, Sis" he said poking her nose "Honk" When she let go, Gazzy made her way over to him and smiled "Good to see you again Gamzee.." Gamzee poked her nose too "Honk" He said laughing, Even more as Gazzy poked his back saying "Honk" as well.

"You cool cats should come on inside...I invited my Morail Karkat over too, Haven't seen that Mother Fucker yet but he should come on around" Gazzy nodded and felt the cold chill of the wind. Down where Gazzy and Gamzee lived was a place that was pretty cold and windy. Being close to the sea and all, but other then that it wasn't too bad.

8/30/2012 #66

Sam smiled. "Thanksss Gamzzee."

"Oh fuck no." Came a voice from behind them. Sam turned and smiled. "Hey Karkat!" Karkat glared at her, then at his Morail. "I thought you said it was going to be only you, not these nooksuckers! Espescially THIS one." He pointed at Sam and she giggled. "It'sss nicce to sssee you again, too Karkat. And I told you, I'm SSSORRY for burowing into your hive! GOOOD, jussst drop it!" She laughed again. "Fuck you." Karkat growled.

8/30/2012 #67

Gamzee stood next to Gazzy and laughed, he then flopped his arm on her shoulders making her jump and blush a soft light purple "Hey Best friend," He said reaching out to poke Karkat's nose "Hoonnnkkkk...." He giggled and slouched a little "Come on brother...Don't be all crazy tits...Calm down, chill...and slam a cold one?" He pulled out a cold Faygo from his pajamapants pocket. Gazzy quit her blushing and nodded, especially when she noticed her favorite flavor of the cold drink "It's nice to see you again Karkat!" She said smiling. She had only met him one other time when she used to hang out with Gamzee, she recalled him coming over once as well.

Gamzee smiled "Yeahhh...Oh, and uhh, sorry bout that bro, Guess I didn't realize these Mother Fuckers would show up?" Gazzy shrugged, as Gamzee went on "Now we're all here and we can all chill together..." He pulled Sam under his other arm in a hug and hugged Both, Gazzy and Sam tightly "Like Best frienddddds!"

8/30/2012 #68

Karkat grumbled. "I'm not drinking that shit." Sam giggled as she wrapped her arms around Gamzee's arm. "Come on Kar, you jussst need to have fun oncce in a while!" She then slipped out of Gamzee's arm and tackle-hugged Karkat, knocking him to the ground. "GET THE FUCK OFF ME!" Sam laughed and stood, pulling him up with her. "You weigh nothing Kar!" Once more, she ficked her tongue and laughed. Karkat glared at her. "Fucking slitherbeast asshole." She hugged him again. "I love you too, Karklesss."

8/30/2012 #69

Gamzee chuckled and watched the two interact "Aww...You two are the cutest Fuckers ever!" He stood up a little bit to pull Gazzy into a bigger hug "Why can't we be all lovein' up in this shit Gaz?" Gazzy only blinked for her feet were now off the ground. when he let her go she laughed "You haven't changed much" She Giggled "Honk" He said in reply. Gamzee then turned to Karkat and Sam "Come on you two..Lets go all up in my hive and chill" Gazzy followed after him but stood by the door way waiting for Sam and Karkat. Gamzee called from the cooking area "I'll bake you guys a mother fuckin' pieeeee?"

8/30/2012 #70

"NO! Fuck. No!" Karkat said as he was dragged into Gamzee's hive by Sam, who was laughing and flicking her tongue. She smiled at Gazzy. "Sssometimesss he needsss a good... PULL!" She yanks Karkat into the hive. "Ow! I was fucking going, fuckass!" Sam giggled and called to Gamzee. "I'll take a Faygo asss well, pleassse!"

8/30/2012 #71

Gamzee came back inside the living block with four Faygo's setting them on the small Coffee table. He sat down and laid back cracking open one of the bottles. Gazzy smiled at the two of them "You two are very...uhh friendly? Though I suppose you can't call it that since he's being very un-friendly" Gamzee laughed "He's always mother fuckin' like that!"

8/30/2012 #72

Sam giggled as she grabbed two of the Faygo of the table and opened one. "Yeah he isss! But not when he'sss watching hisss romcomsss. 'No you ssstupid fuckasss! He'sss going to leave you for her!' Bawling hisss eyesss out!" She laughed and Karkat elbowed her ribs. "Shut up!" Sam offered the other Faygo and he pushed it away. "I already told you, I'm not drinking that shit."

8/31/2012 #73

Gazzy stood instead of sitting down, Gamzee laughed "Oh I know bro he's all like 'NOOOO I TOLD YOU HE'D ALL UP AND LEAVE YOU! NOW YOU HAVE TO FIND SOME ONE ELSE TO FILL FUCKING BUCKETS WITH!!' hehehe Shits crazy all up with this mother fucker!" Gamzee took a large swig of his faygo then looked up at Gazzy "Hey! Come on and sit down lil mama? Put your feet all up and mother fucking chill..." Gazzy looked at him and blinked, Then sat down next to him sitting up straight. Gazzy seemed a little less comfortable around Gamzee.

8/31/2012 #74

Sam giggle and plopped down on the floor inbetween Gamzee and Gazzy and patted the space next to her. "Come and sssit Kar!" He grumbled once more and sat. Sam bent her head back to look at Gamzee. "Ssso, how have you been, Gamzzee?

8/31/2012 #75

Gamzee shrugged and laughed "I've been just fine...throwing sick fires with my bro Tav, Sitting on the beach looking at the water...Drinking Faygo and eating my mother fucking pies!" He laughed and leaned back "Shits been good..." He sniffed and rubbed his nose "Even after that mother fucking bent up game...uhhh...Sgrub? Yeah..." He sat up quickly turning to Karkat "Heyyy bestt friiiennnddd!!" He grinned "HONK....honk...HONK...honk..." He was expecting a reaction.

8/31/2012 #76

Karkat glared at his Morail. "I told you to quit it with the honks!" Sam sat up, grinning at Karkat. He noticed this and glared at her. "What's your problem?" Sam giggled. "Honk!" Karkat facepalmed. "Not you too, fuck!"

8/31/2012 #77

Gamzee laughed and sat back drinking his Faygo. Gazzy looked at Karkat and then Sam, and then back to Karkat. She smiled a warm smile, and then giggled "Honk!" She smiled feeling part of the group now. Gamzee laughed and looked back at Karkat "Calm your tits bro...Chill and have a faygo!"

8/31/2012 #78

Sam continued to drink her Faygo and "Honk." every once in a while. Karkat pinched the bridge of his nose. "I already told you that I'm not drinking that SHIT!"

8/31/2012 #79

Gazzy raised an eyebrow "how do you know you don't like it if you haven't tried it?" Gamzee sat up "Honk! That's what I've been all up in telling him!"

8/31/2012 #80

"I'M NOT--" Sam shoved the open Faygo bottle into Karkat's mouth, laughing and flicking her tongue. "You're trying it, Karklesss!" He shoved the bottle away, spilling it everywhere. "FUCK YOU!"

8/31/2012 #81

Gazzy got up and pulled a towel from the Bathing block, she began to clean up the mess "Gazzy don't do that...It's my mother fucking Hive" Gazzy smiled "So? I'm happy to be of help!"

8/31/2012 #82

Sam was still laughing at the very mad Karkat. "Oh come on Karkat! That wasss tooootally funny!" Karkat was glaring daggers at the laughing troll. "It was not FUCKING FUNNY!" She pat his shoulder. "Well, I think it wasss!" She giggle and finished off her Faygo. He mutter more swear words under his breath, sticking his middle finger up at Sam. She just stuck her forked tongue out at him.

8/31/2012 #83

Gazzy laughed finishing up "Your much more grumpier then I remember you Karkat?" Gamzee smiled "He's always mother Fucking like that...Always man, He's like hey, Gamzee don;t honk..Hey! Gam bro...Don;t spill your fucking Faygo all over me! shit bro...Shiiiiiitttt...." He said smiling slouching in his seat.

8/31/2012 #84

Karkat growled and stood. "I don't even know why I agreed to come. I'm outta here." As he made his way to the door, Sam bit her lip. She wasn't good with people, living all by herself underground and all, and she didn't know how to express her real feelings for the nubby-horned troll. So she smiled after him. "I'll troll you later, ok?" His response was a middle finger in the air. Her smile dropped abit.

8/31/2012 #85

Gazzy noticed the way Sam reacted to Karkat's rude behavior. She sighed and then ran after him, after the door was closed she grabbed his shoulder "Hey!...May I speak with you for a moment?"

Gamzee looked at Sam "You okay there sis?"

8/31/2012 #86

Karkat pushed her hand off. "Why?"

Sam smiled up at Gamzee. "Yeah, I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?" Her voice cracked and she bit her lip, holding in her tears.

8/31/2012 #87

Gazzy sighed "Your being a bit rude...Can't you see Sam cares about you and only wants you to have a good time?"

Gamzee patted Sam's shoulder "heyyyy...Come on, You know you can't mother fucking hide anything from me? What's wrong Sis?" He said with a toothy smile.

8/31/2012 #88

Karkat sighed as well. "I... Know. It's just that she gets on my nerves, a lot."

Sam smiled at Gamzee, swallowing down her tears. "Yeah, I guesss you're right about that." Sam thought about whether she could tell her biggest secret to him or not. "Well... I'm kind of... F-Flussshed for him." She looked away with a slight blush.

9/1/2012 #89

Gazzy looked at him, gave him a warm smile, and gently set a hand on his shoulder, trying to make it as comfortable as possible and not uncomfortable to him "She only does that to show she enjoys your company...When Gamzee jumps on me and slightly, sometimes annoys me with his constant use of the words 'mother fuck' I don't tell him to..uhmm.. 'fuck off' I explain to him, that those words are a bit too much, he dials it back a bit in respect and everything is fine again..." She let go of his shoulder, but kept smiling.

Gamzee smiled at her and chuckled "Well ain't that the cutest mother fucking thang?" He smiled and rolled on the couch to where he was now upside down and right next to Sam, he poked her cheeks "Your face is all motherfucking...uhhh..Really Light Purple..." he giggled and smiled at her "Maybe if you explain to him...that you don't all and like what he says to you, and that you mother fucking like for him to cheer up, then maybe he might mother fucking listen?" Which could have been the smartest thing Gamzee has said all day.

9/1/2012 #90
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