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[ Sukairaa-chan, and Sick-Fires-bro, Sorry I've been gone for awhile, I'm back now though. For real this time. and If you guys get this, I've re-organized a few things and started up something new. :) This RP section is going to be for Random, Social RPing between the characters, If thats cool with you guys. I'm going to continue our adventure thing, about the Vast Honk and the ancestor reaching stuff in the new RP. So whenever you guys are ready, let me know and hop on in. :) Ps, Theres an option to have more then one OC if you'd like ;) -ScarlettGlascov ]

Gazzy walked out after saying goodbye, and turned to the snorting doe. Hopping on her back. Holding on the darker shaded horns, her Lusus dashed through the woods. Caprily, was probably the size of a human horse, Maybe even bigger. Because of her size, and speed, Gazzy was back home in no time. Wasting no time at all, she quickly hopped her self up to the second level of her hive and flipped on her computer. She should be watering her plants at the moment, but was too anxious to speak with more trolls, finding new friends. She was becoming social again...something her Doe Mother, didn't think was a proper thing for a lady to do at such a young age.

1/27/2013 #211

She pulled up her husktop and logged into Trollian. Aviix clicked a few names of her friends, frowning. "Is anyone on...?"

She clicked something in the corner, having no clue what it does. Aviix blinked.

artisticAmateur [AA] began trolling motherouslyCaprika [MC]

AA: Oh.. Uh, h3llo th3r3..

AA: Iim stiill g3ttiing th3 hang of thiis

1/27/2013 #212

Gazzy stopped browsing the internet when she noticed a ping in the corner of her screen. She opened it to see some one was messaging her. "Goodness..."

MC: #ello!

MC: T#e name;s Gazzet!

MC: But you can call me Gazzy.

MC: :)

1/27/2013 #213

AA: Niic3 to m33t you Gazzy!

AA: Iim Aviix c:

Aviix grinned, leaning back in the chair. She started to stack her books, planning to clean up later.

1/27/2013 #214

MC: #ello Aviix!

MC: It;s good to speak wit# new people!

Gazzy smiled. Until she heard her Lusus climb her way up the wide stairs, With a push of the door, Caprily poked her head through.

"We aren't talking to our friends in an unladylike manor are we?" The doe tossed her thoughts over to Gazzy, and she heard them clearly "No miss Caprily, Everything is fine. As it should be" Gazzy though back.

Up until this day, Gazzy thought she could only speak Telepathically with her Lusus, instead, she can talk to all of her friends, in a telepathic manor. So long as their in the room.

1/27/2013 #215

AA: Iin33d iit iis.

AA: How ar3 you thiis 3v3niing?

Aviix put the books away and started to pick up her drawings. Serah was sitting in the corner, doing nothing as usual.

1/27/2013 #216

Gazzy went back to talking with Aviix when Caprily walked over to lean in over Gazzy's shoulder.

MC: Good, T#oug# my Lusus is.. bot#ering me slig#tly?

Gazzy moved her screen in a protective fashion. With that, Caprily moved towards the door, Sticking her snout up in the air "Keep in mind of who you keep as friends, Gazzet. Remember what I've taught you. Goodnight" Gazzet watched as Caprily left her respitblock in peace.

1/27/2013 #217

AA: H3h3.. Ii wiish my Lusus would do som3thiing.. All sh3 do3s iis siit th3r3.

Aviix giggled quietly. Serah made an irritated sound and curled up on Aviix's desk. The troll pet Serah and looked back at the screen.


Strios walked towards his hive quietly, hands in his jacket pockets.

Once he opened the door, Ryn jumped up, yipping happily. Strios plopped onto the couch and did nothing.

1/27/2013 #218

MC: Well, be #appy she doesn;t force you sit up in your Respitblock all day, only to be let out once in a blue moon...

MC: #e##ee... Makes me wonder some days

Gazzy smiled just as she heard another Ping to the side of her husk top. An old Friend started trolling her, but, as that moment she could only really talk to one person. She'd make a mental note, saying to speak with him later.


Nilent say on top of his Lusus' scaly back, with his portable social device in his hand. Sitting in his shorts he sighed, once again being blown off by another friend. His buddy Hex, did the same thing and now Gazzy. "Typical..." He mumbled as he flopped back on the old Gator.

1/27/2013 #219

AA: Haha..

AA: Ii don't r3ally go out much... That's probably why Ii don't hav3 much frii3nds.

Aviix finished straightening up and sat back down. She tapped on the desk boredly. Serah looked up and stretched, jumping off the desk and heading downstairs.

1/27/2013 #220

MC: Well, t#at could be considered a good t#ing...

MC: ...T#oug#, It does feel good to be let outside.

Gazzy sat back in her chair looking up at all the paintings on her walls, she blinked and thought for a moment.

MC: W#ere do you live Aviix?

1/27/2013 #221

AA: Oh, uh.. Ii liiv3..

Aviix shares her location with Gazzy, finally realizing why she wanted the information.

(sorry I didnt describe anything, i dont really know how to without messing something up... *facepalm*)

1/28/2013 #222

(Lol that's alright, just describe the terrain really, of where she might live. Like does she live near the ocean? The dessert? The forests? (Which is where Gazzy lives x) just that sort of thing )

MC: O# deer...Give me a Moment...

MC: #usktop is glitching..

Gazzy sighed Struggling with her basted computer. As she wiggled the mouse on her computer it started to freeze up. Causing Gazzy to curse left and right "Oh you stupid piece of garbage! Ugh! Fuck this!"

1/28/2013 . Edited 1/28/2013 #223

"Ahh...." Aviix muttered. She frowned and looked around, a bit thirsty.


Strios rolled over, sitting up. He got onto his husktop and a small grin appeared on his face.

BA: Hello Aviix.

AA: Hii Strios! c:

Strios stretched his arms with a tired sigh. Ryn hopped onto the table, but slipped off. The troll chuckled.

1/28/2013 #224

After a few long moments, Gazzy's husk top began working again "Yes!" She shouted with glee as the computer began to reload. The Indigo troll looked down at her screen as it refreshed itself and opened up her Trollian account. Awaiting two friends of hers "Oh great..."

toothlessCuriosity [TC] began trolling motherouslyCaprika [MC]

TC: Oh {ome on!

TC: Are you reAlly too busy to tAlk to me?

TC: GAzz...GAzz...

TC: Ohhh gAzzzzyyy!

MC: #ey t#ere Gator boy...

MC: Give me a sec...Gotta reply back to a friend.

TC: WhAt!? No! {come on!

TC: I just got you! GAzz! Hey!


Gazzy sighed after closing the window to Nile's chat, and re-opened Aviix's Chat box. She smiled and Immediately apologized.

motherouslyCaprika [MC] continued trolling artisticAmateur [AA]

MC: #ey sorry about t#at...

MC: My #usk top is pretty old...And I #ad to reply to an annoying old friend.

MC: X(

1/28/2013 . Edited 1/28/2013 #225

Aviix grinned as Gazzy returned. She left Strios since he wasnt replying.

AA: Oh, iits okay.

AA: Miin3 do3s that too c:

1/29/2013 #226

Gazzy's face lit up with glee, she noticed Nile wouldn't stop pestering her, and made a note to her self to give him a long lecture about needing her own Personal space.

MC: I;m being pestered by an idiot

MC: Sorry if I disappear for anot#er moment

MC: I;ll try not to do it again

MC: :)

3/16/2013 #227
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